Auntie postponed is not necessarily pregnant!It may be the reason for this

Each woman should live in harmony with the aunt (menstruation). Once the aunt does not come or leave on time, it should attach importance to early or postponed within a week without worrying, but if you have not seen the aunt’s aunt for more than 7 days,The figure needs to find the reason.The author summarizes a few reasons why the aunt may be postponed. Let’s take a look together!

If menstruation is delayed for more than a week, you must first consider the possibility of pregnancy and use early pregnancy test strips or pregnancy test sticks to detect whether you are pregnant.When two red lines appear on the test strip, it means that you are pregnant.If one of the two red lines is shallow, you need to check again every few days. Of course, you can also choose to go to the hospital for early pregnancy examination.Essence

Secondly, taking drugs such as contraceptive pills, diet pills, etc. will also lead to advanced or delayed menstruation.When my friend recorded the menstrual period on Meiyou, she saw a sister sharing, saying that after taking a certain anti -inflammatory drug, menstruation was delayed for a full week and a half, causing her to be frightened!

In addition, some women are under too much pressure in their daily work and life, which will also cause delay of menstruation.Long -term psychological depression and anger can affect the stability of endocrine, which causes irregular menstruation.Moreover, sisters who like to stay up late, drink cold drinks or eat cold food, overdose, etc. must pay attention to!These bad living habits have a great impact on women. The regular life and good living habits can keep menstruation regularly. A healthy body is the foundation of everything!

In the end, changes in the living environment may also affect the arrival of menstruation. For example, moving to a strange city, alternating seasonal, cold weather, etc., can cause delay of menstruation.Regardless of the reason, the sisters need to be delayed for more than a week to attract attention and find out the reason for conditioning in time.If you can’t remember your menstrual period or too lazy, you can record in Meiyou like my friends.May everyone be healthy and live in harmony with the aunt!

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