Can honey unlocking and defecation?Too sweet fruits are sweet?Inventory 6 food rumors

In daily life, many people are regarded as some of the food concepts of Jinke Yulu, but they may be unreasonable nutritional rumors!Rice balls, come and take a look at these "fake nutritional creeds". Are you observed with you?


Honey water hangover and defecate?

Some people think that the alcohol metabolism process needs energy consumption. It supplements honey or sugar water containing glucose, which can provide the energy required for alcohol metabolism, thereby promoting metabolism and accelerating bartending.In fact, alcohol metabolism speed is mainly limited by acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, and it is difficult to accelerate glucose.

However, if you have a hypoglycemia after drinking, drinking honey can relieve the symptoms of discomfort.

As for the bowel movement, it is only for some crowds -Chinese medicine believes that honey has the benefits of nourishing yin and moisturizing, nourishing virtual moisturizing lungs, so it has a certain relief effect on intestinal dryness and constipation. For other causes, constipation may not be useful.


Shrimp skin is calcium supplement?

Truth: better than milk.

The calcium content of shrimp skin is as high as 991 mg/100 grams, and 25 grams (half two) shrimp skin can get 247 mg of calcium, which is roughly equivalent to the calcium content of 250 ml of milk.But even so, shrimp skin is not a good calcium supplement food.

Because the shrimp skin is very light, the amount of a soup is usually only 1 ~ 2 grams. In addition, it is difficult for us to chew the shrimp skin completely during the edible process. Most of the calcium in the shrimp skin may be excreted with the immersive residue.

It should also be noted that traditional shrimp skin contains a lot of salt. If you eat it for a long time, you will not only supplement calcium, but also accelerate the loss of calcium.

If you want to eat calcium supplement, milk is the first choice. They not only have high calcium content, but also have good absorption rates. As for shrimp skin, they can be dried in water and grind them to add them into various fried dishes.


Is the fruit too sweet?

Truth: Fruit is sweet and sweet.

Sweetin is dissolved in water. If you want to be injected into the fruit through the method of "injection", not only can not make the fruit uniformly sweet, but it will also accelerate the fruit rotten and deteriorated because it destroys the fruit of the fruit.So it is not cost -effective.

In addition, some people are worried that sweetin will hurt the body, but in fact, as long as it is added normally in the food industry, and it is harmless to the human body.


Sugar -free food is healthier?

Truth: Eating more is not beneficial.

Sugar -free food, as a kind of food with a healthy halo, everyone’s acceptance of it is getting higher and higher, and it has become a good heart for many healthy health careers, such as sugar -free drinks, sugar -free biscuits, sugar -free milk tea, etc.But in fact, they may not be as healthy as you think.

First of all, it is clear that many sugar -free foods may also contain sucrose, but the content is relatively small.

According to the "Pre -packaged Food Nutrition Tag" (280502011), the requirements of "sugar -free" food refer to the content of single and double sugar per 100 grams of solid or per 100 grams of liquid food.

Secondly, even if there is no additional sucrose, it may contain sweet taste agents such as Asba Sweet, Ansai Mi, and Sweetin.Some studies have found that although sweeteners do not produce heat and do not participate in glucose metabolism, they will promote insulin secretion, cause blood sugar to rise, and excessive intake will also increase the risk of obesity.

In addition, many sugar -free foods still contain high -calorie carbohydrates, such as cakes, biscuits, etc.; And some even fried or added a large amount of oil to improve the taste, so eating too much will threaten health.


There are many canned food preservatives and low nutrition?

Truth: Canned food does not need to be corrosion, and less nutritional losses.

According to the definition of "National Standard Food Safety National Standard Food", canned food refers to the use of fruits, vegetables, edible fungi, livestock poultry meat, aquatic animals, etc.Sterilizer cans.In a sterile state, the shelf life is naturally long, and generally there is no need to "prevent".

In addition, in the process of storage and transportation, its nutritional loss is less than cold fresh ingredients -canned food is picked during the mature period of its ingredients, and the nutrition is quickly processed on the spot.Consumer refrigerators have less nutritional losses than.

Therefore, in the case of lack of fresh food, canned food is a good choice.


Children eat more and grow tall?

Truth: Eating too much but affecting development.

"Children have to eat more to grow higher" is what parents often hang on their mouths.This sentence is right, but under the premise of the right amount of nutritional balance, if too much supplement and excess nutrition, it may affect normal development.

Studies have found that excessive nutritional intake can lead to advanced development, thereby promoting bone development prematurely.Perhaps the child was higher than the same age when he was young, but because of premature development, height growth would stop in advance, which would affect the height of the child when he grew up.

In addition to affecting height, excess nutrition may also lead to precocious puberty.

The intake of long -term high -energy, high -fat, high protein, and high -sugar foods can easily lead to excess nutrition, increase the secretion of gonadotropin and promote estrogen formation, thereby accelerating the emergence of secondary characteristics.

And children and adolescents are obese, and even make high blood pressure and diabetes come to the door!

Source: CCTV home for dinner

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