Can "popular science" be pregnant?The benefits of catastrophe during pregnancy

There is such a situation in society. Young people like to raise cats, but the elders often disagree and always refuse to raise cats too dirty and messy.Although there will be "true incense" in the future, the contradiction between the cat and the family before raising cats is quite torment.

Many people think that when they get married and do not live with their parents, they must raise a cat.But the fact is that after getting married, the cat is raised, but when the girl is pregnant, it will persecute you to send the cat away.

Why don’t the old man keep cats during pregnancy?Naturally, I worry that the germs and parasites on the cat will affect the health of the fetus.

So can we raise cats during pregnancy?There is no doubt, of course, it can be raised and has a lot of benefits. What are the benefits?Please continue to look down patiently.

Speaking of Academician Zhong Nanshan, I believe few people don’t know, right?Academician Zhong Nanshan once said that pregnant women can reduce the chance of suffering from asthma with asthma.

As an authoritative expert in the domestic respiratory department, Academician Zhong Nanshan has led the team to conduct a survey. The results show that the chances of respiratory diseases such as asthma in urban children are now on the trend.Parents are advised to raise pets at home to help children adapt to allergens.

Nowadays, most children are only children, and their children’s childhood will be relatively lonely. If a cat is accompanied, it can make the child’s mentality more healthy, and at the same time become more caring, which is conducive to shaping the child’s character.

After speaking of so many cats, some people may ask, isn’t cat the ultimate host of a hormone?

When it comes to arch -shaped worms, CCTV news has come out of rumors. Cats are the ultimate host of the bowworm, but the cat’s life will only be excreted once in the stool with the bowworm eggs once.

If you want to be infected with Toxoplasma, you need to do this: First of all, you need to have a cat infected with a bowworm (most of the pet cats that can not be kept out of the house will not be infected), because it will only be discharged once in a lifetime with a bow -shaped hormone eggs once in a lifetimeThe feces, so you have to touch the stool after each bowel movement.(The cat’s life can be as long as 17 years, so you have to persist for 17 years.)

Fresh feces are not good, and it must be placed in the house for more than two days.If you do the above points, you still need to wash your hands and eat it to ensure that the bowworm eggs enter your body.

How about it, it is already difficult to deliberately infected. If you want to be infected inadvertently, it is even more difficult.

Of course, if you are really worried, you can also send the cat temporarily, but do not discard it.

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