Bao Dad Xu San’s Parenting Scripture 2

Many netizens have doubts. When should I have children? What is the difference between a few years and a few years later? I say my own views.

First of all, the first and most important point is that both husband and wife are willing to ask for a child. This is a big prerequisite. If anyone has other ideas, I suggest that you wait.

If both are willing to ask for children, what is the better time?

The first is the economic foundation. The economic foundation includes but is not limited to, work, deposits, houses, cars, parents’ possible support, children will consume a lot of energy, and children will definitely affect our work and make money, and there is uncertainty.It ’s fragile, new life is very fragile. Sometimes you may need money to open the road to this world. It may also come early. Then you need money to set up a safe environment. The childcare box of hospitals is not cheap.Therefore, at the minimum source of income, the house and the car are extra points. If you go to the hospital at least, you can get a more stable environment.If both people work unstable and parents do not support, it is not recommended to take the initiative to ask for children.

The second is the state of husband and wife. The state of the husband and wife means whether both husband and wife are relatively peaceful. It is not recommended to plan the children in the following situations.First, I was young, I did n’t play enough, I often drank and jumped, and I went out for a disaster. If I did n’t play, I would play for a few years. The child needs a safe parental guardian.Large, it is recommended to go to the past and ask for children, prepare for pregnancy, pregnancy and raising children are very stressful. If the mental state is not good, it is impossible to survive, and it may collapse;If you do n’t harmonize, you plan to have a child in a few days when you have a good relationship. If you feel that you have a child, you will get better. From the perspective of the person, it is impossible. If you want the child’s process hormone, you will have great fluctuations.In the participation, two people with good feelings will jump with chickens. If the husband and wife’s feelings are unstable, it is recommended to solve the differences between the two people first, and then consider making a third person.

The third is family relationship. After the husband and wife are combined, there are obligations on both sides to integrate into each other’s family. This action takes time. The way may be to visit the festival. Usually communication, the husband and wife need to accept the other parents’ parents. Parents on both sides also need to understandThe personality, work and taboos of new members.If there are obvious contradictions, it is recommended to solve the child first. If both husband and wife are not very mature and the economy is strong, it is almost impossible for two people to complete everything. There are some traditional buns in the middle.It is human in terms of manpower.Just like the two of us at the time, my wife was in the hospital, and I was accompanied by the whole process. My mother had to handle relatives and friends, and to give us some things from time to time, so a period of time was not enough.I think it is very important to have a good family relationship, because the participation is really high.

The above is some of my views. In short, if you want your children to see the specific situation in the past few years, it depends on the specific situation. The problems that can be solved will be solved quickly.The choice is just. There is no perfect one. The chicken flying dog jump is also an experience. Most people can’t avoid it.

What else do you have to supplement or have personally experienced it, welcome to leave a message or private message.

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