Can I correct my teeth during pregnancy?

First of all, I must affirm the answer with everyone: Yes, yes

First of all, the movement of the teeth is to move the teeth to move the teeth, rather than the application of any drugs, so it will not have any impact on the baby in the stomach.

Secondly, some oral X -rays may need to be taken during correction, but the radiation of the X -sheet of the oral cavity is very small, and there are corresponding protective measures. If you are pregnant during the correction process, the doctor will generally not let you take X X X.Light film

Patients who have done correction know that whether it is fixed correction or invisible correction, the teeth will have a short period of discomfort during the movement of movement, sour, soft, and even mild pain, but generally only in just a few days in just a few daysIt will disappear. At this time, the doctor will reduce the force of the movement of the teeth according to your situation, so it will not affect the intake of eating and nutrition.

Due to the high level of estrogen and progesterone in women after pregnancy, the oral cavity is exactly an expression organ of these two hormones.Therefore, if you corrected during pregnancy, the risk of many complications will increase, such as gum inflammation, gum swelling, etc., all related to estrogen levels.In addition, due to the particularity of pregnancy, there are many restrictions on medication and treatment. Once any problems occur, the treatment methods will be very limited.

Because in the same oral situation, the incidence of gums and periodontal periods of pregnant women will greatly increase, so if you should correct it during pregnancy, or if you are pregnant, you must brush your teeth carefully to ensure that the oral hygiene can be used.

In addition, women during pregnancy are prone to vomiting and acidic acid, so pay attention to cleaning mouthwash to prevent acid reflux from causing acid erosion to teeth.

But if you are pregnant in the process of correction, you do n’t have to worry, because the basic orthodontic preparation in this process should have been done, such as tooth extraction, shooting X -rays, etc., as long as you do your oral hygiene, prepare to welcome your baby’s arrivalEnough.

Why should I have oral examination before pregnancy?

1. Hormone changes during pregnancy can easily cause lurking tooth disease outbreaks.Studies have found that the more severe the periodontal disease of pregnant mothers, the greater the chance of premature birth and low weight of newborns.

2. Before pregnancy, periodic periodic examination and system treatment should be performed to eliminate inflammation and remove local stimulating factors such as plaque and dental stones.

3. The teeth that have been treated with root canal treatment before the residual crown, residual roots, or have obviously rooted lesions. They should be treated early, or tooth extraction or repair to avoid pain during pregnancy.

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