Can I continue to feed the baby during breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding (commonly known as relay milk) during pregnancy is not a fresh topic. The reason why I have never wrote is that there are no thoughts that many mothers have some concerns about it.If you say something, even if your mother knows it, the pig teammates may not know much; even if the pig teammates know it, they must follow the seductive old man …

It wasn’t until I saw the question in the message yesterday that it was still necessary to write.Some articles may be for everyone to prepare the intimate pockets, specialize in various dissatisfaction, right?IntersectionRen away.Ren away.

Merchant K et al. (1990) said that breastfeeding mothers during pregnancy were as high as 30 to 50%in the past.From the perspective of everyone’s inconsistent state now, this ratio is difficult to protect.Even me who has always been looking for a relay milk has been completely playing now (for 18 months of milk).There are quite a few mothers who continue to breastfeed during pregnancy, but there are not many research in this area.

So why is there the phenomenon of relay milk?

A long time ago, the environment of human survival was not as comfortable as it is now, the medicine is obscure, the disease is raging, and there is no contraceptive method.In that era, the first year after the child was born, it would be difficult to live on the first birthday of TA, so everyone was old.

You know, in the era without a mobile aircraft TV, Tianyi is not consuming, and Papa is a natural Timekiller.After giving birth, the first half of the child rely on the pure ecological breastfeeding method of contraceptive success, as high as 98%, but it can no longer be reliable.Therefore, Dawa was not over one year old, Erwa successfully landed, and breastfeeding had to continue. Relay milk was a matter of reluctance to feed.

Later, artificial feeding was gradually realized, breastfeeding was greatly impacted, and the relay milk became slightly miniaturized.Nowadays, the mother who is thinking about the relay milk no longer is forced by the form of "not feeding breast milk baby to live" (but indeed, breastfeeding to at least 1 year old should be a basic configuration), it is a deep understanding of breast milk very well., Very learning mothers with scientific feeding concepts.I believe that everyone must especially enjoy the relationship between breastfeeding before they must continue their stomachs.

Moreover, if you let you choose a naughty big treasure and let him choose to eat milk from time to time, most people are more willing to leave six pure breastfeeding time for yourself, especially the pregnancy period.You want to feed, I just have time to lose articles, haha.My unrealized relay milk depends on everyone to experience it.

If someone opposes breastfeeding during pregnancy, it is nothing more than worrying about two things:

Is it safe enough?

Is it nutritious?

Security Question

1. Will sucking cause contractions?

Most mothers do not feel contractions during breastfeeding (93% in the Moscona Survey).Even if you feel it, there are some physiological and soft changes. There is nothing to turn over the sea. Stop breast lactation contractions usually stop.

In the past, there have been such attempts in obstetrics and gynecology -hoping to stimulate nipples to urge production attacks, but such attempts have failed, unless the baby is full.Duan Wang (Dr. Duan Tao) did not say that the pop -up during all stages during pregnancy is not as taboo as taboo as taboos as rumors.It can be accepted so fiercely, can you still have a thing?Intersection

Braxt-Hicks Contractions

Breastfeeding often summons this guy, but it is a rare phenomenon. You can understand that the uterus is moving and bones.If you suddenly find that your stomach is hardened, you can usually send it away when you stop breastfeeding.

What if the palace can not leave?

If you stop breastfeeding, there are more than 3 contractions in one hour (the uterus is hard like a ball), and you really need to do a few things:

Record the frequency of each hour and the duration of each time;

Go to urinate;

Drink a glass of water (more than 200ml);

Change a position, or lie down in the left side position, or raise your feet, let go of your head, and breathe deeply;

I have done so much and more than 4 contractions per hour. It is best to contact the doctor to contact the relationship.

2. Will breastfeeding increase the probability of premature birth?

Generally, people with a medical background heard that they are still breastfeeding during pregnancy, so they can’t help wondering whether this will induce premature birth.

