Brother and daughter -in -law are not pregnant?Chen Meng’s pregnant photo responded, Zhu Xiaowei kneeling on one knee and kissing the fetus

Chen Meng, the daughter -in -law of his coat, has recently become the focus of attention of many netizens. First of all, he was married, and then he was doubted that Chen Ya was suspected. Many people were skeptical of her.My heart is more than Chen Yaman.

Previously, when Chen Ya and Zhu Xiaowei were together, Xiaowei had "no", but after that, Chen Meng and Zhu Xiaowei announced their joy and showed a B -ultrasound, which caused a lot of sensation.

Chen Meng is a ruthless role. Not only did he face Chen Yanan, he also announced his status in the old Zhu’s family.

Seeing that the daughter -in -law’s belly was so angry, the brother of his father did not dare to neglect, and he loved him, and he could satisfy all of them.

I thought that the incident had reached this point. When the life of the old Zhu family finally was quiet, some insiders stood up to speak, destroying the beauty in front of me.

This person claims to be the agent of a coat brother. During the live broadcast, he responded to a few topics that everyone was more interested in. He admitted that Chen Meng was not pregnant at all, let alone twins.

Everyone was surprised that it was obviously taking a pregnancy list on the social platform earlier. Why not do it now?And the coat brother hates the people who are wrong. If Chen Meng is really deceiving, isn’t it afraid that the old Zhu family will turn his face?

It is worth mentioning that this Zhang Chengjun has always spoken for Zhu Zhiwen and has never cheated, including the divorce of Zhu Xiaowei, and he released the first time.

If this is the case, there are too many daughter -in -law’s daughter -in -law, it is the second Chen Yaman.

Just as everyone talked about it, some people broke the news, claiming that Zhu Xiaowei’s second marriage was about to be finished. Because of the relationship between the Zhu family, the Chen Meng family was controversial and could not live normally. And Zhu Xiaowei’s mother -in -law suspected that Zhu Xiaowei was unable to bear.Daughter finds a more suitable man.

I thought that the two families were unreasonably twisted into a rope. I did not expect that she was in this look. Chen Meng was too. The recent photos she exposed showed that she was less than 100 pounds. Can this situation be pregnant?

It is estimated that Chen Meng’s mother had a plan long ago, and she would definitely tell her daughter not to marry and get pregnant, otherwise she regretted himself.

This news is really difficult to distinguish. For the time being, we put it aside, and then netizens showed another photo. Brother Zhu was really not optimistic. The naked eye can be seen. Is it true that everyone’s speculation is true?

In the photos taken by the people in the same village, Zhu Zhiwen was wearing simple clothes, full of sadness, and seemed to have thoughts, which was very different from that he learned of Chen Meng when he was pregnant.

Is pregnancy true or false?The parties have not responded.

Subsequently, an account called "Mengmeng Record Life" sent a pregnancy photo, and left a message "I have loved baby, accompany you to old", it seems that I will take this opportunity to break the news of pregnancy.

The photos are black and white, only about outline. The male owner inside is very similar to Zhu Xiaowei. The pregnant woman is a bit similar to Chen Meng, but it is hard to say whether it is himself.

Many netizens leave a message: This is not Chen Meng’s account at all, but fake.

The author has rolled the general content. Most of the contents of this account are about Zhu Zhiwen, and some old videos of Chen Yaman.

Is it impossible for Chen Meng to post videos of father and husband’s ex -wife on his social account. Is it impossible?Therefore, the authenticity of this photo is too low, which is simply a malicious speculation of netizens with bad intentions.

As for many media reports, "Chen Mengli’s clear pregnancy photos" are exactly nothing, they do not know who the account is.

Subsequently, Zhu Xiaowei updated a video without saying anything, but simply reminded everyone to pay attention to keep warm.

Although he was spit out by netizens as a man who was not capable, Zhu Xiaowei was also a honest man, but he did not have much social experience. He was protected by his father all year round, like a child who has not grown up.

The author believes that no matter whether "pregnancy and fraud" are true or false, Zhu Xiaowei should wake up.Who is worse than yourself, not to mention that you are a man, and you are responsible for your shoulders. It is the hope of the old Zhu family.

I do n’t know if everyone noticed. Most of the mainstream media commented on him, “do n’t do business”, “delicious and lazy”, “mud can not help the wall”, and hoped that Xiaowei could face this problem.After all, a man like you is not pleased, and it will not be liked by women.

I have experienced a divorce once, and I am well known. This time I hope that Xiaowei can keep it and live with Chen Meng. Don’t let everyone see a joke.

As for what the truth of the matter is, it is unknown to the people who eat melon. The Internet is changing rapidly, and the parties have not explained. We can only wait for the good voice.

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