At the age of 43, he has ushered in a new life, welcomes or gives up?

1 Unexpected pregnancy

When she and her husband said for the first time, she said that she was pregnant, and Fang Yuan’s face was clearly happy with uppercase, and the joy was overwhelming.

At the age of 47, he said nothing that he had always wanted a second child, especially his daughter, "poverty -raising the boy, rich daughter."Having said that, he couldn’t help but kiss his wife several times.

His wife is also very happy. Her fantasy daughter is vain, soft, and fat. She can comb her braids, wear small skirts, and dress like a little princess.It will be as harsh as Song Qian to Yingzi, but as long as her daughter’s happiness and health.

However, she asked straightforwardly, what should we raise now?

you do not say.After all, 43 years old, are you energy enough?Is it enough?Especially enough financial resources?

Two children who are in high school, and Fangyuan only has the living car owner + dubbing, and the parents have 800,000 yuan in debt that they are deceived because their heads are cheating.A stick.

Fang Yuan is a husband who loves his wife very much. When he comprehensively considers Wen Jie, he has a lot of discomfort when he is in his tip. He is very distressed by his wife.

After a few days of entanglement, they finally kept tears and decided to say goodbye to their children.In the case of normal inspection indicators, it is necessary to end the child’s life by himself. The general heartache of this poke can feel the same through the screen.

2 The power of love

Song Qian said that when he was pregnant at this age, it was a gift given by God!She hopes that her girlfriends can consider it again.

The two high school children heard this decision at first, but Lei Er with delicate thoughts was more self -blame.

He felt that his arrival added great pressure to the family of the aunt and uncle.He would think that if he did not come to this family, the baby could be born smoothly.In this situation, he is the last straw that presses the baby.

Fortunately, Yingzi and other friends were very powerful, seeing Leier’s mind from clues.In the end, Fang Yifan and Lin Leier decided to make a surprise together.

They make a set of videos to evoke their parents’ pity for their babies, thereby retaining the child.As a result, Fang Yifan’s photos when he was a child, like a group of growth trajectories, recreated in the video again. Parents looked like tears collapsed. The love of life had a glorious light.

Fortunately, parents happen to change their minds. Life has a sudden surprise to have more hope of life.

3 Brave chasing light

At the moment when the second child is fully opened, the earliest batch of only children have entered the age of confusion.For them, this is the most realistic thinking question.

When the first child came, parents started from novice parents. Without experience, they would be caught off guard. Therefore, they would step on many pits and many gaps.

At this time, many people will sigh when they talk to their girlfriends and good friends, if I give me another chance to be a parent, I will do better.

So, now when you are your parents for the second time, do you really choose bravely?

In fact, as long as the child’s indicators are normal, pregnant women are also healthy, there will still be an elderly person or conditions in the future to help line with life dishes. Why do you hesitate to bring more joy?

Although this means that there are more contributions, it also requires life to become more brave and responsible, but the joy of life and the hope of life make such a family more united and run forward.Hope is bright.

When my brother becomes the eldest, he can also grow better, because it is also an education and new life for them.As for the little baby, it is bound to get more love and correct education. The silly that parents have never done before, and the mistakes that have made them have become experience.Then, such a family will inevitably have a new link to maintain and condense, and everyone will work hard to become a better self and play a role in the family.

No, just like Fang Yifan and Lin Leier in the film, they all began to make excitement for admission to college to make a fortune in the future to contribute to the family.

The sweetness of life is sometimes because of some bitter contrasts that we teach us to grow and cherish.

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