Can a baby who is pregnant at night?The man is drunk and the woman is drunk, and the results will be very different!

We all know that you cannot smoke or drink during pregnancy, which will increase the fetal malformation rate.However, some couples may not take contraceptive measures after drinking and accidental pregnancy. So when this happens, can children stay?In other words, unexpectedly pregnant in this case.After drinking, can children stay that night?Mainly it depends on this!This is whether the man is drunk or the woman is drunk!

1. If the man is drunk

Wine contains ethanol. This substance will enter the blood circulation, and then enter the tissue cells of the body, which may hurt the germ cells.When a man drinks alcohol, it may reduce the sperm quality. If you get pregnant unexpectedly in this case, it may cause delay in the fetal palace, and naturally the fetal malformation may occur.

However, the focus of this series of problems caused by sperm is that men have been drinking a large number of alcohol for a long time.This is because sperm from split to maturity takes about 3 months, that is to say, when you are pregnant that night, you will not cause such harm to sperm, and it will not have any impact on the embryo.Therefore, when a man is pregnant that night, it usually does not have any impact on the fetus.From this level, if the couple wants to get pregnant, men need to quit alcohol for more than three months.

2. If the woman is drunk

The eggs are short from generation to maturity, but it takes about a few days in this process.Therefore, if you have a successful conception after drinking, it may also adversely affect the eggs and reduce the quality of the embryo, but this impact is very mild.But in addition to drinking that night, if you also drink a few days ago, or have the habit of drinking, it is easy to reduce the quality of the eggs and increase the malformation rate of the fetus.Therefore, for women, they must quit alcohol when preparing for pregnancy.

If the couple is a child who is pregnant after drinking, but wants to keep the child.Then during pregnancy, you must do various check -up, especially Tang’s screening and discharge examination, which can effectively ensure the development of the fetus.Do you have other questions about this, can you leave a message below.

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