Back in time… for holidays

Summer, in the afternoon,
After we spent the morning visiting Osborne House, we drove to our accommodation. We rent for few days a 1950s American Airstream! The camping site is just a dream for any vintage lover. All caravans are vintage, the oldest airstream is from 1946 and the most recent one is from 1966. All of them are furnished with vintage furnitures and nicely decorated with authentic vintage items.

Our Airstream was from 1954 with a double bed and a dressing table, a full kitchen and a two seater sofa. Some cakes and babycham was waiting for us!

A rainy day in the Summer,
Rain is forecast for the whole day!!! We decide to do an Afternoon Tea in the caravan. It is quite delightful while it is raining, to be cosy in our airstream, listening radio, playing vintage board games as cluedo and read 1950s Girls Annual.

It was such a nice and fun accomadation and I want to do that again. If you want to experience this kind of 1950s holidays here the website.

Vintagely yours,

Mademoiselle Monoï