Big football in the abdomen of expectant mothers is broken

Wuhan Evening News (Reporter Wang Kaining Correspondent Zhao Lin and Zhai Yuhao) The expectant mother still has a five -week to due date. I did not expect that the large football block in the belly suddenly ruptured.Paste the mass and keep the patient’s uterus and ovaries.On July 26, patients with a good body were discharged from the hospital.

Ms. Wang, who lives in Wangjiawan, Hanyang, is 29 years old. She had surgery for ovarian cysts two years ago.At the end of last year, I found that a ovarian cyst had grown again before pregnancy. At that time, it was only 2 cm. There was no special treatment, but it was necessary to observe regularly.At 16 weeks of pregnancy, the cysts were found to have 8 cm in the birth check. Our obstetric experts suggested that surgery was peeled, but she could affect the fetus due to surgery, refused to surgery, and asked to continue observation.At 32 weeks, it had "crazy" to 16 cm, but Ms. Wang still insisted on handling it together.One week ago, she had 35 weeks of pregnancy. She went to Hanyang Hospital, Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital for two hours due to the pain in the lower abdomen.

Professor Wu Lirong, director of the obstetrics of the hospital, found that the fetal fetal heart was good, but the cysts were close to the size of the football, and the position also "climbed" from the right side of the uterus to the upper right of the uterus, "squeezed" into the abdominal cavity, hit the uterine increasing uterine,EssenceThe most serious is that the huge cysts have broken their mouths and existing liquids in the abdominal cavity.

"The cyst is like a balloon, which is constantly crazy, the balloon will grow longer and bigger, and the cyst wall will become thinner and thinner. Once the limits are exceeded, it will break down and endanger the lives of mother and baby." Professor Wu Lirong decided to make an emergency cesarean section.Grab the baby and then remove the cyst.

10 minutes later, the doctors first helped Ms. Wang successfully given birth to a baby girl of 4.4 pounds.Because Ms. Wang had previously performed ovarian cyst removal, and this time the cysts were mostly room -like, and they were severely adhered to the right abdomen wall, uterus and other places. The cysts were unclear.Considering that Ms. Wang is still young, doctors carefully strip out the tissue around the ovarian cysts to preserve her uterus and ovarian function.

"Ovarian cysts are common diseases of women, and patients generally have no discomfort in the early stages of onset." Wu Lirong said that if ovarian cysts are found during pregnancy, once there is an increase, the tumor marker examination prompts malignant possibilities, or the cysts are ruptured, bleeding, reversing, etc.In special circumstances, surgery is recommended.She reminded that pregnancy is combined with ovarian cysts. Do not do too much movement throughout pregnancy. The activity should be soft, do not take energy to avoid constipation, because these conditions will increase the risk of cyst twisting or rupture.

Source: Wuhan Evening News

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