At the age of 16, I was on the street, and the three sisters disappeared together.

Tea Zhengfang (second from left) Seeing the small video shot by the family was excited "yes, this is my father and brother!" On June 3, in Yuandian Township, Fangcheng County, Nanyang City, when the police and volunteers took outWhen the photo made Cha Zhengfang (homophonic) identify, she recognized her loved ones at a glance. Although she had been scattered with her family for more than 20 years, her loved ones were deeply imprinted in her mind.Seeing the parents who hadn’t met for 21 years from the police video, Cha Zhengfang burst into tears: "Mom and Dad, I miss you, for more than 20 years, I miss you all the time!"In the 21st year of Fangcheng, 37 -year -old Cha Zhengfang now lives in Fangcheng County. At the age of 16, she was deceived and left home. Her mother’s family was in the border area of China and Myanmar in Yunnan.At the age of 16, Cha Zhengfang followed his father, sister -in -law, cousin Li Xiaoqiu, and cousin Cha Sister Chasi to sell wild vegetables on the acre Street (homophonic).In the meantime, a woman came to talk to the grounds of contacting work, and cheated three girls to a place not far from home, and asked them to help picking mango and washing clothes.A few days later, three girls were taken on the train to leave their hometown.

Tea Zhengfang recalled that the woman took them back and forth around the car and took the train and took a car.In the meantime, Li Xiaoqiu took the opportunity to escape. Tea four girls and Cha Zhengfang did not know where to go.Later, Tea Zhengfang and Cha Simei walked around and came to Fangcheng County. They met the current husband Wang Yunfu before settlement in Fangcheng County.Tea Zhengfang remembers that there are three tile houses in his home, next to the stove built by bamboo, there is a sheep coil behind the house, and the door of the house is straight to the road. There is a well on the road. Usually neighbors around you come here to fight water.Tea Zhengfang said: "When I was a kid, I was poor at home. I was so poor that I had a pause, so I often went to the mountains to dig wild vegetables. Sometimes I climbed to the tall trees to pick the fruits, and then I sold it on the market.Following others, I also want to go out to see the world and earn some money. "Homocoic confirming the name of the place name, the police pumped the cocoon and found a clue

The police inquired about the relevant information provided by Cha Zhengfang on April 4 this year, and the Fangcheng County Public Security Bureau received a help from Cha Zhengfang, hoping to find his own loved ones.After receiving the police situation, the police immediately launched an investigation.Due to a long time, many details of tea are not provided accurately, and she will not write, coupled with her accent in Yunnan area, making it difficult for the police to obtain evidence. Among them, the place names and names involved can only be compared by homophonic evidence.In order to find Cha Zhengfang’s hometown, the police searched on the major map software. Although they paid a lot of time, they could not find the name name they provided.Through the inquiry system, the personnel who found the characteristics of the names and age provided by Cha Zhengfang in Yunnan were screened, and there were as many as hundreds of people who met the conditions.The police brought their photos to Cha Zhengfang to identify, unfortunately that Cha Zhengfang did not find his loved ones among these people.The investigation was in an impasse.On May 20, the Yuandian Police Station of the Fangcheng County Public Security Bureau asked Xiao Zhenyu, the police of the Municipal Public Security Bureau.Xiao Zhenyu carefully identified all the information provided by Cha Zhengfang, and strived to find the breakthrough as soon as possible.Soon, a detail attracted Xiao Zhenyu’s attention.Cha Zhengfang said that her hometown was rich in mango and tea.Will she be from Yongde County, the "Hometown of Mango" in Yunnan?Xiao Zhenyu decided to put the focus on this area.After doing a lot of work, after doing a lot of work, he finally found a suspected relative of Cha Zhengfang near a small village near the border between China and Myanmar, Yongde County.Xiao Zhenyu immediately contacted the Yunnan police to verify, and Hao Liu, a volunteer of "Baby Going Home", also contacted Yunnan’s "Baby Going Home" volunteers for field visits.Soon, Yunnan’s information was given back, and it was suspected that his loved ones could be confirmed.On June 3rd, when the police and volunteers took the video and photos from the Yunnan side to make Cha Zhengfang recognize, she recognized her loved ones at a glance.After joy, there is regrets, hoping to reunite with relatives as soon as possible

Hi Ji and wept tea Zhengfang said that there were also cousins Tea Four Sisters who came to Fangcheng with her, but after arriving at Fangcheng, she separated from Tea Simi. Later, I heard that the four girls in Tea were going to Dongfeng Factory.EssenceAt present, Nanzhao Dongfeng Plant no longer exists, and the employees of the year have also left, which has brought great difficulties to find the work of finding tea.Volunteers went to Nanzhao to find out in many parties without finding any news.Cha Zhengfang’s husband Wang Yunfu said that he has always supported his wife to find relatives.More than 10 years ago, he trusted people to search, but because the information provided was not accurate enough, and the technical means at that time were not developed, he had not helped his wife to find his loved ones.Now, the police and the "baby go home" volunteers for helping their wives fulfill their dreams. The whole family is very grateful to everyone for their help.Tea Zhengfang held the policeman’s hand and thanked him. She said, "If it wasn’t for your help, I would not be able to find a loved one in my life." At present, the Nanyang Public Security Police and the "Baby Going Home" volunteers are in contact with the relevant departments of Yunnan.To recognize relatives, Cha Zhengfang also hopes to reunite with relatives as soon as possible.Disclaimer: Reprinted this article is out of the purpose of passing more information.If there is an error or infringe on your legitimate rights and interests, the author is requested to contact the ownership certificate with this website. We will correct and delete it in time. Thank you.(Article Source: Nanyang City Network)

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