Bozhou color tiger and white Yuling: Occupied the female waiter to get pregnant, and was jointly reported by the lady of the bath.

At the beginning of 2009, at the door of the Public Prosecutor’s Law of Bozhou City, a lot of reports were posted.These big posters are the same -Bai Yuling.

This incident quickly spread out. In this regard, many people kept their mouths closed because Bai Yuling was not someone else, but the deputy director of the Luzhou Public Security Bureau.Not only are the positions high, but also the locals are extremely wide.

However, it is expected that although the big posters were posted, the investigation of Bai Yuling was not available.Because this is not the first time that Bai Yuling has "confronts" the disciplinary inspection department.

As early as 2008, Bai Yuling was invited to drink tea for bribery. As a result, Bai Yuling was safe and sound.Bai Yuling thought that he couldn’t find himself in the "Second Entry Palace", and he could escape a robbery. Unexpectedly, one year later, Bai Yuling still stood on the trial seat.

When the superiors decided to arrest Bai Yuling, not only took away the person of Bai Yuling, but also found a lot of drug assistance from Bai Yuling’s office.

How can Bai Yuling be resistant, and why can two disciplinary inquiries spend it peacefully?In the end, why was Bai Yuling sent to a trial?

The reason why Bai Yuling is afraid is because Bai Yuling’s official living in the deputy director of the Luzhou Public Security Bureau of Bai Yuling all said that "county officials are not as good as current management". Bai Yuling has worked in Luzhou for many years. Therefore, Bai Yuling cannot be underestimated in the local prestige and connections.

In addition to the high position, Bai Yuling is also a person who likes to "study". However, the point of studying Bai Yuling is not how to optimize his work, but how to use his own position to seek benefits for himself.

With more and more rights in hand, the colorful nature of Bai Yuling has also been inspired.In order to successfully win all kinds of beautiful women, Bai Yuling also moved a lot of crooked brains.

At that time, Bai Yuling discovered that local hotels and bathtime entertainment venues all provided "special services".As a result, after Bai Yuling became the deputy director of the Bozhou Public Security Bureau, the most popular thing to do is to take the subordinates to attack various entertainment venues.

Of course, the reason why Bai Yuling raids these entertainment venues is not to catch people, but to force the person in charge of these venues to "confess" themselves.

Once, Bai Yuling took his subordinates to a hotel at an assault inspection. Two "ladies" were arrested on the spot. When they saw this scene, they should have been taken away by suspected obscene transactions.

As a result, when the subordinates took out handcuffs, Bai Yuling told his subordinates: put them all, just punish them according to the crime of law and order!

The reason why Bai Yuling did this was because the person in charge of the field promised Bai Yuling’s two benefits. The first was that it was stuffed to Bai Yuling 30,000 yuan. Please ask Bai Yuling to put himself a horse.The second is to invite Bai Yuling to sit sitting often, and then arrange beautiful women to accompany them.

Bai Yuling, who got the money, immediately changed his tone, and finally took out 10,000 yuan to hand in the team to settle the matter. The remaining 20,000 yuan was stuffed into his own pocket.

You should know that in the early 21st century, the per capita income was less than 1,000 yuan. With the salary of the dead salary, Bai Yuling, when you saw a word, you could reach 20,000 yuan. Naturally, it was happy.

Since then, Bai Yuling has also become a frequent visitor to this hotel. As long as he has time, he will go to the hotel to recreate, and even accept the various beauties arranged by the hotel’s person in charge.

It is the indulgence of these people that the lustful heart of Bai Yuling is completely inspired.It even did a lot of bad things to take.

Since the lustful heart is inspired, Bai Yuling has done a lot of ridiculous things.Not only did all the eyes be shifted to the pornography, but also the idea of sleeping all the women who wanted to see them.

As a result, Bai Yuling had a chance to go to various entertainment venues to scan the yellow. The person in charge of these places knew the identity of Bai Yuling and knew that he could not offend Bai Yuling, so he could only give Bai Yuling a gift.

After getting the benefits, Bai Yuling still checked, but the convicted crime was no longer organized prostitution, but became a crime of law and order.In this regard, those bosses also have suffering.

Although the charges were changed, Bai Yuling was still dissatisfied, and they would go to these entertainment venues. Each responsible person in charge of these ladies can only arrange for the female companion to accompany and give gifts to Bai Yuling.

Some song and dance halls are slightly negligent in Bai Yuling’s faction, and Bai Yuling will come to the door many times to find things. It will not allow the other party to open the door to do business.

Even in order to please Bai Yuling, a local bath directly sent two fixed room cards to Bai Yuling, inviting Bai Yuling to come to the bath free pastime as long as you have time.

For the upperway of the bath, Bai Yuling is very satisfied, so Bai Yuling, who is smoky, will go to the bath to entertain. In order to satisfy Bai Yuling, every time Bai Yuling comes, a group of ladies will be arranged to Bai Yuling.Room.

Bai Yuling is like a review officer. After a circle of inspections, you will have to spend the night with you.Especially every time the bath was new, Bai Yuling was invited to the first time, and then took a group of ladies to the private room for a chic.

