Big S was exposed to nine months of pregnancy, and Wang Xiaofei rushed to Taiwan urgently. His three -child money would he go out?

Huang Zijiao’s breaking news caused half of the entertainment to fall. The size S was baked in the fire in this storm.

Although it has been issued a joint statement, I still can’t stop everyone’s mouth. I did not expect that there were not flat waves, and waves of the sisters’ house could not be eaten.

Today, the news about Da S’s pregnancy rushed on the hot search, which made many netizens feel very surprised.

According to Korean media reports, Big S hasn’t appeared publicly for a long time. Now it seems that it is very likely to raise a fetus with peace of mind, and the controversy of the outside world has not been treated too much. It may be afraid of moving the fetal gas.

Big S is so careful, maybe it has been aborted twice, and her body is too weak. After all, if she is 46 years old, she is already an elderly mother if she has childbirth.

South Korean reporters said that their husband and wife still maintain mysterious attitude towards pregnancy. They are not willing to tell the people around them until their children do not have any response before birth.

In the face of pregnant wives, Ge Junzhang took all kinds of care, not only feeding Da S in person, but also when Da S wanted to act, he hugged her directly to his destination.Essence

In fact, as early as before, Xiao S broke the news that Big S couldn’t get out of bed at home in order to show his sister and brother -in -law. It was difficult to take two steps.Urine may now seem to be due to the inconvenience of big S pregnancy.

In December last year, Taiwan media had broke the news that Da S was 3 months pregnant, and it was calculated with the current time.

Big S, who has always paid attention to skin management and body maintenance, took photos with friends before, and even showed a blessing state. The loose skirt couldn’t stop her raised belly, and the whole person was full of pregnancy.

In the first two months, the two couples attended the party with their friends. During the group photo, Da S stood behind Ge Jun’s body and held his neck around his neck.Deliberately put an exaggerated posture, trying to block the stomach for the big S.

However, some netizens questioned the authenticity of pregnancy. They believed that the news was not groundless, and it was most likely that Da S was suspected of getting rid of this drug -related incident.No attack.

This guess is not unreasonable, because the big S drying sight is simply a familiar way. At that time, Xiao S was implicated because of the "Fatman Fragrance Incident". As a spokesperson, she could only apologize publicly.

Even if the big S of her sisters is not useful, the doctor did not look at it, and the doctor did not look at it. With a sentence of confidence in herself, she exposed her pregnancy to reduce the heat for Xiao S.

I don’t know if Wang Xiaofei exposed the drug scandal of drug abuse, or because she was about to come to the pelvis. In the past two days, she flew to Taiwan and wanted to pick up the two children back to Beijing.

After seeing the child with the child, Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Lan also connected in the live broadcast room. Instantly, the number of live broadcast rooms was as high as more than 200,000. It seems that netizens are very concerned about the movement of this family.

Both mother and son were glory, and they looked quite good. When they heard the grandson calling grandma, Zhang Lan couldn’t laugh.

Wang Xiaofei admitted that he was very happy after he arrived in Taiwan and felt very secure after seeing his father.

Netizens broke their hearts for Wang Xiaofei, and told him one after another, don’t drink alcohol and talk, and seize the opportunity to get the custody of the two children.

This time, Da S was exposed to pregnancy, and many netizens also teased: Who spent money to raise children?After all, Wang Xiaofei was "crazy" for the mattress and electricity cost. If he had to pay the fee of a big S third child this time, it was really too much.

Now that Big S is pregnant, it is only a word of Korean media, and true and false can not be distinguished. If you are really pregnant, I hope Big S can give birth to a child smoothly.It is rumored that this is better than her one hundred statements.

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