Bare pain during pregnancy?A few details help you to relieve

According to the survey, 50%-60%of women have symptoms of low back pain during the third trimester, which has a lot to do with the special physiological change of pregnant women itself.It is not difficult to improve this situation. As long as pregnant women pay more attention to more details, they can effectively reduce the symptoms of low back pain.

Why is it easy to have back pain during pregnancy?

As the fetus grows, the pregnant mother will gradually increase after pregnancy, and the body’s fat content will become higher.Among them, the biggest change is the belly. Due to the continuous increase of the fetus, the belly bulges, and these loads increase the pressure on the waist.At the same time, with the changes in hormones during pregnancy, muscle elasticity during pregnancy will be a little worse, so the muscle elasticity of the waist will weaken, which will easily lead to low back pain.

During pregnancy, because the calcium required for the development of the fetus is completely derived from the mother’s body, the amount of calcium consumed by pregnant mothers is far greater than that of ordinary people. Therefore, many pregnant mothers are prone to calcium deficiency problems, and calcium deficiency can cause back pain.It is recommended that expectant mothers pay special attention to calcium supplementation during the entire pregnancy.

Some pregnant mothers have incorrect sitting positions, and the back of the spine is not paid to straight, and the lumbar spine is leaning backwards. This will concentrate the weight of the entire upper body to the lumbar spine, aggravate the burden on the lumbar spine, and more easily cause back pain.In fact, many pregnant mothers do not know how to walk, sleep, sit, etc. in daily life are the most common cause of low back pain.

Several details of daily life to relieve low back pain during pregnancy

Starting from pregnancy, it has maintained a good sitting, standing, doing, and sleeping posture, which can effectively avoid or relieve back pain in early pregnancy.

Correct sitting posture: After pregnancy, the chair sitting in the office should choose the cushion is relatively soft, so that it can effectively relieve the pressure on the back. Then you usually prepare a small stool and put your feet up. This can effectively promote the legs.Blood circulation in the ministry.

Correct standing posture: After pregnancy, if you stand for a long time, it will easily lead to backache and back pain, especially in the middle and late pregnancy. Therefore, expectant mothers must avoid standing for too long during pregnancy.Find a place to sit down and rest.If you stand for a long time, you should stand on your feet and the front and rear positions every few minutes, so that the weight will fall on the extended front leg.

The correct posture: When the pregnant mother is walking, she should straighten her back, raise her head, tighten the hips, the heels first, step on the footsteps, and keep the whole body balance.You can use handrails or railing. Remember to quickly move and do not protrude from the abdomen forward.

Correct sleeping position: After pregnancy, you can usually raise your legs with a soft cushion when you lie down.Sleeping to develop the habit of lying on the side, this can effectively reduce the burden on the waist and relieve the feeling of discomfort during pregnancy.Reminder: When pregnant women sleep, they can be stacked with a soft towel into a square and matched under the knee joint. This can effectively relax the pressure of the abdominal muscles and relieve the symptoms of back pain in the early stages of pregnancy.

When sweeping the floor or vacuum, hold the handle of the broom or the vacuum cleaner with both hands and placed it in front of you.One leg was a small step forward, slightly distorted, the other leg straightened, and the upper body tilted slightly forward.Avoid force on the neck and waist.Pack the garbage and use the long handle of the dustpan.In fact, whether you are pregnant or not, the long -handed dustpan is more in line with your physiological characteristics.

When cooking: The operating table of the general kitchen is relatively short, and you need to bend over when you work.In order to prevent the waist from bending and fatigue, the pregnant mother can support the operation desk to support her body and work with her right hand.

When washing the clothes: If it is a turbine washing machine, put the washing basket on a stool, almost the same height as the washing machine, find two fulcrum on the washing machine, separate the legs in parallel, the legs are slightly curved, so that the knee can hold the fuselage.The belly is leaning on the side of the washing machine, the waist is slightly bent, and the same posture is taken when taking out the clothes. If it is a drum washing machine, put the washing basket on the ground, one leg and knees on the ground, the other legs are bent into a right angle, one arm is arm, one armHold the door of the washing machine so that you can bend over without bending.

Nutritional balance control weight: Pay attention to nutritional balance during pregnancy diet, and pay attention to controlling weight. Do not increase weight too much or too fast.

Pay attention to calcium supplementation: Due to the continuous growing of the fetus during pregnancy, bones are formed, and a large amount of calcium is required to be used for fetal use. Therefore, in addition to taking the calcium required by themselves, pregnant mothers also provide sufficient calcium for the baby.If calcium is not supplemented during pregnancy, the mother will lack calcium, and the teeth are loose and waist and leg pain after the end of pregnancy.In addition to sufficient calcium, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to expose the sun and movement often to promote the absorption of calcium.

Hot compress massage: Massage dad can do massage for pregnant mothers to relieve low back pain.During the massage, the five fingers are together, put on both sides of the back lumbar spine, the palms are inward, and rubbing slowly up and down until the part is heated.At the same time, you can also do local hot compresses. Applying hot towels every day on your waist for about half an hour can effectively reduce pain.

Pay attention to the warmth of the feet: autumn and winter seasons, the weather is cold, pregnant mothers must protect their feet. Now wool socks and cashmere pants should be available.Essence

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