In 2005, Bai Yuling went to a bathing center to recreate. When he walked to the door, he was attracted by the female cashier in the counter.The owner of the bath center did not dare to offend Bai Yuling. When he saw Bai Yuling, he saw the female cashier, and made his own claim directly. The other party was stuffed into the room of Bai Yuling.

At that time, the female cashier was drunk by the boss, but after waking up, she found that she was raped by Bai Yuling.At that time, the first reaction of the cashier was alarming.

Who knows that Bai Yuling said in a hurry: I am the police, and all the evidence is in my hands. I pinch you like a ant.

Under the intimidation of Bai Yuling, the female cashier knew that she was not an opponent, so they could only consider themselves unlucky.Who knows that this kind of thing is for the first time.

The cashier who had been raped twice was not expected that the rape was just a frontist, and the nightmare was still behind.It didn’t take long for the female cashier to find pregnancy. Due to physical reasons, major bleeding occurred during surgery.

It feels that the female cashier without the meaning of life, and even had a concept of light, and finally chose the suicide female waiter, because the spine injury could only go to bed and destroy themselves.

Seeing that she was like this, the female cashier decided to sue Bai Yuling, worried that the matter would expose Bai Yuling, who was afraid of prison, and directly dumped 60,000 yuan to the person in charge of the bath, so that the other party settled the matter.

It didn’t take long for the female cashier to do it.

Bai Yuling, which is more brave, still goes to various entertainment venues to search for money.

In 2008, in a hotel in Bozhou, four foreign businessmen were playing cards. As a result, there was no warning. The door was opened by a group of big men in uniforms.

Because there was no response, the four were taken aback. The first reaction was to plan to hide money.And this move naturally entered the eyes of Bai Yuling, which came to investigate.

As a result, Bai Yuling immediately asked his subordinates to catch the private person and settled the name of gathering gambling.Seeing that Bai Yuling was about to come true, one of the foreign companies was naturally unwilling to go to the police station to drink tea, so because of the hint of Bai Yuling: we are the guests specially invited by the mayor.

I thought that Bai Yuling would sell myself with interest. Who knew that Bai Yuling not only didn’t care, but seemed to say it upright: You said you are invited to invite, who I care about you, here is here.That’s the final say.

After speaking, he would take away the four people away without giving the four people. Then, Bai Yuling directly ordered the subordinates to put away all the 100,000 yuan of the four people and send them to their own office.

After returning to the office, looking at the neat 100,000 yuan, Bai Yuling never thought about it at all, and it was stuffed into his pocket.Real iron plate.

Bai Yuling, who was unable to live, did not expect that the four foreign businessmen were soon released. After coming out, they learned that their money was swallowed by Bai Yuling. Four people who were angry simply found someone to do Bai Yuling.

In 2009, Bai Yuling, who was arrogant for decades, was withdrawn by superiors.In this regard, Bai Yuling also performed very arrogantly, and even shouted loudly, so he couldn’t catch himself.

However, Bai Yuling didn’t know that the reason why the four foreign businessmen could pull Bai Yuling down was completely because Bai Yuling couldn’t stand the investigation at all. Shortly before the four foreign businessmen were arrested, Bai Yuling was also posted by a poster, andTwo times were invited to drink tea by the disciplinary inspection department.

Why can Manager Bai Yuling "ask tea" twice?

I have to say that although Bai Yuling is arrogant outside, there is no less connection at all.

In the second half of 2008, the disciplinary inspection department suddenly decided to investigate the Armed Police Department. When facing the investigation for the first time, Bai Yuling just settled the female cashier at the time, worried that the matter was exposed.

So before hearing the wind, he took the initiative to hand over the 300,000 income of his bribery, because at that time Bai Yuling had no other stains, so the organization decided to give Bai Yuling a chance to put a horse in Bai Yuling.

The second "invited to drink tea" is precisely because of the big posters at the door of the procuratorial organs.Bai Yuling usually has a special habit of playing women, that is, it is very ruthless, and I like to see the painful expressions of these "ladies".

Once, a "lady" named Bai Yuling could not stand the special habit of Bai Yuling, so she tried to resist. As a result, Bai Yuling regarded this as fun.You can jump down from the second floor and break a leg.

After this incident, the other younger sisters in the bathroom were also deeply harmed by Bai Yuling, and it was unbearable. It was filled with big posters at the door of the procuratorate.

Because the impact was very bad, Bai Yuling was invited to drink tea again, but this time, Bai Yuling was deployed in advance. So, please go to drink tea, and Bai Yuling was released.It is it.

However, Bai Yuling, who was lucky, never thought about the low -key, and did not expect that he had escaped twice, but he was planted on a group of ladies’ joint reports because he was greedy.

What Bai Yuling doesn’t know is that this time he was arrested, no one spoke for himself, and waiting for himself would be the most fair and fair trial.

In July 2009, the preliminary survey of Bai Yuling showed that Bai Yuling was suspected of taking bribes of 1.69 million yuan, more than 130,000 yuan in corruption, and 1.57 million huge amounts of property from 1998, and the source of huge amounts of huge amounts of property could not be explained.

The most amazing thing is that in the 20 -year bribery career, Bai Yuling accepted more than 70 bribes before and after.

In 2010, Bai Yuling was convicted in the first instance.The stolen money and huge amounts of unknown funds will also be recovered and paid to the state treasury.

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