Can emergency contraception fail the fetus?Let me listen to the expert’s interpretation with me!

For a woman, it is very natural to get pregnant and have children after marriage, but when some women have the first baby, they will take some contraceptive measures and do not want to rush to the second child.However, the current contraceptive methods adopted by everyone are different. Some people like to take contraceptives, and some use condoms.If some women fail to adopt emergency contraception, can the fetus be required after pregnancy? Let me listen to the expert interpretation with me, I hope to help everyone.

● If the fetus still survives after taking emergency contraceptives, the impact will not affect

● During pregnancy, the fetal chromosomes or structures are abnormal. If the degree of minor does not need to give up lightly, many minor deformities or congenital diseases are "obtained"

Emergency contraception failure, mild deformity or abnormalities in the fetus found during the birth check … When these conditions are encountered, many husbands and wives will fall into the dilemma of "baby or not".Experts point out that human life is a wonderful process. The baby seems to be fragile, but their vitality and tenacity sometimes often surpass our imagination.Therefore, when you encounter the above situation, don’t be anxious first, and tears can’t solve the problem. It is better to listen to the scientific and objective interpretation of experts.

Urgent contraception failure does not necessarily have a miscarriage

One lady and her boyfriend have been living together for several years, and the two plan to save enough money to buy a house before they get married.However, last month, after her passion with her boyfriend, she found that she was just in the "dangerous period".After messy, she went to the pharmacy to buy emergency contraceptives overnight.A month later, the lady found that she was pregnant.She wanted to kill her children, but her boyfriend believed that since the children have it, they can adjust their life plans.As a woman, she is reluctant to be willing to bone and blood in the abdomen. I can think about it, and she has taken emergency contraceptives. Will this have any adverse effects on the baby? What if the next unhealthy baby is in life?The doubts made the little couple tangled.

Expert interpretation: If the fetus survives, it will not have a great impact

Relevant studies believe that within 2 weeks of fertilization, the effects of any embryo toxic drugs and toxic and harmful substances on the embryo are manifested as "all" or "none", that is, emergency contraceptives or other toxic and harmful substances to embryos for embryos.The influence is: either cause abortion of the embryo or have no impact, and can continue pregnancy.

An expert told reporters that fertilization is generally in the middle of menstruation. If the menstruation is once every 28 days, the law of "full" or "no" is probably valid within one month after menopause.During this period, if you take emergency contraceptives or get pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives without knowing pregnancy, you don’t have to be too nervous. As long as the child survives, there may not be serious problems.If you have not planned to have a child for the time being, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible for the next step.If you are still not assured, it is recommended to see a professional doctor, such as fetal medical department, find problems as soon as possible.

What kind of medicine to listen to doctors during pregnancy?

A 32 -year -old lady has had a 3 -year -old daughter, which is in line with the "double independent second child" policy.However, recently, the lady found that she was pregnant unexpectedly, and even worse, the lady had a cold at 12 weeks of pregnancy.Because she was worried that the drug would have an adverse effect on the fetus, she dared not take medicine. In the end, the cold caused an upper respiratory tract infection and almost had pneumonia.

Expert interpretation: Before or during pregnancy, we must follow the doctor’s advice

According to the danger of teratogenic harsh in different degrees of teratogenesis of animal or pregnancy women, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) divides the safety of drugs into five categories: A, B, C, D, and X.

Which drugs will affect embryonic development? Experts introduce that rinomyromycin, scatomycin and konomycin should not be applied during pregnancy; sulfa drugs will cause teratogenic in the early stages of pregnancy.High bilirubin ledmia, causing nuclear jaundice, and dying or low intelligence; tetracycline, 土omycin, ristomycin, and powerful metomycin may cause congenital cataracts, finger deformed, pseudo -finger tumors, and even evenFor dead tires, after 4 months of pregnancy, medication will cause the fetus to develop poorly, inducing hemolytic jaundice and acute fatty liver.

However, from the current clinical drugs, it belongs to Class A, that is, only a small number of safe drugs, and it belongs to Class X, that is, only a small part of pregnant women disabled.Most drugs belong to Class B, C, and D, and should be used with caution.Therefore, medicine before or during pregnancy must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor, and reads the drug manual carefully."If you take a certain drug without knowing pregnancy, it is best to save the medicine bottle and instructions and bring it to prenatal diagnosis and fetal medical consultation."

After reading these information, I believe that young couples benefit small, because pregnancy is a big deal. If you do n’t want your baby, you must take contraceptive measures to avoid adverse consequences such as post -pregnancy curettage.However, after the arrogance of emergency contraception due to carelessness, the fetus can still ask for this problem. According to experts’ suggestions, if the fetus survives, it will not have much impact, and it will not be aborted.If you want to leave your baby, it is best to go to the hospital for examination on a regular basis, find the problem and then deal with it as soon as possible.

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