When breastfeeding and popping, "hormones of love" -oxytocin, oxytocin, as the name suggests, can start production because it can cause uterine contraction.But the softening and gentleness caused by breastfeeding does not cause shortening and expansion of the cervix.Throughout pregnancy, Oxytocin Receptors were responsible for receiving oxytocin signals.However, clinically, even before the baby matures, it is difficult to induce production to start even with high doses of oxytocin.

Although there are not many studies in this area, the current research literature that can be checked at the current period of pregnancy does not cause obvious adverse consequences to the process of pregnancy.One of the researchers reminds us of our spontaneous abortion and Preterm Labor whether they are still nominating whether their mothers are still breastfeeding.There is a probability of breastfeeding or not breastfeeding.

Sherrill Moscona studied 57 California’s relay girls in 1993, and concluded that the process of breastfeeding during pregnancy would not have obvious adverse consequences.

"Breastfeed During Pregnancy and Beyond 2003", "Breastfeed During Pregnancy and Beyond"In the age of her book, such research has not been yet.Therefore, the consistent recognition of the matching milk is mainly based on the statistical data of the baby’s healthy and healthy babies in the past. The two are very compatible.Numerous breastfeeding mothers have produced healthy new babies safely.But we do call for the careful design data.

3. The uterus is not as fragile as we think

Hilary Flower once mentioned that the reason why the speculation of premature delivery of breastfeeding has a strong vitality because people have not fully understood the nipple stimulus-oxytocin-pregnancy.

Fact 1: Compared with non -pregnancy, the body is during pregnancy, and the stimulation of the nipple must be released less oxytocin.

Facts 2: Contrary to everyone’s guessing, the uterus was not willing to ignore oxytocin before the fetus, and it is unlikely to start a childbirth attack in time.

Fact 3: Before the real delivery, the uterus likes to do many exercises.38 weeks ago, Oxytocin Receptor Sites received the oxytocin signal.From 38 weeks, these towers were built in large quantities at once, and when childbirth started, the number surged to 300 times on the eve of 38 weeks!

Fact 4: Molecular Biology information of the uterus during pregnancy gives us more confidence.The tower that receives oxytocin signals on the uterus can make a suitable response to oxytocin, which requires a medium called gap junction propeins.If the media is not in place, even if there are more towers.

Facts 5: Progesterone, which is expressed in pregnancy during pregnancy, is interfered with the docking of oxytocin and tower during pregnancy.

So you see, the oxytocination during pregnancy is really not easy, there are not many secretions, there are fewer tower, and there are so many hindrance conditions. It is not so easy to add some chaos.

4. Weigh your choices

From the current limited evidence, breastfeeding is not easy to chaos during pregnancy.

More and more doctors and institutions with deep accomplishments in lactating disciplines have clearly stated that this will be a safe and interesting experience.Such as the International Breast milk Association, the American Family Physician Society, and

Ruth Lawrence, MD in her book "Breastfeeding: Guidance to Medical Professionals

BreastFeeding: A Guide for the Medical Profession "has detailed chapters discussions and recommendation breastfeeding.

No matter what the experts say, it is always the most important thing for mothers to make their own decisions.

extra benefits

1. Continuing breastfeeding will make Dabao better adapt to and accept Xiaobao. After birth, "relay milk" has transformed into "hand, foot breastfeeding", and watching her mother only feed Xiaobao a day day and night.It’s right.

2. When you neither want to tell stories nor to play with it, you just need to dedicate a grandma. The whole world is quiet instantly. This feels that the chicken flying dog jump is really envious.

As for nutritional problems and listen to the next decomposition.

During the pregnancy, the body is carried too much. Resting, emotion, nutrition, and metabolism is related to the progress of pregnancy. It is not unsatisfactory every pregnancy.Breastfeeding itself does not cause damage to pregnancy, but with a careful attitude, it is necessary to pay enough attention to timely attention when discomfort.All general evaluations of security are not more important than the current situation and experience. When you are not sure, please visit the doctor actively!

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