Can a dog drink milk?

Milk is one of the most common drinks in our daily life. It is also one of the drinks that many families like to drink for children and pet dogs.But do you know?Although milk is one of the most favorite drinks, it is not necessarily suitable for all pet dogs.Drinking milk for a long time can cause health problems such as lactose intolerance and diarrhea.So, how should we choose drinks suitable for dogs?

1. Why can’t you give your dog milk?

Many families like to pour the remaining milk into the dog bowl to drink pet dogs. This is a very bad habit.The ingredients of milk are different from the milk of animals such as dog milk and goat milk. The ingredients of milk are low protein, low fat, and high lactose.However, dog milk and goat milk are high protein, high fat, and low lactose. Therefore, if only milk is nurtured, the nutrition of the puppy will be much behind, and even causes health problems.

Another problem is that the dog’s body cannot adapt to lactose in milk like humans.If you do n’t drink milk for a long time, your body will lack the corresponding enzymes and cannot decompose lactose, which will cause discomfort, which is what we call "lactose intolerance".At the same time, if we do n’t drink milk for a long time, and suddenly we want to try it, it may also cause diarrhea.

2. What drinks can dogs drink?

Although milk is not the best choice for dogs, it does not mean that we cannot drink other drinks for dogs.When choosing a pet dog drink, we need to consider the following aspects:

1. Water

Water is one of the most important drinks in our daily life, and it is also one of the most important drinks in pet dogs.Dogs need to consume a lot of water every day to maintain the normal metabolic function of the body.In order to ensure that dogs intake enough water, we need to replace the water in the dog bowl frequently to ensure the cleanliness of water quality.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt is a fermented milk product containing many lactic acid bacteria, which can enhance the digestive function of pet dogs and relieve gastrointestinal discomfort.At the same time, the lactose in yogurt has been fully decomposed. Even if the dog does not have lactase, it will not cause health problems such as diarrhea.However, we need to pay attention to the high amount of sugar in yogurt and not be able to feed too much.

3. Nutrition Shuhua milk

Nutrition Shuhua milk is an animal milk powder with rich nutritional ingredients that can provide dogs with sufficient protein and fat.For malnutrition dogs, nutritional milk is a very good choice.However, because it contains a large amount of lactose, it is not suitable for long -term consumption.

4. fruit juice

Vitamin, minerals and other nutrients in fruits also have an important role in dogs.In the daily diet of dogs, we can also add an appropriate amount of juice to provide them with rich nutrition.However, we should pay attention not to let the dog drink fruit juice too much to prevent physical discomfort.

Each of the above drinks has its advantages and deficiencies.When feeding dogs everyday, we need to choose appropriate drinks according to the actual situation of the dog, and pay attention to reasonable matching.

Third, which dogs are not suitable for drinking milk?

Although not all dogs are not suitable for feeding milk, it is best not to eat milk for dogs of special circumstances.Here are some dogs who are not suitable for drinking milk:

1. Dog of lactose intolerance

Lava -tolerant tolerance refers to the lack of lactase in the dog’s body, which cannot decompose lactose into glucose and semi -lactose, which causes health problems such as gastrointestinal discomfort.It can be seen that dogs that are not tolerated by lactose cannot eat milk.

2. Milk allergic dog

Some dogs’ bodies are very sensitive to certain ingredients in milk and can cause health problems such as allergies.If the dog has symptoms such as shortness of breathing, red skin, vomiting, etc., it means that it cannot eat milk.

3. Dogs after abdominal cavity and gastric resection surgery

After the abdominal cavity and gastric resection, the dog’s body gradually recovers health, but due to the influence of surgery, their digestive systems may be affected to some extent.At this time, we need to pay attention to controlling the dog’s diet and avoid feeding milk such as milk.

Fourth, summary

Although milk is one of the drinks that humans and pet dogs like very much, not all dogs are suitable for eating.In order to ensure the health of dogs, we need to choose appropriate drinks and pay attention to reasonable matching according to their actual situation.At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the health of pet dogs in daily life, and take them regularly for physical examinations to ensure their health.

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