Both pregnancy and confinement must be fat, and you should pay more attention to 3 details for your baby

From pregnancy to confinement, to breastfeeding, what do a woman go through?

If you are summarized in a word, it may be: "eat".Some expectant mothers will answer, "How painful."

In fact, it ’s not. It’ s really delicious and delicious. What do you want to eat and what to eat?

The young mothers are anxious again, too fat, it is the limit of a person tolerance.Moms are afraid of being fat, and they are afraid that their children are not good. Is it difficult to do both?

The more you don’t want to eat, you have to eat more.Specific mothers can remind you what should not be eaten and what should be eaten according to this standard.The more you like to eat, you may not have a good impact on the fetus. For example, there are some hot and sour braised vegetables, which are very appetizing. Specific mothers may like to eat like such foods.

There was a friend who was afraid of being fat and not eating big fish.I ate 3 bottles of old godmother during pregnancy. Because I ca n’t eat meals, I eat white rice+old godmother bibimbap. The bowl is red and it tastes refreshing, but the weight is directly known.

When the friend passed through the fruit stall, those enthusiastic bosses shouted loudly and asked her to buy a few durians to eat.What is the characteristic of this friend?I do n’t like to drink water and do n’t like to drink water. The family scolded her once.

This was a very heavy blow, and she killed the child when she was angry.

So what to eat is still very particular, don’t perfunctory things, and emotional management is also a very important self -cultivation process.

I can’t control my mouth, I can’t control my emotions. For mothers, it may be more difficult to get pregnant in October.

You can’t eat pepper in confinement, and confinement is the second development of a woman.So from the beginning, I have to quit my favorite, but I can’t condon my mouth.

I ca n’t get up to confinement, I have suffering in the future.If you have a confinement, you can become a superior.

The confinement is handed over, and it is also the big fish and meat, but there is no pepper and flavor. It should be eaten lightly and drinks nutrition.After the mothers survived the pregnancy, they started to confine for 30 days?In fact, it is best to take a confinement for 42 days. The longer this time, the better, so that the mothers can better recover.

A neighbor said that she was 32 pounds of gaining weight during pregnancy. This was the least tolerant of her, so she started to lose weight when she confineed. At a glance, everyone who sees it.Another appearance.

After confinement, mothers began to prepare to step out of the rivers and lakes and reorganize their careers.So thin is their most desire.

But this has a great impact on the child. The thinner the mother, the less milk the child is.It is best to wait until you quit breast milk.Anyway, all the sacrifices are for children. If the child is not raised, it is useless to make money.

How long can the breastfeeding period be?Is there a standard answer?

Go back to work?Half -year holiday.This can be left according to the holiday. If you are going to work, you must immediately quit breast milk. This is understandable and you can start to quit.

If you do n’t go to work, it is recommended to let your child eat for 1 year. If you do n’t have milk, you must continue to feed to 1 year. After all, the advantage of breast milk is that milk powder cannot be compared: safe, convenient, and nutritional.

In a deep mountain of old forests, a young mother lived. Once she came to bring a baby to take a prevention needle. She asked, "Can breast milk be used today?"

The doctor was dumbfounded, and her child was 5 years old.

Some mothers are afraid of fat, because they need to drink a lot of soup because they need lactation, and the soup can make people gain weight, so she quit breast milk early.The 5 -year -old did not quit breast milk. It was not good or bad.

From pregnancy to confinement to breastfeeding, the mother is afraid of fat, and the baby will lose weight.In short, the relationship between "eating, feeding and gaining weight" needs to be taken.Some fans left a message to me: I saw it when I saw it.(If you like it, please pay attention.)

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