Beauty anchors were cheated by fans, and they were pregnant 3 times a year. He said: I admit moral corruption

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Foreword: Nowadays, people’s lives are inseparable from the Internet because the network has penetrated into every corner of life.From learning, entertainment, shopping, leisure to travel, and dating, they can be realized on the Internet.

While the network brings convenience, it also gives everyone a risk.The mermaids on the Internet are mixed. They have their own purpose, their own plans, and even some scammers pretend to be in the interests of others.

Because of this, each of us must be cautious and strictly identified by people and things on the Internet.Before you understand the identity of the other party, don’t easily disclose your information, don’t just get your heart out of your heart, let alone have any funds with him.

However, there are some love brains in real life.When they are in love, they are willing to pay a lot of money in exchange for each other’s satisfaction, companionship, etc., even if she obviously feels the other party’s ZHA, she still chose to deceive herself and eventually ended a tragic end.

Let ’s take a look at the love experience of a beauty anchor. I hope that more people will be awakened through her story, so as not to be deceived.

The beauty anchor Miss Shen was in his early 20s, his skin, beautiful skin, beautiful youth, and more honest.

Ms. Shen is an unwilling person to rent a house in Hangzhou after graduating from college. She has worked hard during the day and worked as a game anchor at night. She has a considerable income.

Since she uses a lot of time to work, she usually does not have time to touch other people, so the people she knows are basically people on the Internet, including some other anchors and some hardcore fans.

One day, a hardcore male fan added his friend Shen and asked her warmly.Within a few days, the two talked hot.The male fans brushed gifts in her live room, and accompanied her in the live broadcast of her live broadcast from beginning to end, getting her favor.

It didn’t take long for the male fans to invite Miss Shen to meet, and she arrived as appointment.Although this male fan is not good -looking, and the economic conditions are not very good, because Ms. Shen did not feel wrong because she had established a good impression on the Internet.

After seeing several times, under the pursuit of the fans of the fans, Miss Shen fell and became her girlfriend.

Unexpectedly, within a year of the two people, the male fans not only made her pregnant 3 times, but also asked her more than one million for various reasons.

When Miss Shen was pregnant for the fourth time, the doctor told her that the child must stay, otherwise, she may not be a mother in the future.After returning, Ms. Shen told her boyfriend that she thought her boyfriend would start preparing for marriage, but what made her unexpected was that her boyfriend began to disappear from then on, and he blacked all her communication methods.

When Miss Shen was unable to do it, even more ridiculous things happened.A woman who claimed to be a boyfriend’s wife found Miss Shen, scolded her third party, and accused her of being a bad woman.

Ms. Shen did not expect to dream that she treated her boyfriend with her heart and asked her family and relatives and friends to borrow so much money to give him so much. She also became pregnant many times, but in the end, she became a shameful primary three.Not only that, she now has a child who is more than a month in her belly, which makes her instantly collapse.

Ms. Shen asked the media for help, hoping that the media would help her to preside over justice and take the money borrowed by her boyfriend as soon as possible.

After thousands of hardships, the reporter finally made an appointment with Miss Shen, her fan boyfriend, and his wife, hoping to resolve each other’s disputes through the way of discussion.

When the reporter saw Miss Shen’s boyfriend, he scolded him angrily as a ZHA man, and he did not expect him to answer: "You scold well, I admit that I am a moral corruption!" Then he said that he was doing things outside, his wife, his wifeBefore I was around, I went to watch the game live broadcast, so I met Ms. Shen.During the relationship between Miss Tongshen, he lied that he was single, deceived her trust, and kept asking her to borrow money.Until the end, Ms. Shen said that she had to give birth to her child. When he saw that things could not end, he ran back and told his wife, so he was missing.

The matter has come out of the water now, but I did not expect that what happened later made people laugh.

After the Zha man admitted his mistake, his wife began to reflect on himself, saying that he should not care about his husband, so that he could find another woman.And she felt that a slap was not lingering. Although her main responsibility was her husband, all three were responsible.

Ms. Shen, who should have scolded her boyfriend, actually reviewed her mistakes at this time, and even felt embarrassed by destroying the family of others.I have to say that the thoughts of these three people completely refresh everyone’s cognition.

In the end, the fan stated that she would return the money owed to the lady who was arrears as soon as possible and thoroughly drawn the boundaries with her.His wife also expressed forgive him to forgive him and promised to let him return to his family.

As for whether the fans have fulfilled their promises, we don’t know, but from the perspective of the three of them, it seems a bit unreasonable.

This is justified: the world is big, there is nothing!

Conclusion: The famous sociologist, I told me, "It’s not wrong to be honest, but honesty is also a bottom line, that is, you can’t be bullied by others and even sacrifice your own interests."

Love someone can accommodate and tolerate it, but if the other party implements the damage again and again, you have to choose to be silent. The result of the replacement can only be his unscrupulous and endless entanglement.

Just as Miss Shen in the article, her boyfriend was irresponsible again and again, and kept asking her to borrow money. She chose to swallow the sound and even constantly let him succeed, so she caused difficulty in ending.It was her weakness and concession that encouraged her boyfriend’s arrogance.

Therefore, whether it is life or love, we must maintain our original intentions and stick to the bottom line.We can be kind, but there must be sharpness in kindness, so that people can be awesome.

What do you think of Miss Shen’s experience?Welcome everyone to write your shiny views in the comment area!

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