Bao Ma because the child ate the classmate’s birthday cake.

Two days ago,

There is a hot search that causes heated discussion among netizens:

The cause of the matter is the day of Children’s Day,

A parent in kindergarten bought a cake

Share it with all children,

The original intention is to make the children happy.

did not expect,

This behavior completely angered a mother.

This Baoma was furious in the group,

He claimed that he would rather starve to death or not eat junk food,

Ironically ridicule the parents of the other party

It’s "licking" the teacher,

It is "change the reputation after poisoning."

To force the plant cream toxins that children eat,

It’s vomiting again,

I also fill the child with dozens of milliliters to eat oil,

It’s a throat again,

I scared the child to cry for mercy:

"Mom, I really don’t dare in the future,

No one can give me!"

Many netizens do not understand and suffocate this,

I think the mother’s approach is too terrible:

I think the child is too pitiful:

However, some people expressed their understanding and felt that the mother’s response was reasonable.

The dispute caused by a piece of cake is actually hiding the three truths on the road of Yangwa.


Putting the dosage and toxicity, it’s all hooligans

First of all, I understand this mother’s anxiety.

In order to make the child eat healthier, he will do his best to give meals daily, and he will not be custody.

The principles of hard work and persistence are easily broken by others, and some angry and annoyance can be understood.

But do not be so aggressive!

Parents who send cakes may not be thorough enough, but at most, they just do bad things.

If it is determined that the other party is "poisoning, kneeling and licking", it is too chilling.

In order to force the plant cream in the body, it is really a big question and overkill to "vomiting, oiling, and pouring throat".

You know, it is unscientific to put aside the toxicity of dosage.

The plant cream in the cake is made after hydrogenation of plant oil, and adds water, sugar, edible flavors and other additives.

Plant cream is "frightened" because of trans fatty acids.

There are indeed many harms of trans fatty acids, and it is easy to make children–


It will affect the development of central nervous system, and symptoms such as memory loss, cognitive and decreased language ability, and slow response speed.

Get fat:

Eating 1 oral anti -fat is equivalent to eating 7 ordinary oils or 4 mouthful of fat.


A study in the United States shows that people who often eat trans fat foods are more aggressive.

But all this has a premise, long -term excessive intake.

The "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines (2016)" suggested that the daily trans fatty acid intake does not exceed 2g.

The Consumer Council of Futian District, Shenzhen, has evaluated the trans fatty acid content of 10 cakes.

0.11g/100g to 0.58g/100g.

According to the content of up to 0.58g/100g, children eat a piece of 115g of cakes to consume 0.67g trans fatty acids, accounting for about 33%of the daily trans fats.

The child eats this trans fatty acid, and it will hardly affect any impact.

Instead, the 30ml olive oil, 10ml coconut oil, and 10ml linen seed oil that the mother forced the child to drink is relatively harmful to the child.

In fact, whether it is plant cream, trans fatty acid, or other garbage snacks:

We need to control the intake, but there is no need to completely exclude.

Children occasionally eat it, which will not affect health and development.


Things that are serious in childhood

When you grow up, you will retaliate compensation

There is a word in psychology called "Deficiency", the more I don’t get it, the more I want it.

During his childhood, those needs that were not met or even strictly prohibited may become a black hole in the child’s heart.

In the future, no matter how you fill it, you will fill it up.

The child who was forced by his mother to drink dozens of milliliters of oil and crying with his throat with a buckle, but now he wants to eat and dare not eat.

If you have the ability to escape the control of your mother in the future, it is likely to be compensated in retaliation.

This is not uncommon.

Those children who are completely restricted of snacks will not eat in front of their parents, creating a illusion for parents to "my children will consciously not eat".

If you see others eating outside, you may stare at it.

Once you get the courtesy of others, you will gobble up.

When such a child grows up, it is very likely to eat garbage foods. The more lacking when you are a child, the more you will make up when you grow up.

In the long run, it is actually hurting children.

Parents are always broken for their children.

Afraid that children eat junk food will affect height development, malnutrition, and bad stomach.

This kind of worry and anxiety will make us unconsciously exaggerate their imagination in our heads.

If the child’s desire is overly suppressed, it will only be counterproductive in the end.

Teacher Yin Jianli said:

Still the child’s little desire will cause the child to be extremely eager for something and produce compensation.

Desire can only be sparse and cannot be blocked.

Childhood without snacks is incomplete!

Things that are seriously lacking in childhood will retaliate compensation when they grow up.


Being vigilant is really good for children

Still controlling the desire to be in trouble

In the overwhelming accusations, some people expressed their distress in the overwhelming accusations:

She may be "sick"!

Behind the control of children’s snack control is the anxiety, anxiety and concerns of parents.

Albert Aires, the founder of reasonable emotional therapy, said in "Control Emergency":

It is not to say that you cannot be anxious, but to control unhealthy anxiety.

Healthy anxiety can resist danger and change "bad" things.

Unhealthy anxiety can lead to a numb panic, excessive worry, and fear.

These emotions prevents you from doing "very dangerous". In fact, there is no danger, which will affect your normal life and affect your interpersonal relationship.

The essence of unhealthy anxiety is the fear of losing control and a manifestation of a sense of security.

This Baoma may have changed the care of the child due to excessive and unhealthy anxiety, which has become unreasonable to control the desire to control the child.

Parents who are too strong in control always like all the behaviors of their children. If the child is not obedient, control it in a "threat" manner, so that the child is scared and dare not obedient.

Once unexpected and unprepared things happen, emotional is likely to be out of control.

Researchers at the University of London, England found:

Parents have a strong desire to control their children, and it is easy to cause long -term psychological damage to their children. When they grow up, the happiness index is low, dependent is strong, and has a large negative impact.

The mother’s love is not wrong, and it is not wrong to use good heart, but the damage that can be brought to the child in the wrong way cannot be ignored.

Do other people’s goodwill be hostile, will it make children difficult to be in school?Will children be isolated?

Compared to the harm that may suffer from the body, will the mother’s too strong way of control and the excessive way of doing things will cause a deeper psychological shadow to the child?

We need to be vigilant at all times:

Whether his behavior is really good for children or controlling the desire.

Finally, Bao Ma wants to remind the girls::

Everyone’s requirements and standards for their children are different. If you don’t know what kind of constitution of other people’s children, and what allergies are, it is best not to give others children’s snacks casually.

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