Can a sperm be able to have a child?

Question: I often hear some people discuss. One sperm can give birth to children, and there are some hospital doctors that doctors also say to patients that as long as you have a sperm, you can give you a child.Because a sperm combined with eggs requires a sperm, a sperm can have a child.

Theoretically, the conditions for conception: seeds (eggs and sperm), environment (warm uterine endometrium).However, in the process of natural conception, we pay more attention to the time and place of people.It is a deep relationship, leaving a lifetime regret.The main reason for infertility: the wrong place, the wrong time, or the sperm did not arrive in time when the egg was prepared (no sexual life).

Fertilization is the process of sperm penetrating eggs to form fertilized eggs.Fertilization usually occurs in the fallopian tube pot abdomen within 12 hours after ovulation, and the entire fertilization process takes about 24 hours.

This process seems simple, but you must know that Mr. Sperm is not far away.The mature sperm starts from a small sperm tube and enters the epididymis storage.The Xiongguan Man Road is like iron. When ejaculation, the sperm must pass through the male and female reproductive roads equivalent to 70,000 times the length of the sperm. This long road is 20 ~ 40cm long.

Tens of millions of sperm sperm. To be precise, men’s ejaculation contains 300 million sperm each time. This huge number is equal to the population of the United States.There are only one "gold medal target" in the hearts of many sperm -Miss Eggs.

The sperm will come in from the vagina and put on the "ladder" from the cervix to the uterus.The inner wall structure of the fallopian tube is quite special, and the inner wall has a hair -shaped structure. Fortunately, the hair -shaped structure takes the lady of the egg up at this time.Fang Ze of Miss Bive.

As long as the sperm rushed to the end, Miss Eggs seemed to belong to him!

However, in this "Long March", most sperm Mr. is "died without a teacher".Sperm is mainly developed and mature in the epididymis tail. During the process of flowing from the epididymal head to the epididymal tail, about half of the sperm was killed.About 70%of the remaining sperm stay at the epididymis tail, why?The baby doesn’t know.Only 2%entered the vasters until the male body was discharged when ejaculation.

Each time ejaculation, hundreds of millions of sperm enters the vagina, but "the wind is easy to get cold and the water is cold." In the end, the sperm of the fallopian tube pot is generally not more than 200.

If you want to kiss Miss Fang Ze, Mr. Sperm, who enters the vagina, needs to break through the three mark!

The first level: Hangu Pass?No, it is the cervical barrier.

After the semen is ejected into the vagina, the first pass is the cervical tube.The sperm can pass through the cervix through the flexible tail of the sperm itself and the contraction of the uterine muscle layer.

However, the cervix is not both harvested, but "selection of best admission."The cervix is full of mucus, and only strong sperm can pass through the cervical mucus.In the right time, the early period of ovulation and ovulation in the menstrual cycle, estrogen dominates, cervical mucus becomes water -like solidar, which is conducive to sperm entering the uterine cavity.

Do not underestimate the cervix that requires "strict and harsh". Cervical treatment sperm protection sperm is exempted from being swallowed in the vagina and secreting mucus to affect the sperm penetration of the cervix.Provide energy and participate in sperm gain.

The interference of the cervical function can achieve the purpose of contraception, so one of the contraceptive mechanisms such as ninone and other drugs in contraceptives is to change the cervical mucus and prevent sperm from passing.

Second level: It is the fallopian tube barrier.

As a large and long storage sperm warehouse, the secretion of the fallopian tube secretion of cells is used as a carrier of sperm, and provides nutrition for sperm and fertilized eggs.In order to meet the beautiful eggs, the magical fallopian tube is also "broken heart", which has the function of transporting sperm and eggs in the opposite direction.

However, it depends on the sky, about 30 hours after ovulation, Miss Ovarian arrived at the belly of the fallopian tube pot and stayed here for 30 hours, saying that "fallopian tube closed".This closed control and reducing the number of sperm in the fallopian tube creates conditions for normal fertilization.

It is generally believed that sperm can only maintain fertilization within 20 hours after sex.The polynucleic white cells of the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes have devouring. Most sperm have been eliminated in the cervix, the uterine gorge, and the tubal gorge. Poor sperm!

As long as one sperm successfully arrives, can she complete the fertilization and pregnancy?

The answer is: No!

Because there are also third levels: egg radiation crowns and transparent bands.

Although the sperm of the ejaculation has the ability to move, it does not have the ability to radiate and transparent band through the eggs.

On the last level of marriage, the bride was dressed in Chinese clothes, sitting in the house in a red hijab, and was only separated from the groom officer outside.But how can the groom do not sprinkle some red envelopes?

The same is the same. During the process of running in the uterus and fallopian tube, the appearance of sperm has a layer of glycoprotein degraded by the enzyme secretion in the female reproductive tract, so as to obtain fertilization ability, called ability.

Simply put, there is a layer of extremely dense structure outside the egg, called a transparent belt (the transparent belt is also there is egg hill cells).Give red envelopes!Give red envelopes!

The arrival sperm needs to dissolve the transparent belt with their "top of the head" (professional term), and dissolve a hole in the transparent band to let the sperm pass through.

But a sperm is not enough to dissolve and penetrate transparent bands!At this time, a lot of sperm needs to play the spirit of "Yugong Yishan" to "work together" to dissolve the transparent belt.Moreover, as long as a sperm passes through the transparent belt, the transparent belt will quickly lock, so as not to let other sperm enter.

When a transparent belt shows a sperm -sized empty hole, at this time, the correct sperm that rushed in the right sperm came in.Therefore, the sperm combined with the egg is not the strongest, nor the fastest one running, but the one that is the most "speculative" in the right place when the transparent belt is about to dissolve.Only!

When you meet in the mountains and waters, you are here.The normal development and capable sperm and normal egg cells meet within a limited time are the prerequisite for fertilization.

If the number of sperm in semen is too small, less than 5 million sperm contained in the semen per milliliter semen exceeds 20%, or the sperm activity is too weak or the sperm activity is too weak, or the egg development is not developed.Normally, the possibility of fertilization will be reduced.

If men or women’s reproductive lanes are not smooth, although the number and quality of sperm and quality are good, the sperm eggs cannot meet, and fertilization cannot be achieved.

Estrogen hormone is an important condition for maintaining and regulating the occurrence, development and normal transportation of reproductive cells. If these two hormones are too low, it will also affect the fertilization process.

We know that only one sperm is difficult to complete conception, so there is still a way to complete pregnancy in a sperm medicine, that is, with the help of auxiliary reproductive technology.

The second -generation "IVF" technology (ICSI) debuts, and the single sperm micro -injection (ICSI) in the cytoplasm is used as a technology that solves the problem of sperm eggs that cannot be combined. The specific indication symptoms are as follows:

1. Severe, weak, weak, and terators;

2. IrBur obstruction;

3. Fertility dysfunction (excluding genetic defect diseases);

4. In vitro fertilization failure;

5. Sperm top abnormalities.

The main feature of the second -generation IVF technology is that a single sperm can be placed in the cytoplasm of egg cells, so that sperm eggs are fertilized.If the sperm and eggs taken out cannot actively complete the fertilization, then the doctor can use the "second -generation test tube technology" to help them conceive.

Because only a few sperm is needed, the second -generation IVF is particularly suitable for male infertility.

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(This article is an original article, which is first published in the "Dr. Fu Hong" today’s headline. The picture comes from the Internet and does not do commercial use. Disclaimer: This article is for reference only.The diagnosis, treatment and suggestions of other medical staff, if you have any physical discomfort, please seek medical treatment in time.)

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