Can a positive pregnant woman take medicine?About the most comprehensive health guidance of positive pregnant women

The new crown peak is coming again, so the mother who is about to give birth will be panicked. Want to know if you can feed your child when you breastfeed?Can you take medicine?Can postpartum review be postponed?How to do postpartum care at home and home rehabilitation, this article will make a comprehensive answer to the pregnant women who have done it. It is recommended that the mothers collect in advance ~

Question 01

Can a positive mother feed?

You can feed, pay attention to wash your hands before feeding, and wear a mask.Breast milk is the most ideal food for babies.The virus will not be transmitted to the baby through breast milk, so it is safe to drink milk.Breast milk is rich in antibodies, which helps enhance the baby’s resistance.

However, during the process of breastfeeding, the mother should do strict protection. Wear the N95 mask. Before contacting the child or a breast pump, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, and avoid talking or cough during breastfeeding.If you have cough or sneezing, you need to change the mask immediately.When you milk or use a breast pump, you must strictly execute hand hygiene and wear a mask; the breast pump should be standardized after the milk suction.

Question 02

Is Mother Yang separated from her baby?

As a mother in confinement, it is important to repair postpartum after giving birth, but because the postpartum body’s immunity becomes weakened, it is more likely to accidentally infect the virus. At this time, the positive mother does not need to separate from the baby and baby.Facial breast milk secretion and emotional cultivation of mothers and infants.

Please help your mother to care for the baby together.When a healthy family member assists care, pay attention to contact with the positive mother before and after, processing the breast breasts, the front and rear feeding of the bottle, and before and after the bottle feeding, and before and after the disinfection utensils and the whole process, we must wear a mask to do my hands or sterilize.

Question 03

Can I take medicine in confinement?

If the mother has symptoms such as fever, cough and other symptoms after diagnosis, affects normal life, you can use medicine to use medicine to use drugs to relieve symptoms.When you can choose, it is recommended that you take the medicine before you feed or enter long sleep at night.

It should also be noted that the cause of the fever during breastfeeding may still be mastitis, and it is not necessarily a new crown.If you are not sure, you can first consult the doctor at the Internet hospital, and then look at what method of seeing the doctor’s advice.

Question 04

After the yang, can postpartum review be postponed?

Can.If there is no postpartum bleeding and puerperium infection, the postpartum review time can be delayed.General postpartum review is 42 days after delivery, which can be extended for 2 to 4 weeks.However, maternals with pregnancy complications (diabetes, hypertension, etc.), the condition control is not ideal, and the relevant diseases should be followed in time to adjust the medication in time. If the condition is stable, it can also be temporarily reviewed after delivery.

<Pregnant Maternal Health Guidance>

01 pregnant women

New Crown Health Guidance for Pregnant Women



Regardless of the gestational week, the pregnant woman’s new crown virus should pay attention to rest within 1-2 weeks after the infection of the infection of the infection of the infection, and the rest can be performed appropriately, but the strength of the exercise should not be too large, the time should not be too long, and step by step.Before exercise, you should warm up, and proper water replenishment before and after exercise.If there is a threatened abortion, pre -placenta and other unsuitable exercise, you should follow the doctor’s advice.



Pay attention to reasonable and sufficient nutritional intake throughout pregnancy.



Keeping a happy mood and stable mood, you don’t have to worry too much about the adverse effects on the fetal virus infection. At present, it is believed that the virus virus is spread vertically to the fetus to cause intrauterine infection to be very small, and generally it will not cause malformations.



Pregnant examinations should be used for regular pregnancy, and pregnant women in the middle and late pregnancy should monitor fetal movements by themselves.If there are abnormal fetal movement, abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort, vaginal hemorrhage and other symptoms, you should go to the hospital immediately.

02 Maternal

Suggestions at 6 o’clock in the postpartum mother’s home, 6 points of recovery,

Prevention of uterine recovery!



Breastfeeding early, breastfeeding, insisting on breastfeeding

Babies sucking breast milk can cause reflected uterine contraction, which is conducive to the discharge of lochia in the uterine cavity. It has a very positive effect on the recovery of the uterus. Similarly, the hot compress breasts and massage nipples can also produce the same effect.



Get out of bed and walk around

It can be moved appropriately on the second day of delivery. The appropriate exercise can promote blood circulation, which is conducive to dew discharge and the uterus recovery. However, to avoid abdominal force, such as moving heavy objects, squats, etc.



Timely urinate and prevent constipation

After childbirth, you go to the toilet when you have urine. Excessive expansion of the bladder will affect the shrinkage of the uterus. The long time of urination will also increase the risk of urine retention. In addition, drink plenty of water and eat sufficient fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation.



Massage abdomen and uterus clockwise

Promote the blood circulation of the abdomen and uterus, and promote the discharge of secretions such as blood clots. It is best to stick to massage 3 times a day for about 10 minutes each time.



Maintain the hygiene of private parts

Change the sanitary napkin frequently. Pay attention to the correct cleaning method of the perineum during confinement, prohibit pelvic baths, and prevent pelvic infection.



42 days after giving birth

It is recommended to go to the hospital for review 42 days after delivery. If you are in a positive period, you can postpone 2 to 4 weeks.

Let the doctor evaluate the postpartum recovery situation, give reasonable postpartum guidance, and do a pelvic floor function at the same time. If necessary, rehabilitation training will be performed to prevent common diseases such as pelvic organs from signs of pelvic organs and stress urinary incontinence.

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