Can a mother in patients with hepatitis B be pregnant?

Now the family living standards are better than before, and the degree of attention to health is also greatly improved. This is a good thing.

Recently, more and more women in childcare age have taken a check -up report to consult: I am a patient with hepatitis B, can I get pregnant?What should I pay attention to?

In fact, hepatitis B is not as terrible as imagined.Most of the regular treatment can still be safe and smooth pregnancy!

Maternal and baby vertical transmission is indeed an important way to spread hepatitis B. Many women infected with hepatitis B virus are worried that they will transmit hepatitis B virus to their children. Will there be any impact on the fetus during pregnancy, will it cause fetal malformations?

Today we solve these problems together!

1. Will hepatitis B mother pregnant cause fetal malformations?

In order to answer this question, I checked some domestic and foreign research reports. I did not find that the fetal mother’s fetus had deformities and caused abortion, premature birth, dystocia, etc., and babies born of mothers who were not infected with hepatitis B.In the past years, I have observed the fetal fetus in the safe production of hepatitis B mothers.

Hepatitis B mother who is going to be pregnant is a lot more assured.

Second, I am a female hepatitis B woman. Under what circumstances can I get pregnant?

The gradual improvement of medical technology has made great progress aimed at the treatment of hepatitis B, but there is still no effective way to make hepatitis B overcast in a short period of time.

It is difficult for you to hepatitis B in a short period of time.

But the best fertility age is limited.

Then the answer you want is out.

If the liver function is normal in the near future, whether it is "Da Sanyang" and "Little Sanyang", childcare women have already planned to conceive their babies, hurry up and get pregnant.

If you are older, repeated liver function will be more passive!

What is the case that is not suitable for pregnancy?

1. During the loss of liver cirrhosis, it is recommended not to get pregnant, so as not to occur during the long pregnancy.

2. Patients with severe liver function, it is recommended not to get pregnant for the time being.Risks, especially during pregnancy, gradually aggravate the burden on the liver.It is recommended to regularly treat the stability of liver function before considering pregnancy.

3. The age of hepatitis Bye hepatitis, the risk of older pregnant women is greater, especially the diseased course of hepatitis B is very long, older, and pregnancy must be cautious.

4. Patients with hepatitis B with other diseases.Multi -maternal property clinics are requested to be pregnant after consultation.

Fourth, to wake up hepatitis B women who are planning to be pregnant.

All hepatitis B women should go to a regular hospital to find professional doctors to make a more comprehensive evaluation before planning pregnancy. Is it suitable for recent pregnancy?

After pregnancy, go to the obstetrics and gynecology clinic and regular delivery.

In addition to normal obstetric examinations during pregnancy, liver function and HBV-DNA are often followed.

If the liver function is abnormal, it is necessary to give the necessary treatment intervention in time.

Pregnant women with abnormal liver function, the process of pregnancy is basically the same as that of non -infected pregnant women.

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