Big 3 stewardess, pregnant with a 3,000 yuan watch, and the teacher, parents: for you to read, have never eaten pork

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Why is a stewardess who is about to soar the sky, willing to abandon the stage, a watch with a 3,000 yuan watch, and spend love with a primary school teacher?Have you already felt doubtful and eager to try to unveil this mystery?

However, when you understand the deeper social problems and family disputes behind this, you will understand that this is by no means a simple wish.

Wang Li has been determined to become a stewardess since she was a child. For this dream, she studied hard, hoping to get out of the poor mountain village and let her family live a good life.Although there are four sisters and a younger brother in the family, Wang Li’s parents saves money to support her dream, so that she can enter the flight attendant to study.

In my junior year, Wang Li suddenly disappeared.The school urgently notified her parents.Wang Li’s parents were very shocked and worried about the news.They rushed to the school regardless of everything, hoping to find the missing daughter as soon as possible.At this time, their mood can be said to be eager, anxious and helpless.

After the parents arrived at the school, after looking for and inquiring, they finally found the whereabouts of Wang Li.However, what they never thought of was that the reason for the missing was because of love.

The gap between sincere love and identity

After her parents found the missing Wang Li, she found that she was with her boyfriend Huang Ming.Huang Ming is an ordinary primary school teacher. He diligently teaches books and educate people, and sow the seeds of knowledge for rural children.He was kind and sincere, and spent many beautiful times with Wang Li.However, for Wang Li’s parents, this relationship made them difficult to accept.

Wang Li’s parents had worried about Huang Ming’s identity from the beginning.They believe that Huang Ming, as a primary school teacher, has limited income and cannot provide Wang Li with a beautiful future.In their hearts, after years of hard work, her daughter is about to become a stewardess. In the future, her husband should be a person with a certain economic foundation and social status.Therefore, the relationship between Wang Li and Huang Ming made them feel disturbed.

In order to prevent the development of this relationship, Wang Li’s mother decided to take action.She found a job in the cafeteria of Wang Li’s school, intending to pay close attention to her daughter’s every move.Every day, Wang Li’s mother came to the cafeteria early to prepare food and observe the interaction between her daughter and Huang Ming.She hopes to understand their feelings depth, and at the same time, she also puts pressure on Wang Li with her own existence to let her give up Huang Ming.

Wang Li’s mother often talked about her daughter during her work in the cafeteria.She complained that Huang Ming couldn’t match her daughter and thought that their feelings could not last long.These words passed on Huang Ming’s ears and made him hit.He understands that to go with Wang Li, he must face the opposition and doubts of her family.

However, Huang Ming knows that sincere love is priceless.He decided to prove it with his own actions that although he was just a primary school teacher, he still had the ability to give Wang Li a happy family.He hopes that through hard work and continuous progress, he has won the recognition of Wang Li’s parents, so that they believe that he really loves Wang Li.

Just 10 days later, Wang Li disappeared again.This time, her parents firmly believed that all this was caused by Huang Ming. They thought that Huang Ming could not only give Wang Li a good future, but even dragged her up.In order to make their daughters turn back, they decided to take more intense means to stop Wang Li and Huang Ming’s relationship.

His parents began to monitor Huang Ming, followed his whereabouts, and tried to find out the connection between him and his daughter.Once, Wang Li’s father even smashed Huang Ming’s electric car and conveyed a message to Huang Ming in this extreme way: they would never tolerate their daughter and Huang Ming together.

Such fierce behavior aroused dissatisfaction among schools and villagers.They believe that Wang Li’s parents too much interfered with her daughter’s emotional life, which not only harmed Wang Li’s reputation, but also put tremendous pressure on Huang Ming.As a result, they persuaded Huang Ming to give up the relationship and let Wang Li return to her parents, so as not to worsen the situation.

Huang Ming felt very contradictory about these advice.On the one hand, he loves Wang Li deeply and is willing to pay everything for her; on the other hand, he also understands that their love has caused many people to be implicated, which makes him feel guilty.At this moment, Huang Ming began to hesitate, should he let go and let Wang Li return to her family and studies.

