Being a dream can get pregnant and have children. Is the ancients serious?

I am Xiaoqi, a Sichuan girl who likes the Mountains and Seas and the monster and monsters.

The three people, Fuxi, Houyi and Liu Bang, are actually not the same as they. They look like God’s species, but carefully analyzes has their own excitement.

When Fuxi’s mother, Hua Yi’s mother, saw a particularly big footprint when she went out. For the girl’s curiosity, Hua Xunshi put her feet in the big footprint and explored. I did not expect that this spread.It didn’t take long after returning home, Hua Xun was pregnant.

The Fuxi era should be the transitional stage of the maternity of the primitive society to the Father’s clan. People only know that her mother does not know that her father is a normal phenomenon.

There is also a nation named Mosuo in the junction of Sichuan, Yunnan, and they have a matter of marriage.Here a man throwing a stone of the girl if he looks at a girl, and if the girl also sees the window to the man, in the middle of the night, the girl will open the window to let the man jump in from the window and then walk the two people.Happy.

Then if someone looks at the girl, the girl also looks at each other. The two can continue the previous way, so that they sleep at night, sleep, sleep, and sleep until the girl is pregnant.

This has always been the joy of Yunyu, and many men may have only one side. The child’s fuck knows who the child is.

Although the story of Houyi is similar to Fuxi, it is also Hou Ye’s mother saw a large footprint, and then seemed to be controlled by mysterious power, and she stepped into the footprint involuntarily.

As soon as I stepped into the big footprint, I felt slightly moving in the abdomen, and then became pregnant.

It is said that the layman watched the lively, and the insiders looked at the door.

Although the story looks similar, it is actually quite different.Houyi, Ming Ji abandoned, after consulting a large amount of relevant information, I think this child is likely to be a discarded child.

And his life, like Fuxi, is likely to be the descendants of Houyi to directly copy Fuxi’s life in order to show the nobleness of his bloodline. This feeling is particularly just like Xia Xuan and Shang Ye’s story.

But it is worth mentioning that I have carefully studied the longevity and old -fashioned techniques, Kunlun Mountains in the Shan Haijing for a while, and the relationship between several major big bosses.

I found that Huangdi seemed to have the technique of longevity. He was actually like a monitor in the Emperor Garden on earth.The burial was Houyi, and the other direction lived in the legendary son of the grandson of Huangdi.

What made me feel particularly puzzled was why the emperor sent Yingjie to watch them at the suspension of Kunlun Mountain?When I later saw a certain murderer and man who recorded the resurrection of Huangdi, I guess the emperor may have the technique of death and return, so it is likely that others have it.It is to prevent the rejuvenation.

Why is Huangdi afraid that Houyi will be resurrected?This is worth thinking about, you can think about it!

As for Liu Bang, it is purely to promote the concept of the monarchy and find a beautiful birth for himself.

Legend has it that Liu Bang’s mother dreamed of having a lot of time with Shenlong when he was pregnant, and then gave birth to Liu Bang.

In fact, the color of the story myth is opened, and the real truth may be called out. Either Liu Bang’s parents are an unknown person who is not worth mentioning, or Liu Bang is the illegitimate child left by his mother and the field, so it is inconvenient to be inconvenientPromote that this black pot can only be carried on Shenlong.

I am Xiaoqi, a Sichuan girl who is addicted to studying the mountains and seas and the monsters and monsters. I like to follow me.

Reference classics: "Shan Hai Jing", "Bamboo Book Chronicle", "Historical Records"

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