Can black fungus be anti -cancer?What are the precautions for eating black fungus?

Black fungus is a common fungus on people’s tables. It is welcomed by many people due to delicious nutrition and easy storage.

Earlier, some studies have stated that "anti -cancer genes in black fungus" have caused heated discussion on "black fungus anti -cancer".

So, can black fungus really fight cancer?What must we pay attention to when we eat black fungus?

First, black fungus can anti -cancer?

This view comes from a study from the Institute of Biomedical Engineering Technology, the University of Oxford and the Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

In this study, the northeast area of the black fungus was detected, and it was found that hundreds of genes with anti -oxidation and anti -tumor effects were found that black fungus was found.

As soon as the relevant reports came out, many non -professional readers added "anti -cancer" label to black fungus.

What you don’t know is that "anti -cancer genes" are not equal to "anti -cancer".

In biology, "containing a gene" can only represent an activity of the expression of the gene.

As for whether this gene is expressed in actual growth, it is not known whether this gene expresses the product, how high the expression is, and how much it is to eat to be effective.

Therefore, this study only pointed out the "possible efficacy ingredients" in black fungus. Researchers have not confirmed that black fungus can kill cancer cells in the real human environment or inhibit cancer metastasis.

Black fungus can resist cancer, which has not been verified, but the nutritional value of black fungus is worthy of recognition.

Second, the nutritional value of black fungus

1. Rich nutrition element

There are only 27 kcal per 100 grams of black fungus, 1.5g of protein, 6g of carbohydrates, 2.6g of dietary fiber, 20 micrograms of carotene, 57mg of magnesium, 34mg of calcium, 5.5mg of iron, 52mg of potassium, 12mg of phosphorus …..It is a good source of nutrition. The Vitamin D content is as high as 1968 IU / 100g.

2. Low calories

Black fungus often appears in the weight loss recipe, because the black fungus is delicious, the calories are low.There are only 27 kcal per 100 grams of black fungus.

Although the calories such as shiitake mushrooms are not high, but compared with other bacteria, black fungus has a lighter taste. It is a good choice for people who do not like fungi.

3. Rich in dietary fiber

The dietary fiber and glue content in black fungus are rich in glue. It has the effect of nourishing the stomach and intestinal, which can promote the secretion of digestive fluid, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, and relieve constipation.

4. Rich polyphenol

Black fungus is rich in plant chemical ingredients. His color-black, consisting of polyphenols and crickets, has strong antioxidants.

It is found in an in vitro experiments in animal and cells that polyphenols can delay the rise in blood sugar after meals to a certain extent.

Third, the "iron law" of eating black fungus –

Every year in the news caused by food caused by food, black fungus is always indispensable.

The fungus itself does not have toxins, but the improper soaking method is easy to breed coconut poisoning single -binococcus. The biological toxin produced by the bacteria -rice yeast acid, which can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and even death.

Some people have too many fungus at one time, and they are reluctant to throw them without eating. They feel that there is no problem eating after cooking. In the end, they will cause a big disaster and even lose their lives!

Because rice yeast acid has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and difficulty in water, and high -temperature cooking cannot be removed at all, even if the soaked fungus is carefully cleaned and cooked, the toxins cannot be completely removed.Even more terrible is that even a small amount of intake can cause poisoning.

Whether it is black fungus or Tremella, soaked hair ingredients, you must eat it.

Cold water soaked for 1-2 hours, and it should not exceed 4 hours.

Time should be relatively shortened by warm water or hot water.When the hair is soaked for a long time, the water is turbid, sticky, tough, and odor, etc., be sure to throw it away!

Other precautions:

1. Be sure to eat them all to eat.

Even cold mixes must be cooked with boiling water.

There is a substance called purine nucleoside in black fungus called black fungus polysaccharides.

It has a strong anticoagulant activity, anti -platelet agglomeration and anti -thrombosis.This polysaccharide can be dissolved only after high temperature cooking, and the cooked black fungus has better edible value.

2. Do not eat fresh fungus.

Non -professional may confuse fungus with other bacteria and eat poisonous poisoning by mistake.And the deteriorating fresh fungus, the risk of poisoning is extremely high, and it is not edible.

3. Do not promote consumers to cultivate and eat after purchasing fungus bacteria from farmers and other places.

Because the cultivation environment of fungus (such as temperature, humidity, etc.) cannot be scientifically controlled, there is a risk of coconut fermentation fake monolma pollution and the risk of toxin.

4. The more intake is the better.

According to the new version of the "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines", adults can eat 100g of mushrooms per day.

Fourth, who eat less and eat black fungus with caution

1. Women of menstruation.

The fungus has a certain hemostatic effect. If the menstrual period is too long, the menstrual blood can cause less menstrual blood and shorten the menstrual period.

2. People with coagulation function.

Fungus has a certain impact on coagulation. People who have the problem of coagulation function have eaten fungus but are not good for the body, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease.

3. Pregnant women.

Fungus stimulates gastrointestinal motility. For pregnant women who are more sensitive to the gastrointestinal and intestines, excessive consumption may cause diarrhea, thereby increasing abortion risk.

4. Poor digestive strength and gastrointestinal disease.

The fungus is rich in dietary fiber, which is not easy to digest and easily lead to diarrhea.

Therefore, people such as poor digestive function and chronic gastroenteritis should eat less fungus, otherwise it may cause uncomfortable symptoms such as flatulence and diarrhea.

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