Beautifully cultivated, listen to Director Xu Jianqiu about the nutrition and childbirth during pregnancy

Recently, nutrition and childbirth lectures have been launched in Xi’an.The main purpose is how to supplement and reduce childbirth in how the maternal maternal is in this lecture. The speaker is Xu Jianqiu, the former director and chief expert of Shaanxi Provincial Maternal and Child Health Institute.Lecture participants were mainly local pregnant women and their families in Xi’an. The atmosphere was active.

This lecture was supported by Xi’an Liangyu.Beauty and cultivation is a healthy life management institution specializing in pregnant women. It is committed to the healthy development of mothers and babies in the early days of life.Way.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, pregnant women will be present one after another, and the people of signing in the consultation office continue.When the number of venues was large, when the number of staff members signed in in the later period, the number of people who signed in later was happy that they were very happy and very happy. I really hope that more pregnant mothers can know that we are beautiful and no longer panic during pregnancy.

Director Xu Jianqiu, the lecturer of this lecture, is the obstetric director and chief expert of the former Shaanxi Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital.He has won the "Bethune Spirit Award", "National Advanced Workers", and pregnancy -induced hepatitis B intrauterine blocking therapy project.For more than 30 years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology department, good at health care, high -risk pregnancy management, pregnancy complications and complications of the treatment of pregnancy.

The lecture revolves around the theme of "Nutrition and Childbirth". Director Xu Jianqiu explained the nutritional supplement and delivery during pregnancy in two sections.The lecture is based on the three cornerstones of fetal growth: the opening of heredity, environment, and nutrition, leading to nutrition is the only controllable factor during pregnancy. We must pay attention to nutrition during pregnancy.In the first 1,000 days of life, the mother was two years old when she was pregnant, which was a critical period for the development of the baby’s nutritional function. It emphasized that nutritional nutrition would affect the fetus life during pregnancy.

Director Xu Jianqiu smiled and talked.The atmosphere at the scene was active.

Director Xu Jianqiu pointed out that the health of women in my country is not optimistic.Nutritional imbalance during pregnancy will increase the hypertension of gestational diabetes (hypertension disease, manip which is edema, high proteinuria, similar to cerebral hemorrhage, can be convulsions, Zixian) pregnancy anemia (iron deficiency) thyroid function is low.EssenceInsufficient nutrition and excess nutrition are the nutritional status of pregnant women in my country.

"Shaanxi Liangpi is delicious, but there is no nutrition. Daily meals in the restaurant, the taste is not suitable for pregnant women." Director joked that "people are Korean, my wife is pregnant, my husband must follow the nutrition class together."Alpha linolenic acid, taurine, lecithin and other elements, balance the nutrition during pregnancy.And calling for life to bred life is a family, not a pregnant woman.

In terms of reducing pain in childbirth, Director Xu Jianqiu pointed out that it is likely that it is possible to reduce pain is medical humanistic care.The family’s support understanding, appropriate exercise, comprehensive balance of nutrition, control the size of the fetus, stay away from complications during pregnancy, avoid causing severe emotional fluctuations and accumulating production power."Power (pelvic floor muscles, contractions, abdominal pressure), this must be working hard. Obstetricians can only cheer on the side and cannot rely on them."

At the scene, you can see many mothers taking notes seriously.Pregnant mothers are very satisfied with this lecture and can provide correct guidance to their pregnancy. This is a lecture that can truly help pregnant women.

In the final welfare session, Director Xu Jianqiu selected the lucky star mother who selected this lecture.

As the pioneer of the lecture, Xi’an Meiyo Yu said that such lectures have been carried out many times and will continue.Beautiful breeding is served for the health of pregnant mothers and babies.

Just like they said, when they are pregnant, come to make good births.The user’s trust and the sense of responsibility of the enterprise are an important guarantee for a company to develop for a long time.Beauty and cultivation put pregnant women first, adhere to public welfare and feed life as their beliefs and responsibilities, and always live up to the trust of pregnant women and family.

Beautiful and healthy lectures during pregnancy as an important brand measure for publicity, one theme at a time, one step at a time, developing with quality, from commercial propaganda lectures to the healthy knowledge of healthy knowledge that pregnant women trust.The first place makes their brand philosophy more distinctive in the collision of the concept of traditional breeding and the scientific breeding method, and gradually become the banner of the pregnant service industry.

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