And behind Wang Li, behind the disappearance, what kind of secrets are hidden?Is she willing to spend the storm with Huang Ming for love?In the face of heavy pressure and difficulties, can their love stick to it?

The predicament of living at home, the pain in my heart is unable to speak

At home, Wang Li’s life became extremely difficult.Her father treated her violently, and scolding and scolding became a commonplace.Wang Li lives in fear every day and cannot feel the warmth and peace of the family.She was full of helplessness and pain, but had nowhere to tell.

However, this is not the worst.One day, Wang Li found that she was pregnant.This is undoubtedly a huge blow for her, because she knows that people in the family will never accept this fact.Sure enough, when their parents learned that Wang Li was pregnant, they were angry and strongly asked Wang Li to abandon.

Facing the pressure of family members, Wang Li was in a deep struggle.She is very clear that if she chooses an abortion, her life may return to normal, but her soul will always leave an unshakable trauma.And if she insists on giving birth to this child, her family may be more painful and angry.

In the dilemma, Wang Li made a brave decision: she chose to secretly leave home.In the night, Wang Li packed up simple luggage, carrying heavy parcels, stepping on the rhythm of her heartbeat, and stepped out of her home that she had thought as shelter.

She decided to fight for the future of herself and children, even if this meant to abandon her family and affection.

The distance from home is extremely difficult.Wang Li walked on a desolate path, and often had a bitter cold wind blowing.Her body trembled from time to time, and the child on the pregnant belly brought her courage deep in her heart.Even if she faced various difficulties, she did not give up because she knew that she had to work hard for her children and her future.

After several twists and turns, Wang Li finally reached Huang Ming’s home.At this time, she was exhausted, her face was full of tears, and she was shy.Seeing such Wang Li, Huang Ming felt heartache.He quickly hugged her into the house and handed her a bowl of hot chicken soup.The moment Wang Li drank the chicken soup, she knew that she finally found a real destination.

After learning about Wang Li’s departure, Huang Ming expressed his willingness to marry Wang Li as his wife, and his love for Wang Li was unwavering.He knew that even if the road was difficult, they had to work together to work together to work hard for each other and their children, and his love for Wang Li was unwavering.However, this is not smooth sailing.When Wang Li’s mother learned that Huang Ming was about to marry her daughter, she made a request to be high -end, hoping to reduce economic pressure at home.

In the face of such a high gift, Huang Ming felt very embarrassed.Although Huang Ming loves Wang Li very much, as a primary school teacher, he is not income.After a bargain, the two parties finally reached an agreement and agreed to the gift of 150,000 yuan.Huang Ming promised to raise this money every effort to marry the beloved Wang Li as soon as possible.

However, in the process of Huang Ming’s raising ceremony, Wang Li’s parents suddenly changed their minds.On the eve of marriage, Wang Li’s mother talked to her husband about the gift, thinking that they should ask for another 500,000 yuan, so that their daughters can marry better, and they can live a better life.Although Wang Li’s father was a little hesitant at first, under the instability of his wife, he also felt that this was a good idea.

In this way, when Huang Ming finally saved a gift of 150,000 yuan, Wang Li’s parents suddenly made new requirements and asked for another 500,000 yuan.After hearing this news, Huang Ming felt very angry and helpless.He knew that even if he did his best, he couldn’t raise such a huge amount.Wang Li’s parents didn’t seem to care about Huang Ming’s dilemma, and they only cared about how many gifts they could get.

Wang Li is also very disappointed with her parents’ behavior.She knew that Huang Ming was sincere in her feelings, and her parents’ request was a heavy burden for him.She understands that the dispute of this colorful gift is not just a number of numbers, but the key to her and Huang Ming’s future happiness.In front of his parents’ repeated impermanence, Wang Li decided to stand bravely on the side of Huang Ming and face this problem with him.At the same time, Huang Ming felt very helpless and angry.As an ordinary primary school teacher, he really cannot bear such a high gift.At the same time, Wang Li’s parents’ remorse also made Huang Ming full of distrust of them.

