Can Guiyuan real seedlings be result?able!But you have to be mentally prepared

Can we take the remaining longan seeds after sowing the result?The answer is yes, it can definitely germinate, become a tree, flowering.However, the actual seedlings cultivated with longan seeds are late, and they will also be poor due to the problem of seed mutation.

In actual production, do not cultivate longan with real seedlings, but to cultivate longan with solid seedlings.

Liangye seedlings are the basis for developing longan production, cultivating strong, high -quality, and pure seedlings, eliminating the spread of pests and insect pests, and reaching the newly built orchard. High quality is very necessary.At present, longan breeding is mostly two methods: grafting seedlings and high -pressure seedling breeding.

1. The choice of stewwry

Longan varieties are very different from grafting and the difference in strength. Practice has proved that the varieties of large seeds and large seeds are suitable for rootstock. The seeds are large and full, the germination rate is high, the seedlings grow fast, the scion is strong, the grafting rate is high, the grafting seedlings grow grow upFast and robust can shorten the cultivation time.Such as Wuyuan, wide eyes, red shells, etc. are better rootstock breeding.

2. Seed treatment

When the longan is mature, it is summer. The peeling seeds often lose their germination due to the dry sun exposure or stacking the heat.Therefore, after removing the seeds from the fruit, it should be rinsed with water immediately, especially the flesh on the umbilical umbilical must be cleaned.

Mix the washed seeds with methyls, and then pile up the seeds and sands to accumulate sprouts.It is advisable to get a group in Handsha, and it is advisable to let go.Check it in 2-3 days and pick them out to prepare for sowing.

3, sowing

The germinated longan seeds can be scattered, on -demand, or strip.Sprinkling provinces, high seedling rates, but difficult management, many miscellaneous seedlings, and small seedlings.The distribution of seedlings is evenly distributed, grows rapidly, and has good quality, but the unit area is low.The sowing is to sow according to a certain distance, and to a certain extent overcomes the shortcomings of sowing and on -demand, and use more in production.

It can be demanded at about 20-25 cm in the road, and the plant spacing is about 10 cm.

4. Management after sowing

First, in order to prevent strong light and heavy rain injuries and buds or washed the soil, after sowing, it should be covered with a shading net, or the soil is covered with dried grass after sowing.

Second, after sowing, water should be performed frequently to keep the soil moist.When the young buds were not unearthed, they drizzled once a day.After the buds grow, pour water every 3-7 days.After the rainstorm, drain water in time to prevent stagnant stagnation.

Third, when there are 2 pairs of leaves of the seedlings, you can use a small shovel to transplant the soil to the lack of seedlings.

Fourth, the seedlings can be pursued at 4 leaves, such as rotten organic fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer, etc., which can be sprayed.In autumn, compound fertilizer can be applied to the premise of grafting early fertilization and watering, which is conducive to improving the survival rate.

Fifth, pay attention to cultivating grass to prevent diseases and insect pests.The common diseases of longan seedlings are anthracnose, and polymorphic spirit, norttye and other potions are sprayed before and after heavy rain. After pumping, pay attention to spray insects and insect -proof pests.

When the rootstock is 10 cm from the ground, when the stems are thick at 0.6 cm, they can be grafted.

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