Before the "Auntie" comes, will the leucorrhea increase?Can be considered consolidated

Menstruation is an important symbol of women’s maturity. With the emergence of various hormone foods and foods containing preservatives, many people have unknowingly ingesting excessive hormones.Come earlier.

But precocity does not mean that people know this knowledge, coupled with the Chinese people’s generally restrained and stable personality, many women are ashamed to talk about their own things. Even if they do n’t understand and worry, they secretly secretly themselves secretly.Worry.

Some may ask the mother and who are close to themselves, doubt about this.However, even if the person asked, he knew half -knowledge, and knew that it was something that had been circulating before, and he even stunned a few perfunctory.As a result, many people lack of knowledge in this area.Let me talk to you about this.

Many people will know menstruation that they are ridiculed by female friends: Auntie who will come every month.I believe that many people will be troublesome. If you are not careful, you will leak, and it will easily stain your pants. If you are seen by others in public, it is even more embarrassing and I don’t know what to say.

There are even people who died in pain every time they came to the aunt, and some people couldn’t get out of bed. In fact, this was the manifestation of Gonghan in the body, and the human body was too heavy.Usually eat more supplements, pay attention to the dryness of the living environment, and soak your feet with hot water.If you have economic conditions, you can also buy some damp products to eat, which is very helpful for reducing menstrual pain.

Many friends are confused about what the leucorrhea accompanied by menstruation.The menstrual flow is very large, and everyone must know that you need sanitary napkins.Do you need it when you come to leucorrhea? Generally speaking, leucorrhea is a manifestation of a physiological phenomenon of female friends. This is normal and does not require sanitary napkins.

Many female friends will feel that the increase in leucorrhea one week before menstruation is significantly, which is actually a normal phenomenon of physiological secretion.Generally speaking, the human body will ovulate one week before and after the menstrual period. The leucorrhea can not only drive egg cells, but also reduce the pH concentration in the vagina, which is conducive to the passing and survival of sperm.This is also an excellent period of pregnancy. At this time, the pregnancy rate of sexual life is the highest.

As the number of ovulation increases, leucorrhea often increases.This is because the increase in estrogen during ovulation is large, and the secretion of leucorrhea will naturally increase, and hormones will stimulate the uterus, causing the uterine wall to fall off freely and form menstruation.

After reading the above text, I believe that a certain understanding of the physiological aspects. It is normal to increase leucorrhea a week before menstruation.

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