At least 5 B -ultrasound are required during pregnancy. Do you have to check the projects at different times?

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After the expectant mother is pregnant, the pregnancy examination is essential. The necessary pregnancy examination can help us with major physical defects of the fetus during the contraception. It can also help pregnant women find their physical diseases and possible pregnancy complications during pregnancy. In addition, comprehensive, comprehensiveThe pregnancy test can be used as a doctor to comprehensively predict whether the maternal production indicator is normal and whether there is difficulty in production.

After each mother, every mother will go to the hospital for the hospital or the street health prevention station to establish a prenatal file. The small book of the prenatal archives clearly states that the inspection items to be performed at all stages of pregnancy.The item is B -ultrasound.

The B -ultrasound during pregnancy, that is, to maximize the development of the fetus through the ultrasonic inspection, and the changes in related production conditions such as amniotic fluid and mother cervix in the uterus, are normal indicators for doctors to confirm the health of mothers and children.

However, there are also many expectant mothers who have doubts about the B -ultrasound during pregnancy. The questions are mainly concentrated in the pregnancy of several B -ultrasound during pregnancy. If the B -ultrasound is too much, it will have an adverse effect on the fetus.

If the expectant mothers are relatively stable during pregnancy, the indicators of each birth checkup are relatively normal, then at least 5 ultrasound examinations throughout pregnancy.

The first B-ultrasound was 5-7 weeks of pregnancy. The first B-ultrasound examination was to confirm whether the embryo had fetal hearts and fetal buds, that is, whether the embryo was in bed successfully, and at the same time, it would also exclude abnormalities such as out-of-uterine pregnancy.Pregnancy disease.

The second B-ultrasound examination is between 12-14 weeks of pregnancy, that is, when it is more than 3 months of pregnancy, the B-ultrasound examination is commonly known as the NT color Doppler ultrasound at this time.

NT refers to the thickness of the fetal neck. The thicker the transparent belt of the fetus, the higher the risk of the genetic material carried by the fetus.Together with Tang Si, the NT color Doppler ultrasound, as a related indicator of the fetus during pregnancy, confirm that the fetus has a genetic disease. If the NT value is high, the non -invasive DNA test or amniotic fluid puncture needs to be performed according to the actual situation.

After entering the middle of pregnancy, expectant mothers will usher in the third B -ultrasound, which is also a very important time throughout pregnancy, that is, the four -dimensional color ultrasound.Through the four -dimensional color Doppler doctors, you can clearly find out whether the fetus has defects in the structure. The structure includes intracranial, organs, limbs, etc. in the abdominal cavity. There are two characteristics of four dimensions.Mom is a dose of peace of mind, which is also very important for doctors.

The B-ultrasound test during the fourth pregnancy is between 30-32 weeks of pregnancy. The purpose of this B-ultrasound is still to monitor the development of the fetus. In addition to confirming whether the fetal development is normal, it is also further confirmed that the fetal development and pregnancyWhether week is consistent.

The fifth B-ultrasound examination is between 36-37 weeks of pregnancy, that is, the B-ultrasound examination. In addition to checking the development of the fetus this time, the doctor will also comprehensively comprehensively the situation in the uterus to the mother of the mother.Evaluate the production situation and determine the practical production plan.

In addition to the five -ultrasound examination during pregnancy, pregnant women may follow the best B -ultrasound due to factors such as the number of amniotic fluid and fetal development during pregnancy.Many expectant mothers will ask B ultrasound to be ultrasonic detection. If there is radiation, will it affect the baby baby if you do too much?

At this stage, the B -ultrasound examination is widely used in obstetrics. So far, the medical community has not found cases of affecting the healthy growth and development of fetal fetal health due to ultrasound examination. Under general circumstances, B -ultrasound is absolutely safe. Therefore, expectant mothers do not need to be too nervous.Essence

In addition, many expectant mothers will excessively rely on B -ultrasound during pregnancy. I am afraid that the baby in the stomach will have problems. They will actively ask for additional B -ultrasound during the checkup.But the basically relying on B -ultrasound is not necessary.Because pregnancy examinations are involved in a full range of inspections, any indicators are indispensable, so there is no need to rely on the B -ultrasound. In addition, I believe that the inspection of the production inspection is responsible for doctors, and maintaining a good pregnancy is also a necessary condition for promoting the development of baby babies.

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