Beautiful women driving at school are pregnant, and the coach of the accident depends on all the way: you take the initiative, have nothing to do with me

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"It was she who came to the door by herself, it had nothing to do with my son."

"She just wants her mother to be expensive, just want money."

Shi Zhang’s mother argued with a long -haired beauty on the street. The woman’s skin was white, her facial features were beautiful, and her black and elegant long hair was very eye -catching.It belongs to the kind of girl with a high return rate in the crowd.

But at this time, her body was slightly bloated. Obviously, she was pregnant and was about to come.

The woman named Ye Wei, her purpose today, is to find the man who wants to get pregnant but unwilling to be responsible through Shi Zhang’s mother.

That man, named Shi Zhang, at this time, he didn’t know which corner of the cat in the corner of him, letting his mother come forward to deal with his romantic debt.

Ye Wei has been pregnant for nine months. She and Shi Zhang met with a local driving school. At that time, Shi Zhang, as a driver’s school coach, saw the beautiful Ye Wei, and began to pursue her enthusiastically.

But at that time, Ye Wei was still a husband.

It turned out that Ye Wei had a marriage. When she knew Shi Zhang, she was living with her ex -husband.

The reason for the separation of the two was because Ye Wei failed to keep the children of the two. In the third trimester, the baby could not be kept because of the premature peeling of the placenta.The two quarreled because of this. The ex -husband thought that Ye Wei did not listen to the doctor and insisted that he was unwilling to be hospitalized before led to the occurrence of tragedy.You should love yourself.

The contradiction between the two became deeper and deeper. In the end, the two began to separate, and the ex -husband rented a house directly outside, and never returned home.

It didn’t take long for Ye Wei to prepare for a driver’s license. Shi Zhang was her coach.Whenever Ye Wei goes to practice a car, Shi Zhang will ask her to be warm in front of her saddles and horses. He bluntly told Ye Wei: "You are beautiful and gentle, I like you very much."

Facing the fierce pursuit of Shi Zhang, Ye Wei shaken.Regardless of her married identity, she began to get along with Shi Zhang in the name of male and female friends.

She also told Shi Zhang that she was married, but she was applying for a divorce with her ex -husband. As long as the divorce certificate was obtained, she was free.

But Shi Zhang didn’t mind her married identity.

After two years, Ye Wei and Shi Zhang often went out to travel together.

At this time, Ye Wei also obtained a divorce certificate. She naively believed that she would have been able to stay with Shi Zhang since then and became a husband and wife.

But all this changed after her pregnancy.

During a journey, the two were in trouble, and they fainted, and Ye Wei became pregnant.

"I have taken contraceptives, why are I still pregnant?"

Pregnancy is a fact, and taking medicine is also a fact. Ye Wei was surprised and surprised in the face of this sudden baby.

She made a request for marriage to Shi Zhang. After all, the two have been together for two years. Now there are babies, and marriage is logical.

However, Shi Zhang changed his face. He asked Ye Wei to kill the child because she took contraceptives before, and the child would definitely be affected.

Ye Wei was unwilling to do this. Perhaps she had lost her first baby before. She had a different feeling for this child who came suddenly.

The two began the Cold War because of the child’s removal problem.

Shi Zhang simply hid, so that Ye Wei could not find himself.And he asked his mother to negotiate with Ye Wei.

The attitude of the Shi family is to let Ye Wei kill the child. As for whether she can enter the door of the Shi family and become the daughter -in -law of the Shi family.

Shi Zhang’s mother is actually very small to Ye Wei.She felt that Ye Wei had not divorced, so she was with her son. Such behavior was very inappropriate.

Furthermore, Ye Wei insisted on giving birth to this child, and also made Shi Zhang’s mother very angry. She felt that everyone pays attention to eugenics and winning the starting line.It’s in the stomach, so this child can’t be born anyway.

On the one hand, he was determined not to give birth. At the same time, the differences between Ye Wei and Shi Zhang became more and more serious. The two had long lost their original passion and sparks, and everything was caught in endless Cold War.

Ye Wei’s entire pregnancy had two fetuses twice. Shi Zhang’s mother always thought that the situation that appeared was that Ye Wei had taken contraceptives at the beginning. Therefore, this child could not be born anyway."If you get it early, I will give you 40,000 yuan in nutrition." Shi Zhang’s mother said.

But Ye Wei believes that the check -ups he did show that the child has no problem. This is a lively little life. He cannot deprive his life because others say something.

In this way, the tug -of -war has been carried out for several months, and there is no way to end. The two sides cannot reach unification, but Ye Wei’s belly is getting bigger and bigger.

In a blink of an eye, Ye Wei was about to be in the pelvis for nine months of pregnancy.

Ye Wei couldn’t help it. He could only call the reporter and let them help him find Shi Zhang, and let him take the responsibility of a prospective father.

Soon, the mediation reporter found Shi Zhang. Facing the pregnancy of his girlfriend, he just said two words: knocked.

He hacked Ye Wei’s WeChat and blocked Ye Wei’s mobile phone number. It can be seen that this man had no feelings for this woman.

However, the children in Ye Wei’s belly are the blood of their Shi family after all. Is it unwilling to recognize this child?

Shi Zhang’s mother has always been hostile to Ye Wei: "She just wants her mother to rely on her son and marry our house."

Shi Zhang’s father said that if Ye Wei is willing to kill his children, they are willing to be responsible for all medical expenses. If she insists on having a child, they will not pay any costs.

Once the child is born, how to raise the support and how to deal with it, the Shi family said that if they are willing to go to the court to negotiate, the court will execute what the court is judged.

This matter came to an end.

Written at the end:

It always feels that this beautiful woman, IQ is used to change the face value.

"Beautiful, but without brains."

The derailment in the marriage is not enough, and there must be a child who may have problems.

It is no wonder that the man’s mother will sneer at her and make it difficult. If she really makes such a girl enter the door into a daughter -in -law, the future will be so lively.

Dear friends, what do you think?Is this relationship between Ye Wei and Shi Zhang reunited because of the child?

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