Avoid breast deformation during pregnancy, these experiences must be learned!

The expectant mothers during pregnancy will change a lot, and many mothers will feel, especially the development of the breast.Breasts are the baby’s future rations. Understanding the changes in the breast and how to prepare for breast care is a lesson that expectant mothers must understand.here we come to find out.

1. Changes in breasts during pregnancy

① The breasts become larger

As the estrogen and progesterone increase, the breasts are constantly developing, the breast ducts are prolonged, the blood flows to the breasts becomes more, and the fat tissue will become more and more, so the breasts of expectant mothers will be fuller.Generally starting in the early pregnancy, it will gradually increase, and the size of a cup will increase early. In the middle and late stages, another cup will be larger.

② Breast pain

Not only does the breasts increase, but also accompanied by tenderness, it may continue to be a whole pregnancy. This is caused by the continuous increase in estrogen in the body and tissue edema in the breast. It is a normal change during pregnancy.However, if pregnant mothers are in a bad mood during pregnancy, such as psychological pressure, anger, anxiety and other conditions, the tenderness of the breast may increase, so it is very important to adjust the emotions for pregnant mothers.

③ The color of the nipples and areola deepen

Increasing estrogen will cause the nipples to be stronger, the areola will become larger, the color will deepen, the small pimples on the areola will appear very prominent, and the texture of the breast will be very obvious.

After the start of pregnancy, the pituitary gland of the pregnant mother will secrete more prolactin. When three months of pregnancy, it can reach three to four times before pregnancy. Line -liplastin can cause breast cell differentiation. This can from the blood of the blood.Zhonghe produces milk. However, most pregnant women will not have lactation during pregnancy, and milk will not be available until they are about to give birth.There are also a few pregnant mothers who will have breasts during pregnancy, and the amount will be relatively small, and the color is transparent or pale yellow.As long as there are no special reactions such as redness and fever, it can be considered normal.

2. How to carry out pregnancy breast care?

① Keep the nipples clean

Stick to the nipple during pregnancy and keep it clean, so as to prevent mastitis and increase the power of breastfeeding.Pregnant women can wipe around the nipples around the nipples every day, and then perform hot compresses, about 15 minutes on each side.


Do not clean the nipples too much, and clean the nipples to prevent infection.

If there is dirt or scabbing on the nipple, you must not tear it off with your hands, and do not rub. You can apply hot towels, and then apply olive oil to softe the skin to fall off yourself.

② massage breasts

You can massage the breasts after applying olive oil every day to promote the toughness of the nipple and the tolerance of mechanical stimuli. In this way, it can withstand breastfeeding during breastfeeding.

③ The nipple depression should be processed

If the nipples have a depression, be sure to deal with it. You can stretch or pull the nipples, use the nipple appliance appropriately, and use the effects of negative pressure to attract the inherent nipples.The depression problem is prepared for postpartum breastfeeding.When pulling the nipples, don’t be too hard, do not cause pain, and avoid damage to the nipple.

Careful care during pregnancy can make the breastfeeding period more smooth. Of course, pregnant women must not only care for the nipples, but also have a good rest, eat a good diet, and maintain a happy mood.

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