Can hepatitis B pregnant women want to see what indicators do you want to see?

Now the two -child policy has been liberalized, and many families have fertility plans.However, the hepatitis B crowd in my country is huge, and there are many liver B families. The fertility of hepatitis B pregnant women has become a disturbing problem.Can hepatitis B pregnant women want to see what indicators do you want to see?

26 to 28 weeks of pregnancy check virus quantification

Hepatitis B pregnant women have a certain understanding of vaccine and immunoglobulin, because in fact, there are already many popular sciences in vaccine and immunoglobulin.However, at 26 to 28 weeks, the virus was examined, and then according to the virus’s load, considering whether the mother and child who took oral medicine were blocked, it was relatively rare for pregnant women.When this hepatitis B virus quantitative exceeds 2 multiplication of 10 -level international units, it is necessary to consider starting antiviral treatment.That best antiviral treatment period is 28 to 30 weeks.

How to judge whether the child is infected with the virus after birth

Hepatitis B pregnant women from ten months of pregnancy to seven months of birth of the newborn to determine whether to infected hepatitis B virus is very long.The details of this period also need to pay attention to pregnant women.

Is there a conclusion if there is an intrauterine infection in the palace? If there is an infected infection in the palace, there will be almost no example of blocking success.From the perspective of large -scale random controls, as long as it is properly handled, it can be completely blocked.Pregnant women mainly pay attention to avoid falling or do some puncture test during pregnancy. In -palace infection will hardly occur.

In 5 cases, hepatitis B women should not get pregnant

1. Acute hepatitis B, accompanied by obvious liver function abnormalities. Before the condition stabilizes, it is best to stop pregnancy;

2. Hepatitis B virus infection has a long time and severe liver damage. The pathological examination of liver live tissue is confirmed as cirrhosis, accompanied by obvious platelet reduction, hyperthyroid spleen function, and coagulation dysfunction;

3. The liver function of patients with chronic hepatitis B is extremely obvious, and the liver function fluctuates large, often accompanied by inverted or low protein leather in the proportion of protein;

4. Patients with chronic hepatitis B are accompanied by severe external liver system manifestations, such as kidney disease, regenerative disorder anemia, etc.;

5. There was a history of pregnancy, but those who ended pregnancy because the liver could not bear.

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