Bone emotional changes during pregnancy

The weight of the bone load body allows us to move freely. It is also a storage library of calcium and phosphorus in the body, playing an important role throughout pregnancy.Pregnant women’s abdomen will inevitably have backache, limbs and trunk pain, but some conditions cannot be ignored. It may be alarm signal issued by skeletal muscle system lesions.

At 4 months of pregnancy, my abdomen became heavy, and I slept on the left side for a long time, and I felt uncomfortable.Since 6 months of pregnancy, I have back pain, and the degree of degree and pregnancy have increased.Especially when I was sleeping at night, my back could not be straightened.When walking, sneezing, and solving the urine, the pain is even more severe.Even sitting on a thick cushion, leaning on the sofa, holding the heavy vertical abdomen from the bottom with both hands, the waist is easier.After two months, the hips, thighs and knees also began to sore.Relatives and friends said that pregnant women’s back pain is normal, so I didn’t pay much attention.

During the confinement, the discomfort during pregnancy not only reduced, but gradually intensified.It was so painful that the right foot was unable to lift, and it was dragging on a long and short foot. It took more than ten minutes to go to the toilet at home.Forced to be helpless, I came to the hospital.

The doctor said: "The weight of the fetus in the abdomen during pregnancy continues to increase, and the muscles on both sides of the back and back muscles must bear more weight. In addition, the relationship between hormones is obviously felt.Pregnant women will have this physiological reaction. In the past, it was considered that this was an inevitable pain during pregnancy. After production, it would naturally improve over time. However, in a few cases, this is not the case."

The result of my diagnosis was ischemic necrosis of the pregnancy femoral head, which scared the whole family.

"This is the phenomenon of osteoblast death due to insufficient blood supply to the finger tissue. The cause of the onset of pregnant women is unknown. Related research literature points out that it may be related to the increase in the concentration of estrogen and lutein, and the increase in the concentration of steroids in the maternal blood in the late pregnancy.In the past, medical reports were older for the first time, and the weight gain during pregnancy was too much. Oral or injection of ovulation medicines may be related. "The doctor explained.

"Bone is necrotic, is it just like the bone is broken, and it will be disabled in the future?" I asked anxiously.

"Indeed, there is a possibility of disability, but this disease is also very important. Different cases are treated differently. For you, you can use a decompression surgery of the head of the femoral head to eliminate pain and make the necrotic tissue regenerate without disability. Pain after surgery.It is difficult to fall asleep, and walking smoothly and normal. However, some severe patients need to replace the bones that are completely necrotic by replacing artificial joints. "

I am an accountant, and I deal with a computer 6 hours a day at work.

On the morning of 7 months of pregnancy, I felt a little stiff with my right -hand fingers when I woke up. I thought it was overwhelming and didn’t pay much attention.Later, the hands were tingling and sour, and the swollen was not tight.My husband said that I reached out of the quilt at night and frozen.Some colleagues saw my swollen hands and asked me if I was too hard to do housework.I said, "No! Usually housework is worked by my mother, and I have not mentioned heavy objects in the company."

Because the mouse was used continuously, I clicked N times a day to make my hand gradually stop listening, and even the backhand wearing underwear was tortured.Not only can you not do the fine work such as needle and lead, and you can’t do things. It is common for falling a plate to smash a bowl.I’m afraid I can’t hold him after giving birth to a baby.

The doctor said that there is no history of trauma, it is a "wrist tunnel syndrome", commonly known as "mouse hand".I wondered: "What exactly is the veil tunnel syndrome?"

The doctor pointed at the score of the anatomy of the hand. "Everyone’s wrist has a narrow bone passage called the wrist tunnel. It is like an arched bridge, with 9 riffing tendons from the forearm and a middle nerve in the middle.Pass, lead to five fingers. Any reasons cause the internal pressure of the wrist tubes, such as exogenous compression, smaller lumen itself, and increased content of the cavity.It spreads from the hands like a spark like a spark.

