Can a woman with hepatitis B be pregnant? Can children want it?Don’t worry, do this to fulfill your dream of being a mother

For each mother, the baby’s healthy birth is the greatest happiness, but the advent of the disease of hepatitis B crushing the mother’s happiness and dreams, especially when the mothers are pregnant, they are found to be this kind of virus carrying.The mothers even painful.So, can mothers with this disease still pregnant and have children?Will this virus be transmitted to the baby?

Can women carrying this virus be pregnant and have children?

The first thing I want to tell you is that this kind of patients can get pregnant and have babies.There are many such patients with liver function of women and no inflammation. In this case, they can be pregnant normally.Experts say that this disease is divided into acute and chronic. If it is a patient with acute patients, as long as it is treated and conditioned, the liver function can be recovered normally, which can also be pregnant.Essence

Will this virus be transmitted to the baby?

Although this virus has a high chance of infection with maternal and infants, as long as the patients are strictly followed by the doctor, there is no need to worry about the stability of the condition.There are also patients’ mothers who dare not feed their baby by themselves, because they are afraid to be transmitted to the baby through breast milk, but in fact this virus is mainly transmitted by the baby’s contact with the mother’s blood during production. ThereforeThe stable condition is the same as normal mothers.

What should patients do?

1. Whether or not patients with this virus must pay attention to pre -pregnancy examination before pregnancy. In fact, both pregnant couples must do a comprehensive examination to avoid a bad impact on the future babies.If both have no problems, they are very happy, but if they are checked, they do carry this virus, so be sure to take treatment measures in time to avoid bad consequences.

2. If the mother of patients carrying this virus, it is also necessary to pay attention to the regular review. The frequency should be performed at least every 4 weeks to observe the development of the disease at any time.Treatment measures.There are also related professional doctors that the baby is injected with immunocin balls after the baby is born, which can block most viruses.

3. The most need for patients and mothers is to adjust their mentality. Do not think about whether they will be transmitted to the baby all day. At the same time, they must be reasonable, light, nutritious in the usual diet.Tobuous alcohol, this will not only help control the development of the virus, but also help the growth of the baby.

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