Breastfeeding is a lot to pay attention to novice mothers, come here soon

For many Baoma, just after giving birth to a baby will face many problems, and they will enter a lot of misunderstandings when taking care of the baby.

Yesterday, the Shenyang Evening News and Shenbao reporters learned from Dr. Yao Fan, a mammary surgery at the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University that Ms. Wang, 30 years old, caused mastitis due to improper feeding methods becauseBusy to take care of children ignore treatment, which leads to mastitis develop into mammary abscesses, and finally recovers health after surgery.

What are the common mastitis?How is it formed?What are the preventive methods of mastitis?On this issue, the reporter interviewed Dr. Yao Fan.

Improper feeding methods cause mammitis

Ms. Wang has no breast problems from pregnancy to production. After the baby was born in August 2020, she took breastfeeding.

Ms. Wang introduced: "I found a strange problem when I feed my baby. The baby only eats the milk on my right breast. Later, I discovered that my left nipples were infected, so breastfeeding difficulties appeared., Think that the baby’s milk is enough. "

"One day, after a few steps I chased the bus, I felt the left breast was so painful that I thought of going to the hospital for treatment." Ms. Wang said.

Yao Fan told reporters that after inspection, Ms. Wang had a lump in the breast on the left breast. It was unlikely that the possibility of breast cancer was judged by the medical history and examination, but it had reached the level of surgery.

Yao Fan said that some wrong feeding methods and postures may cause mastitis. Ms. Wang’s disease may be caused by insufficient feeding experience. This disease is very common after giving birth.When Ms. Wang breastfeed her child, the child’s sucking may cause the nipple skin damage and cause bacterial retrograde infection.In addition, combined with milk stasis is also an important cause of mastitis, and it often appears on female patients with dysplasia and nipples.Bacterial retrograde infections and milk stasis can cause further development of mastitis into mammal abscess.

Analyze the two categories of clinical mastitis

Yao Fan said: "There are more women suffering from mastitis in clinical practice, mainly divided into two categories, caused by bacteria and non -bacteria."

There are two types of bacteria: one is mastitis during breastfeeding.For this part of the patient, to protect the nipples, pay attention to hygiene after the child feeds, and clean up in time. You can use warm water to clean it to keep the skin dry and avoid bacteria. At the same time, pay attention to dredging the milk.The bacteria that are infected with retrograde infections have no soil in the breast, so that they can basically prevent the occurrence of breast abscess and mastitis.

The second is that it occurs during non -lactation. The manifestation of these patients is red and swollen on the areola parts or near the nipples, which is related to the dysplasia of the milk ducts and is often accompanied by nipples.The bacteria or dirty secretions caused by the nipples will accumulate around the nipples, and it can cause mastitis after retrograde infection.In terms of treatment, patients with anti -inflammatory, nipple development or abnormal breast duct development can consider surgery for correction.

There is also a major category of mastitis caused by non -bacterial infection. It often appears in non -lactation. Patients with this type of mastitis will have huge breast lumps within a few days of the disease. At the same timeAccompanied by erythema in the legs or other parts.For such patients, hormones and Chinese medicine are mainly treated. The treatment process is difficult and patients need to be patient.

There are these ways to control mastitis

Yao Fan summarized some method of prevention and treatment of mastitis.

1. Mom, Mom should keep the breast clean and comfortable

When giving the baby’s first breastfeeding, Baoma needs to clean the nipple and areola parts, and proper local massage can not only help the breast ducts smooth, but also help the breastfeeding process smoothly.

But cleaning the nipple is by no means only this time. After that, you need to clean it every time you breastfeed, and the underwear should be replaced frequently to avoid bacterial infection nipples, which causes mastitis.At the same time, Baoma also tried not to wear bracards with steel brackets, so as not to squeeze the steel tray to the breast, causing local milk accumulation.

2. Control of each stage of breastfeeding

Do not make prolactin prematurely, because the baby’s food is very small within a week, and the existing milk of Baoma is enough to feed.

Remember when you breastfeed: To let your baby suck one side and then change to the other side, this will effectively reduce the possibility of milk stasis.If the baby does not absorb milk, Baoma can use a breast pump to suck the remaining milk.

Many Baoma will immediately put on the breasts and not clean up after breastfeeding. In fact, this approach can easily lead to the occurrence of the disease.

3. Learn the correct breastfeeding method

When breastfeeding, let the baby hold the nipples and the entire areola. Do not let the baby fall asleep with the nipples, so as not to suck the baby too hard to break the nipples, which will cause bacterial invasion.

Shenyang Evening News, Shen Bao all media director reporter Wu Qiang

Author: Wu Qiang

Source: Shenyang Evening News

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