"Type and move the mouse on the keyboard, bend the back of the wrist and bend down, so that the blood vessels that supply the wrist and the blood supply to the fingers are in a state of pressure. The long -term work is endless.The method of debt collection is -sickness and strike.

"This disease usually occurs in the working family who are too close to the computer, such as computer programmers, accounting, editing, and reporters. But it will also appear on people without computers, especially among pregnant women."

"Ah, why?"

"This is directly related to the physiological changes of expectant mothers. Due to the increase in hormone in the body after pregnancy, especially estrogen, it is easy to cause sodium water to stay and cause edema at the wrist.To be crowded, the median nerve restricted in the folder is compressed.

"Most of the patients are younger, with an average age of about 30 years. Generally, these symptoms occur in both hands, and they may occur at any time during pregnancy, but it is more likely to occur or aggravate in the second half of pregnancy because the pregnant woman at this time is at this time.More and more liquid began to stay in the body.

"It will be troublesome if it is not treated in time, because if the middle nerve is pressed for too long, it is difficult to return to normal, and there will be uncomfortable symptoms such as paralysis if the medical treatment is good."

"Am I dragged too long?" I frowned.

"Don’t worry too much about nervousness. Plattic tunnel syndrome is generally not serious. You can wait for the baby to see it. If the baby is still troubled after a few months of birth, you must tell the doctor during postpartum examination."

"I am so painful now, is there any way to relieve it?"

"Diet is light and less salt, and eating foods rich in vitamin B can help nutritional nerves. Specific mothers should reduce the time of using the computer.In hours of a computer, do your hand massage, such as holding the wrist of the other hand with one hand and rotating the circle. Use hot towels or soak your hands in warm water for more than ten minutes to reduce local stimuli and pain.It is best to put your hand on the pillow when you sleep, so that the blood is better. "

I live in remote and poor mountainous areas and have miscarriage twice, because of unknown reasons.At the moment when I was pregnant again, my husband and I were excited and nervous.I finally spent the most dangerous three months, but I often dizzy, my limbs weakness, lumbar pain, and sometimes even calf cramps.What’s even more strange is that after pregnancy, I actually became short.Due to the long distance from the hospital, I went to the hospital for the first birth check -in at 5 months of pregnancy, and found that the pelvis tilted deformation.

The doctor said: "You have cartilage disease, which is a result of serious lack of vitamin D and calcium. Early manifestations are backache and leg pain, worsening during activity, osteoporosis for a long time, and long -term treatment will cause spine to bend and have short bodies.Even the pelvis deformation and difficulty in childbirth. Women must measure height during pregnancy. If the height drops 3 cm, it will cause attention and go to the hospital for treatment in time. "

"Why happen to this disease?" The husband standing aside asked my hand.

"Women with multiple pregnancy, multiple delivery and weak constitutions are susceptible to this disease. A few cases are caused by renal tubular lesions or enzyme defects, liver disease, and anticonic drugs.

"Because the amount of calcium during pregnancy increases, it is necessary to store 50 grams of calcium, of which 25-30 grams is required for the growth and development of the fetus. When the calcium intake in the diet is insufficient, the fetus still takes the calcium required for growth and development from the mother, which is easyCauses calcium deficiency in pregnant women, induced calf cramps, numbness of lower limbs, loose teeth, back pain, etc., and also increases the incidence of cartilage disease and hypertension. Calcium deficiency in pregnant women is not only unfavorable to their own health, but also harmful to the fetus in the abdomen.Affects the development of fetal bones, leading to delay in the development of the fetus, and severe cases of congenital osteotomy. "

Hearing such serious consequences, I was sweating in anxiety, "What should I do?"

"Calcium supplementation is a amulet for expectant mothers to protect themselves and fetuses. Make more dairy products, soy products, kelp, shrimp skin, fish, etc., and often take more comfortable movements such as walking., Help the absorption and use of calcium. Improve diet, supplement vitamin D and calcium to cure, but the formation of skeletal malformations cannot be restored. According to your pelvic measurement data, it is recommended to choose a cesarean section during production.

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