Bao Ma is not good at seeing stretch marks!Do you know what stretch marks and how to eliminate it?

Even if the little girl becomes a mother, she loves beauty, so many postpartum women start looking for a variety of fitness classes at confinement, as well as a variety of beauty and makeup products.It’s like before, youthful vitality.

Speaking of beauty and fitness, the most headache for Baoma may be that after pregnancy, many of the stretch marks that Baoma will appear will be difficult to remove, and it is very ugly on the stomach.This is because of pregnancy.

1. What is stretch marks?

Stretch marks are due to pregnancy, gaining weight and gaining weight, which causes excessive skin to expand, which makes the fiber break unable to restore elasticity. The scar texture formed generally appears on the thighs and abdomen.Not only pregnancy, if it is too obese or excessive exercise, stretch marks may also occur. The essence is that skin fiber tissue is damaged.

Generally, purple -red stripes will appear when children develop until six months.It is more likely to be a metaphor, just like we blow the balloon, in a certain size, the balloon can return to the original level, but if it is blowing (pregnancy), it is inevitable thatDamage.

Some mothers say that I do n’t have stretch marks when I keep my body when I am pregnant?Let’s not say that when you keep your body, will you lack nutrition and not be enough to provide the fetus’s growth and development. It is said that this is thinner. Due to the expansion of the uterus of pregnancy, the stretch marks of the abdomen are unavoidable.

Therefore, it is unreasonable to rely on weight loss to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

2. Can stretch creams prevent stretch marks?

In fact, the stretch marks cream we usually use is just a lotion that can increase the elasticity of the abdominal muscles and the effect of moisturizing. There is no stretch marks cream to have an authoritative institution for certification.Therefore, you want to solve the stretch marks by relying on stretch marks. This problem is very unscientific.

And we must pay attention to the use of any chemicals or reagents during pregnancy and lactation, which may hurt children. Therefore, even if you want to choose stretch marks creams, you must choose large manufacturers.No matter how good you are, you must not be impulsive for a while.

3. How to eliminate stretch marks?

In fact, stretch marks do not definitely appear after pregnancy. It depends on the problem of personal constitution, and it is related to the elasticity of the skin, so you don’t have to worry about it.And once it appears, it will not always be available. Even if no product is used, it will recover by itself.

Therefore, it is really not necessary to worry too much. You only need to take care of yourself in your usual life. It is much better than various products that use food therapy, or through fitness methods.

In normal life, you can eat more vegetables and fruits containing more VCs. Adhering to outdoor sports are conducive to restoring skin elasticity, thereby reducing the occurrence of stretch marks, and it is conducive to restoring skin vitality.If you want to massage the skin, be sure to use massage essential oil or some lubricating lotion, otherwise it will increase the skin damage and lose it.

Do you know these knowledge about stretch marks now?Want to learn more about small knowledge during pregnancy and pay attention to the public account. We see you next time.

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