Can "ugly" breasts recover after pregnancy?

Why do these changes occur in the chest during pregnancy?How to protect your breasts and return to "initial"?Let’s talk to you today ~

1. "Postpartum breast shrinking and drooping"

@: When the chest becomes bigger during pregnancy, I am still happy, but it will shrink after giving birth to baby!There is still a little drooping, like a naked balloon …

During pregnancy, the secretion of estrogen has increased the breast duct, so the chest will become larger in the early stages of pregnancy.

As postpartum hormone levels return to pregnancy, it will slowly change back to the original, and because the skin tissue around the chest is stretched and the elasticity of the breast suspension is reduced, the shrinking back will sag.

In fact, older age, excessive weight loss, multiple pregnancy and children, as well as bad living habits (inappropriate bras, smoking, obesity), and attractiveness of the ground will make the breast drooping, no matter whether it is feeding or not.

2. "The areola becomes black and the nipples are bigger"

@:: The areola becomes black at the beginning of pregnancy, then the nipple becomes larger, and the small bumps grow. Watch the "bleaching" project in the beauty salon, hesitating to go.

Eternism has too much pigmented pigment and deepen the isola color. For preparation for breastfeeding, the nipples are larger and small "pimples", also called "Moncore Mali’s nodule".

These changes during pregnancy and postpartum lactation are normal. With the childbirth or weaning, the small bumps will slowly decrease and the areolas will fade.

If you want to remind you, do n’t believe in the publicity of those three -free beauty salons and go to the “bleaching” back to the areola color. These products will cause a lot of stimuli for breast skin.

3. "Best on the side of the chest"

@::妈: I found that my chest becomes bigger on one side after breastfeeding. Isn’t this sick?Will it be like this in the future?

Women’s breasts are slightly asymmetric, or the two chest shapes are a little different, both.

But if the postpartum chest is particularly obvious, it may be related to the wrong breastfeeding posture and habit.For example, use it to feed your child on one side.

At this time, to correct your breastfeeding posture, if the breastfeeding is over, it can only strengthen the exercise of unilateral pectoral muscle strength to improve.

How to care for the breast after delivery?

From pregnancy to postpartum, the body hormone changes the breasts. In this process, mothers should pay attention to these points:

1. Master the correct breastfeeding posture

The correct breastfeeding posture can reduce the problems of breast inflammation, nipples, milk blocking, and breasts.

Make your baby more inhalation

Babies can suck more to promote milk secretion and reduce milk blocking. If the baby can’t finish drinking, you can use a breast pump to suck it out to avoid milk accumulation.

Master the correct milk posture

The correct posture of the baby’s milk is to contain nipples and most of them.In addition, remember to feed on both sides to avoid large and small breasts.

PS: If there are already large and small breasts, it is recommended to suck the smaller side. After the difference between the two sides becomes smaller, you can breastfeed both sides.

2. Develop good living habits

The best protection for breasts, from exercise, do not drink and smoke, pay attention to rest, and keep good moods start.

The postpartum mothers will be feeded day and night, and they will encounter problems such as raising milk and blocking milk. They will have an impact on emotions and sleep. Bao Dad should participate in taking care of the baby and let the mother have time to rest.

3. Choose the right underwear

Wearing underwear to support the breasts, reduce the pressure on breast suspension, and play a certain role in supporting and protecting.

Especially during lactation, underwear must be worn, don’t be lazy.

If the underwear has a tight feeling, the cup is pressing the chest and cannot be wrapped in the breast. After taking it off, there is a trace on the body, it means that the underwear needs to be replaced.

4. Regular inspection

After weaning, mothers need a 1-2 years of breast recovery period. During this period, self-examination and regular physical examination should be done.

Self -examination:

Moms can choose when the breasts are not congested and painful during the menstrual cycle during self -examination;

Mainly observe whether the local skin of the breast has different changes such as edema, redness, and depression, as well as changes in nipples, eczema, etc., and whether the nipples have abnormal liquids.


It is recommended to do breast ultrasound examination once a year over 30 years of age;

It is recommended to do a molybdenum target inspection once a year over 40 years of age;

High -risk population is recommended to check once a year.

Everyone has different views on the breast beauty. Some people think that the chest is high -level, and some people like bumps.

Regardless of whether it is flat or black or black, don’t be too anxious, and don’t believe in the breast massage, bleaching and other projects of those three -no -mechanisms, not only useless, but also may cause harm to the breast.Beauty and ugly are the second. Correctly caring for their breasts, health is the most important.

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