Due to the issue of colorful gifts, the families of both sides have fallen into severe contradictions and conflicts.In this dispute, Wang Li felt unprecedented pressure.She understands that her love with Huang Ming will face a huge test.But she still firmly believes that as long as they really love each other, they will be able to overcome all difficulties and have a difficulty.

Cai Li dispute caused family storms, mediationrs came forward to resolve contradictions

Faced with such a high gift request, Huang Ming was unbearable.Wang Li’s parents became anxious. They thought that Huang Ming could not be able to take care of his daughter and worry about his daughter’s future.As a result, Wang Li’s parents began to make trouble between the families of both sides, and even went to the village’s mediation committee.

During the mediation process, Wang Li’s parents complained about her grievances, thinking that Huang Ming had no sincerity and was unwilling to work hard to marry Wang Li.However, Wang Li did not agree with her parents’ approach. She believed that Cai Li did not represent Huang Ming’s sincerity.She chose to get a marriage certificate with Huang Ming. She believes that as long as the two people love each other, the family will be happy.

After listening to the statement of the two sides, the mediation officer began to resolve the contradiction.First of all, he asked Wang Li’s parents to understand Huang Ming’s dilemma as a primary school teacher.Wang Li’s parents gradually understood Huang Ming’s actual difficulties in reflection.

Then, the mediator told Wang Li’s parents that love was not measured with money, but needed to work together.He described the feelings of Wang Li and Huang Ming and the efforts to love for love.Wang Li’s parents gradually realized that she might be too anxious and ignored her daughter’s feelings.

At the same time, the mediator reminded Huang Ming that as a husband, he needs to bear the responsibility of supporting his family.Huang Ming said that he would make all efforts for the family and let Wang Li live a happy life.

Under the communication and persuasion of the mediator, Wang Li’s parents gradually calmed down and began to reflect on her behavior.They also realized that her daughter had grown up and she needed to respect her choice.In the end, the two sides reached a compromise. Huang Ming promised to do his best for the family. Wang Li’s parents also let go of the mustard in their hearts and accepted the relationship.

The mediation process was full of twists and turns, but with the communication and persuasion of the mediation staff, the two sides finally found a consensus.This allows us to see the balance between love and family, as well as the understanding and tolerance required by the harmonious family.After hard work, the mediation officer successfully resolved the contradiction between the two sides.Wang Li and Huang Ming can finally start a new life and work together to spend the future.For Wang Li’s parents, they gradually understood that a happy marriage did not rely on money and colorfulness, but the sincere love and common efforts of the two.

The love story of Wang Li and Huang Ming is not a simple case, but reflects the deep social problems.In the context of poverty -stricken families, feudal concepts and modern social values, many young people like them are facing tremendous pressure, struggling for love and living for life.

First of all, the dilemma of poor families has put many young people to suffer heavy pressure on life.Wang Li’s family conditions are not superior. In order to realize her dream, she has made great efforts to become the family’s economic pillar.As an ordinary elementary school teacher, Huang Ming has limited income and it is difficult to meet high requirements such as colorful gifts.This makes their road of love extremely difficult.

Secondly, the feudal concept has affected the views of young people to a certain extent.Wang Li’s parents questioned Huang Ming’s identity and economic ability, thinking that he could not bring a happy life to Wang Li.This material -based marriage concept has undoubtedly aggravated the psychological burden of young people.

Finally, the impact of modern social values also makes young people face choice.Wang Li and Huang Ming hope to maintain marriage with sincere love, but they have to face the pressure of reality.In the process, they need to make choices between feudal concepts and modern values to seek inner balance.

In response to this phenomenon, we should pay attention to the deep reasons behind these incidents and care about young people struggling in front of love and reality.Society should provide them with more care and support, help them establish the correct marriage concept and get out of their predicament.At the same time, we must reflect on the root causes of such problems, explore the solution, and create a better living environment for young people.

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