Baby walks and loves wrestling, don’t blame shoes!There may be a problem here

Hello everyone, I am Mr. Lu Jingjing from Siyi International.

Some time ago, a fan left me a message, saying that her children were always stumbling to wrestle. At first, they thought that the shoes were not suitable. Later, she changed a lot of shoes and was still the same. I asked me what was going on.

It may be due to career sensitivity. I suspect that it may be imbalance in front court, so I asked her some questions again. Sure enough, the parent’s answer confirmed my conjecture.

This incident also wakes up to other parents and friends. If you find that the child usually walks down, it always wrestled, and it must be paid attention to it.

So what is the imbalance of the front court?What impact will it bring to children?How to deal with it?

Next, I will tell you slowly.

The vestibus mentioned here is an important organ for maintaining balance in the ear.

It can accept the sensory information in front of the face, such as vision, listening, smell, taste, touch, etc., and passed to the vestibular nerve nuclear treatment.

The vestibular nerve nucleus is like the guard of the brain message. Any body information must be filtered by the vestibular neuroparuity before entering the brain.The front court is a neurological system composed of the previous nerve nucleus. It is the entire sensory system that treats vestibular balance. It is also the most important ability that affects the growth and learning development of infants and young children.

The development of vestibular ability began to change the fetal position of the mother. After birth, the baby can stand up, turn over, sit, and climb after birth to stand up, and then flexibly manipulate the size of the muscles.The ability to balance is also the basis for starting action in the future.

If you do not pay attention to the critical period of development at all stages during the development of development, it will easily lead to imbalance of children’s vestibular function.

for example:

1. Improper diet during pregnancy, especially smoking or drinking during pregnancy, or negative emotions frequently;

2. Insufficient exercise during pregnancy, abnormal fetal fetal position, too much amniotic fluid, etc., may cause the fetal balance function to develop slowly;

3. After birth, no attention to the key period of development during the normal development of infants and young children, insufficient hugs, lack of head -up or lack of crawling;

4. Children are replaced by auxiliary vehicles in the critical period of walking development. Parents restrict their children to make the so -called dangerous movements, resulting in inadequate drilling, climbing, running, jumping, or climbing, so that the child’s chances of getting external stimulus will be reduced;

5. Parents prematurely ask their children to engage in excessive knowledge learning or reading, writing, and calculations;

6. Parents have no time or energy to accompany their children to interact with their children. Let their children watch TV and play electronic products for a long time;

7. Insufficient or unsafe at home in the home, let children use walking cars or locked in strollers for a long time, restricting their scope of activity.

Once the vestibular consciousness is imbalanced, it will have a great impact on the child.


A sense of balance is the basis of human action. As an important organ in the brain, the vestibular organ controls the sense of gravity and balance.For example, human feelings of gravity, judging the relationship between the body and the environment, controlling the balance of the body, the sense of direction, the sense of distance, and the actions of turning, climbing, sitting, standing, running, etc.

Therefore, when the child’s vestibular development is poor or the vestibular function is disordered, it will be disturbed, often falls, love rotation to climb high or fear high and dizziness.

Aspect of perception

The front court is performing tasks almost anytime, anywhere, which is closely related to the operation of other sensory systems.Visual and conscious space sensor disorders, it is easy to collide with tables and chairs, distinguish between direction, weak eye -catching ability, poor concentration, do not like to read and write, mathematics and science learning.Sensitive, it is easy to panic; poor physical exercise will cause difficulty in bilateral coordination of the body, improper movement plan, and even brain nerve inhibitory function, causing emotional obstacles.

In addition, because the vestibus includes almost all the organs related to the language, the development of the front court is poor, and the development of language ability will inevitably be affected.

Children who are imbalanced in vestibular consciousness usually stand without standing, sitting without sitting, easy to fall, unstable with things, walking into the wall, upset and irritable, uneasy, eyes that cannot be stared at the goals, poor interpersonal relationships, aggressiveness, speakingLate, difficulty in language expression, confusion of thinking logic.

For school -age children, when class, you will unconsciously walk around, twist your body, control your hands and mouths, pick up the teacher’s words, you can’t listen to the teacher’s instructions, you will not do exercises, do not like to write, read and read, and do not distinguish between left and right., Unknown direction, often bumping, like to climb high, run around the circle, rotate without fainting, fear of taking balance wood, etc.

They are more likely to bother parents than ordinary children. Picking up and closing are difficult to share happiness with others, and they are unwilling to share toys and food with others. They cannot consider the needs of others.

At the same time, these issues will seriously affect the child’s learning ability. If your children also have similar performances, they must be paid attention to.

Calm analysis, correct understanding

When a child has various problems, parents should calmly analyze and understand the real situation of their children, be alert to some abnormal behaviors, avoid blindly forcing and requesting their children to obey and wait, and avoid the vulgar or grievances of their children.Essence

Whether the child really feels the problem of unity and needs to be identified by professional medical staff, you can go to the children’s health department of the children’s hospital for the diagnosis and screening of sensory disorders.

Full of confidence, strengthen intervention

Feeling disorders are functional. After professional sense training, it can be improved. Therefore, parents do not need to be full of pressure, have the patience to help their children, and ensure that a certain number of inductive training of time and time.

Cooperate with intervention and give support

If the child really has the problem of disorder, actively cooperate with the training of professional teachers, and insist on carried out some preliminary exercises at home (if you want to see a family practice method, please leave me a message ~).

The family environment is very critical to children’s intervention, do a good job of mobilizing the whole family, unite the support forces around, and consolidate the effects of professional training.

Finally, I want to tell you that vestibular disorders can be prevented:

1. Starting from pregnancy, expectant mothers must have regular schedules and eating habits to avoid eating irritating food.

2. The work rhythm of expectant mothers during pregnancy must be adjusted to avoid always high -intensity and stressful work, which has adversely affect the fetus.

3. During pregnancy, expectant mothers should avoid drinking, smoking, carnival and other activities, which will have a certain impact on the development of the fetus’s nervous system.

4. Pay attention to the health care of the peripheral period.Children born in caesarean section have a higher proportion of sensory disorders than children with a child. This is because children born in caesarean section have not squeezed through the birth canal, and it is easy to distinguish the strength of the tactile sensation.

5. After the baby is born, it is necessary to participate in various environmental and content forms.For example, newborns and infants can do more touch exercises, active exercises, passive exercises, etc. Children can pile sand, play soil, climb high, wrestling, etc.

6. Avoid the child’s addicted to electric toys. Compared with traditional toys, electric toys are not conducive to the exercise of fine movements in fingers and other parts;

7. Strengthen the understanding of the key period of children’s growth and development. Many children enter the stage of running and walking without climbing. The coordination ability of the trunk, limbs, and left and right brains has not been fully exercised, and it is easy to have sensual disorders.

In short, it is necessary to promote children to participate in various exercise, diligence, brain movement, and strengthen exercise of fine movements.

Well, I will share so much today. If you want to understand the family training method of the front court, remember to leave a message to me

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