Can eating walnuts live long?Eating this amount can enhance human body resistance and prolong life ~

Walnuts are a nut that everyone likes to eat. It is a mini -brain that is reduced. The shell is like the shell, and the inner renc is also like. Based on the statement of the form, people generally think that eating walnuts can replenish the brain. Is this true?IntersectionWhat are the benefits of eating walnuts often?How to eat walnuts to benefit the most?

What are the benefits of eating walnuts often?

The nutritional value of walnuts is very high. Generally speaking, eating walnuts can play more benefits for the body to moisturize the intestines, nourish the kidneys, maintain the skin, and enhance the human body’s resistance.

① Rest intestinal laxative

Because walnut contains a large amount of oil, it can make the intestine lubricated, promote defecation, and relieve constipation.At the same time, you can also consume more foods rich in dietary fiber, which can help promote digestion.

② Nourishing kidney

Walnut is a kind of warm food. It has a good effect on nourishing kidney deficiency symptoms such as premature long hair, waist and knee sourness, waist and leg pain and other people with symptoms of kidney deficiency.

③ Maintain the skin

Walnuts also contain vitamin E, which can play a role in antioxidant, promote the skin to become shiny, and walnuts can also promote hair better.

④ Enhance human body resistance

Eat an appropriate amount of walnuts every day. Walnuts are rich in nutrients such as protein and vitamins. They can supplement the body’s nutrients and enhance the body of the human body.Walnuts should not be eaten in daily life. Excessive fats and calories in the body can easily cause obesity. Eat two or three walnuts per day.

Eating walnuts should pay attention to quantity and eating

1. Recommended international fatty acids and lipid research. Adults should consume 500 mg ω-3 fatty acids every day. Starting from this suggestion, 2 to 3 walnuts should be eaten a day.

2. The nuts recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society are about 70 grams per week, that is, 10 grams a day, which is 10 grams of nutrients. If you only eat walnuts, it is equivalent to 2 to 3.

3. It is no problem to eat at most 25 ~ 28 grams, but you need to reduce other food intake accordingly, such as using walnuts to replace snacks such as biscuits, beef jerky, or use less oil -cooked dishes to replace fried dishes during cooking.

How to eat walnuts to benefit the greatest?

Walnuts are hot, and they contain more fats. Eating too much will make people get angry and disgusting. People who are getting angry and diarrhea should not eat.So, how do walnuts eat the most nutritious?

① eat raw

Walnuts, longan meat, and hawthorn have a good effect on the human heart function.

② Porridge

Walnuts and porridge with coix seeds and chestnuts can treat diseases such as frequent urination, nocturnal emission, stool diarrhea, and five more diarrhea.

③ Sugar dipped

Walnuts and sesame seeds and lotus seeds have a good effect on the treatment of sweat, and can also make up for the brain.

④ cook soup

Walnuts are boiled in an appropriate amount of saline, which can cure kidney deficiency and low back pain, nocturnal emission, impotence, forgetfulness, tinnitus, frequent urination and other symptoms.

Make walnuts and black soy milk

1. Peel the walnuts into small pieces.

2. After washing the black beans, soak it in water, and you can remove the water for about 4 hours.

3. Put the black beans and walnuts in the soymilk machine, pour water, and add other ingredients according to their own preferences.

4. Start stirring until it is over until the end, and filter out walnuts and black bean dregs.

5. Add rock sugar or honey according to your own preferences, and drink it while it is hot or cool.

Can eating walnuts reduce the risk of death and extend their life?

Researchers at the University of Harvard have followed 9,340 adults who have no cancer, heart disease and stroke for 20 years. The researchers checked their diet every 4 years, including the overall diet intake, edible walnuts and otherThe frequency of nuts, as well as exercise and smoking conditions.

Analysis after adjusting age and variables shows that compared with people who do not eat walnuts, 5 parts of walnuts (28 grams, about two or three) per week are all due to the decrease in death risk by 14%.The risk of the disease is reduced by 25%.

What is even more surprising is that compared with people who do not eat or eat less walnuts, people who consume more than 140g of walnuts a week have a longer life expectancy at the age of 60. Women are extended by 1.3 years and men are extended by 1.26 years.

Eat 2 ~ 4 parts of walnuts per week can help reduce the risk of death by 13%due to death, reduce the risk of death caused by cardiovascular disease by 4%, and increase the expected life expectancy of about 1 year.

Source: Yin famous doctor

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