Break up for 43 days, accidental pregnancy, twins, what should I do

I am 29 years old today. I am a partner of an educational institution and a substitute teacher.Occasionally, I met a boyfriend who was three years older than me. He had a decent job and looked loyal and honest. We were all single. At the age of considering marriage, we determined the relationship of love after a serious communication.

I am a very serious person. Since I plan to go backwards, I plan to plan the future.We made an appointment, worked hard, and took a year to determine the house, and then got married and had children.

We live all the lives that couples should have.He took me to see friends and parents, and all the development seemed to be water.Until one day, on the day of my birthday, he chose a romantic restaurant for me to celebrate his birthday. He also had his best friend together. He prepared a big bunch of roses for me.Just as he put on a birthday hat for me, a woman suddenly appeared, walking to him, pointing at me, asking who I was, and yelling at me, I am his wife!Surprised, wrong, shame, no one could understand my state at the time. What they said at the time, what happened, and a blank, until his friend pulled me out, only to know that he was trembling and walking on the street.The taxi who was sitting couldn’t speak.His friend sent me to my girlfriend, and the moment he saw his sister, he finally slowed down and cried loudly …

Whether I want to admit it or not, I have become a primary three. The education I receive, as an intellectual, the dignity of the teacher, and the most basic literacy of an adult, which is enough to make me ashamed.

Later, he explained to me through a friend saying that his previous marriage name was survived. They were going through the divorce procedures and said that their feelings for me were real, and even let his sister speak for him.During that time, love and hate made me feel embarrassed.

In the end, I can only choose to break up.

During the winter vacation, the child had a long holiday. I wanted to take advantage of this period of time. I did not expect to catch up with such a serious epidemic in the country. I could only rest at home. I suddenly had a fever a few days ago. I went to the hospital for examination.Several pregnant women and doctors in the B -ultrasound room all expressed their blessings. Only my tears couldn’t help it. The doctor joked that when others encountered such good things, they laughed. I haven’t seen you like this, and I have been crying.

From the B -ultrasound room, hiding in the bathroom of the hospital, sobbing desperately, for the two small lives that have already germinated.

When I saw the checklist, I couldn’t help crying. God has no right to deprive the life given by God, but if you choose to stay, what kind of fate is, and how to go in the future?

One side is rational and emotional, what should I do?

(Self -report from netizens, help)

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