Blowing out the necessary apps for these girls’ mobile phones, giving you a full sense of security

Whenever and wherever, girls need the most sense of security. Today, I recommend a few apps that can give you a lot of security!

1. Meiyou

This is an app that records the menstrual period. With it, the aunt is not afraid of being chaotic.

This app provides menstrual records and prediction functions. According to its aunt cycle, and the number of days of the aunt, it can automatically predict the time and duration of the aunt next month.The date of the aunt is different, and its calculation results will change accordingly, allowing you to master the time to come to the aunt in real time and prepare to fight dysmenorrhea in advance.

In addition, in addition to the physiological period prediction, there are different models in it, such as preparing, pregnancy, parenting and other models. In different modes, it will push different content.Knowledge posts such as recipes, precautions for pregnancy.

There is also a real female community, which shares all aspects and various problems in the inside. You can usually hold a group inside to warm it. In short, this is an app that is very suitable for the little fairy. You can try it.

2. I want to do a plan

This is a very cute -and -concentrated self -discipline app, cartoon interface, the theme style that can be changed, full of girl style, suitable for the little fairy self -discipline.

This software interface is very neat, without advertising, no push, its listing list is very interesting. It is divided into four areas according to the importance of the incident.You can set up reminder time, repeated frequency, and priority, and you can also add details to the incident. If the incident is changing, you can also drag it directly and drag it to other areas to be run. It is very flexible. It is very flexible.Essence

In addition, it also supports focusing on immersive functions. There are 6 white noise in the focus mode to choose from, which are free.

If you like cute self -discipline software, you can download this try.

3. Swing cat house

This is a white noise app that assisted sleep.

There are 40 free white noise in it. The white noise does not support superposition, but the sound quality and type are still very pleasing. The most bright thing is that 12 kittens can accompany you to sleep. After setting the sleep mode, itA 3D kitten will appear in the main interface. The types of cats can be set by themselves. They are all available in pear blossoms, orange cats, and three flowers. In the cat area, you can also interact with cats. You can feed, buy toys, change cats.Nest, although there are not many ways to interact, are quite cute.

In addition, as you have more and more days to sleep on time, the kitten will grow up, just like you who have raised only electronic pets in person.Stay up late, will the kitten grow up quickly, is it very interesting?The favorite little fairy can download and try.

4. One companion marriage

This is a marriage and dating app with many reliable and high -quality wedding objects, suitable for the little fairy who wants to take off.

For girls, it is very important to find a suitable and worthy boy. Marriage events must not be sloppy. This software can escort the girls in a good choice for girls.

This software provides a very strict certification system. It requires real -name authentication and photo authentication dual authentication to use the APP normally. Users and selfies that cannot be matched with selfies cannot enter the software. This can completely screen out those fraud.

In addition, users are high net worth users. There are many boys with houses, cars, high education, and high salaries, and their RVs and educational qualifications can be displayed by platform certification. It is very reliable.

In addition, this group building also provides big data precise push functions. According to your requirements and your personality hobbies, you will push you the boy who is most suitable for you, and let you take a lot of time to focus on love.

In short, if you want to find a good man who can entrust a lifetime, it is definitely right to use this app.

5. Cat ear FM

This is an app that focuses on sound radio dramas. This software is a girl to the software. The content is very suitable for the little fairy.

This app provides a large number of high -quality radio dramas, including pure love, suspense, different spirituality, girls, healing, etc. Many radio dramas are adapted from popular web articles.The recording of the co -interpretation sounds very addictive, which is not much different from the TV drama drama.

In addition, there are many voice actors live broadcasts. Many voice actors’ voices can be pregnant after listening to their ears. It is a good choice when it is used to help sleep or boring.

Little fairy who likes sweet love dramas and too lazy to watch novels can download this software.

The above is all the apps recommended today. If you like it, you can download a few models ~!

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