Big snails appear on the rainy season, remind your children: Never touch

There are many small animals on the road after rainy days in summer.Recently, many friends in Guangdong noticed that the big snails appeared after the rain. Some of them were as big as the palms. Some people would feel very novel.Other people have to take it home and stir -fry.It is necessary to remind here that don’t touch it, and even more edible.

Shenzhen disease control experts remind the public that this snail is called African big snails, and the scientific name is brown cloud agate snail.

In the 1930s, this kind of big snail was used as food introduction, breeding in Taiwan and Fujian in my country, but due to the rapid reproduction and rapid spread in nature, it became one of the first 16 foreign invasive species in my country and was listed as it as it. Harmic creatures in the second category quarantine.

The experiment found that in the mucus or feces of African snails, a large number of parasites and pathogenic bacteria were carried, especially the Guangzhou tube circular nematode.

Guangzhou tube circular width is mainly parasitic on the mouse. The middle hosts include African snails, Fushou snails, Dongfeng snails, etc.

The following are pictures of these pests. Everyone can pay attention, especially remind children not to touch such animals at will.

African snail

Fushou snail

Dongfeng snail

In 2017, a netizen published a Weibo, telling the terrorist experience of parasitic infection caused by accidentally eating Fushou snails during the trip in Yunnan.

According to the description, the netizen ate 4 to 5 "sauce burst field snails" at the hotel and felt strange.

After about a week, my legs were painful, and I couldn’t walk. I went to several hospitals. Blood testing showed bacterial infections.Finally, the diagnosis of intracranial parasites in the hospital is the Guangzhou tube roundworm that we mentioned above.

During the half -year treatment period, she did six waist punctures and pierced nearly 300 bottles of water. Because of the deformation of the body and hormones, she was forced to abandon the baby in the belly.

According to experimental research, after entering the human body through the skin and mouth, the Guangzhou tube roundworm will be parasitic in the central nervous nerve or meninge of the human body, causing meningus and encephalitis, spinal membranes and spinalitis.

So, what if you see these pests on the road?

There are many ways to eliminate them, but it is not recommended to step on or crushed directly, because the juice splash, once it is stained on the clothes or skin, it is also risk of disease infection.

In contrast, salt sprinkle or spray insecticide or water is a more sanitary and safer method of eliminating.

In recent years, many black -hearted vendors have also appeared. They have camouflated into field snails with African snails and Fushou snails, or they are sold as climbing pets to deceive consumers.It is difficult for consumers who lack relevant knowledge to identify the doorway.

It can only be said that this kind of harmful creature, see one to destroy one, can be considered to protect our living environment.

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