Can drinking yogurt improve constipation?Summary 5 o’clock experience

I often heard my friends say, "I have been constipated recently, and I have to buy some yogurt to drink." Drinking yogurt seems to have improved constipation. Many people treat yogurt as one of the ways to treat constipation.Yogurt cure constipation.

So, can drinking yogurt improve constipation? Is this improvement reflected in everyone?

One of the reasons for constipation is the disorders of intestinal flora and intestinal dysfunction. Supplementary probiotics can help improve the intestinal flora and regulate intestinal function.The so -called yogurt is fermented by adding Paogalia lactobacillus and thermal spikes in milk. Therefore, it is based on it to say that drinking yogurt can improve constipation.

Why is it not necessarily effective when drinking yogurt?

1 丨 I may not drink the right yogurt

There are many types of yogurt, such as fermented milk, flavor fermented milk, germinated, etc., and they are not the same as the yogurt with real beneficial bacteria.The real yogurt that can really improve constipation is to add live probiotics to milk. These probiotics not only help the yogurt produce a unique flavor, but also benefit from the intestine in the body to maintain the stability of the intestinal flora.Common probiotic bacteria include bisidobacterium, Bulmobacterium Lactobacillus, and thermal linkels, etc., adding live probiotics can effectively improve constipation.

2 丨 It depends on whether it can be effectively absorbed

Whether the lively bacteria can "live" to reach the intestinal tract and successfully planting is a question that needs to be considered.Probiotics have high survival conditions, not to be heated, and may be killed by some antibiotics.In order not to drink yogurt, when drinking yogurt, we should pay attention to avoid these factors that easily lead to "death" of probiotics.

Although yogurt can regulate intestinal flora and improve intestinal function, don’t forget that the occurrence of constipation is caused by multiple factors. You must not only stare at one point. Only by improving from multiple aspects can you receive good results.

Summary of the editor:

1. Yogurt needs to be refrigerated to ensure the activity of lactic acid bacteria, so you must buy refrigerated yogurt and refrigerate and store it after buying back.

2. You can put the yogurt at room temperature for a while before drinking. If heated, avoid the temperature of the yogurt exceed the body temperature.

3. Avoid taking it at the same time as antibiotics; avoid foods (such as sausage, ham and other meat products such as sausages, ham and other meat products).

4. Drinking yogurt after a meal may help the probiotic survival and plant it in the intestine.

5. It is more likely to drink a brand of yogurt for a long time. It is difficult to change the brand to make enough the same type of probiotics in many intestinal bacteria.

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