Blood examination prompts pregnancy, but the B -ultrasound does not see the fetus?This disease is making a strange!

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Pregnancy is a happy and happy thing, but for Ms. Li (pseudonym), it is like a nightmare.

Recently, Ms. Li’s blood examination, HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin, can effectively determine whether pregnancy occurs), is prompting pregnancy, but the B -ultrasound has not seen embryo, and the later diagnosis is hydatidal, which has to end pregnancy.It is worsened that the HCG will not fall down half a month after the surgery. There is a newly long mixed mass in the B -ultrasonic uterine cavity, extending to the bottom muscle layer at the bottom of the palace, and the blood flow signal is rich.This is not a simple hydatidal, and the ultimate diagnosis is erosive hydatidum!

The Gynecology team of the Third People’s Hospital of Xiaoshan District cooperated closely with Ms. Li, 5 months of treatment, 5 hospitalization, and 7 chemotherapy. Together, she completed the standardized chemotherapy of corrosive hydatidal tires. Ms. Li was hospitalized.


Doctors remind

Sometimes pregnancy is not necessarily "pregnancy", and we must pay attention to examination.If no menstrual discontinuations, vaginal bleeding, lower abdomen pain, pregnancy vomiting, pregnancy hypertension syndrome, etc., pregnancy -related nourishing cell diseases may occur.Pregnancy nourishing cell diseases include benign hydatids and malignant nourishing cell diseases.

What is a hydatidifier?

Portuguese tires are a benign nourishing cell disease. The lesions are characterized by completely limited to the uterus. Water blisters do not invade the muscle wall, and there is no metastasis of other organs.

Entertainment hydatidal is also known as malignant hydatidal, and most of them occur within 6 months after the hydatids are cleared.The lesions of erodic hydatidal have invaded the muscle layer or outer uterine, and edema can affect the vagina, vulva, wide ligament or pelvic cavity.Estally -eroded hydatidians can also be transferred to vagina, lungs, and even brain through blood circulation to form metastatic hydatidum.


Doctors remind

Try to choose pregnancy at the age stage with a better ovarian function. Pay attention to the nutritional status of pregnancy. The age and pregnancy number is an important influencing factors for pregnancy nourishing cell disease (GTD).obviously increase.

Causes the cause of hydatidium?

The exact reason for women who occur in the fertility age are unclear, but the following factors may be related to the occurrence of hydatidites:

Nutritional factors: Some studies have shown that if the food is improperly cooked, the loss of a large amount of protein and vitamin A, and the lack of animal fat in the food in the food, can easily lead to an increase in the incidence of hydatidal tires;

Infectious factors: Some people have separated a "parent virus gene" in the tissue of the hydatari, but the specific pathogenic mechanism is unclear;

Endocrine disorders: The probability of mothers is higher than 35 years of age or lower than 20 years old. The probability of hydrophilic tires is significantly increased. It is generally believed that the occurrence of hydatidal tires is related to ovarian function incomplete or ovarian decline.

Genetic factors: Normal cell genetic tests are 46 chromosomes, of which 23 come from their father and 23 from their mother.However, although mostly 46 chromosomes are 46 chromosomes, they all come from their father and have no parental components. Some sexual tires find 69 chromosomes, of which 46 come from the father and 23 are derived from the mother.

Gene expression variation: Excessive expression of primary cancer genes or cancer -suppressing genetic mutation loss can cause abnormal cell growth and differentiation, and ultimately lead to the formation of hydatidal tires.


Doctors remind

If you are found to be a hydatidifier, you must pay attention to the review after terminating.The HCG index is unusually unavoidable; the high level of HCG continues to fall, or it is necessary to be alert to the occurrence of GTN when it is on the rise.

Why should I review it after the fetal fetus is terminated?

As an abnormal pregnancy, although most patients can be cured by the Qing Palace, about 20%or more patients can further develop a malignant hydatidal or velvet cancer, which seriously threatens patients’ lives.So far, there is no accurate and reliable method of malignant changes in the hydatidal fetus. Therefore, all patients who have gathered tires should be tightly monitored. Once abnormalities occur, they should be treated immediately.


Doctors remind

Do not be anxious after illness. Even corrosive hydatidians can have a high cure rate through standardized diagnosis and treatment.

What are the main treatment methods of hydatidus?Can it be cured?Can I still get pregnant again?

Once the hydatidiform is diagnosed, the palace should be cleared as soon as possible.Portugal patients with high -risk factors need to be prevented of chemotherapy.Estabular hydatidum is mainly chemotherapy, and the choice of treatment plans should be comprehensively considered according to the staging, age, the requirements of fertility, and the economic situation.The treatment effect is also affected by various factors, which can generally cure, but once liver and brain metastasis occurs, the prognosis is poor.

For GTD, it is recommended to strictly contraception during the follow -up period.6 months after hydatidium, HCG has fallen to normal, and can be pregnant 12 months after the ending of corrosive grape tire chemotherapy.It is recommended to go to the gynecological clinic early after pregnancy to clarify whether it is normal.

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