Can I do an image test during pregnancy and lactation?Will it affect feeding?

Text/Zhang Gang, Xu Yuanyuan, and Continuing Yuan Chao

Pregnancy and having children are a very important period in women’s life. Many women will inevitably encounter unprecedented problems. Today we will look at these troubles:

He has a headache for a long time and often feels painful. In recent days, it has increased, and it has been radiated to the neck and shoulder pain. The doctor suggested to take X -rays, but because of pregnancy, I am afraid that radiation is not good for the fetus.manage?

The baby has been more than nine months old. This month’s physical examination found that there are 3 low echo lesions in the liver. Doctors recommend making a enhanced CT or nuclear magnetic resonance. Can you do it?Can I still feed my baby after doing it?

If people eat grain grains, there is no headache and brain fever, and mothers who have breastfeed or pregnant during pregnancy are no exception.

But the question is. Can mothers in these special periods do CT or nuclear magnetic imaging examinations?The doctor at the radiology department of Beijing Human Hospital will tell you.


What kind of image check can be selected during pregnancy and lactation?

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Recommended pregnant women and lactating women are preferred to choose ultrasound examination and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

In the "Guidelines for Diagnostic Imaging of pregnancy and lactation in 2017", the American Obstetrics and Gynecologist Society (ACOG) pointed out that ultrasonic examination and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) check -free radiation risk is for pregnant women and breastfeeding women.It is the preferred imaging technology.

However, the guide also pointed out that doctors should choose cautiously when they can answer clinical related questions or bring medical benefits to patients.


Will ultrasound affect the baby?

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Please don’t worry too much, conventional ultrasound examination will not cause harm to your baby.

Although X -ray, CT scanning or nuclear medical imaging technology will have certain radiation, except for a few exceptions, the radiation doses of these examinations are far lower than that of radiation doses related to babies’ damage.


Do I have to do ultrasound or magnetic resonance?

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If the doctor thinks it is necessary to help diagnosis through ultrasound, magnetic resonance and other examinations, then pregnant mothers do not need to refuse imaging examinations.


Do you need to interrupt breastfeeding for magnetic resonance enhancement?

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Strictly not need, but it can be paused for one day.

According to the suggestion of the American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG), even if the mother -of -mother mothers do magnetic resonance enhancement inspection requires injection comparison agents, only one tenth of the medicine will enter the baby’s blood through milk, so breastfeeding does not need to be interrupted.

However, according to some magnetic resonance enhancement of the instructions of the use of drugs, 99%of the drugs will be discharged from the body and breastfeeding mothers after a day, and it is recommended to suspend breastfeeding for one day.

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In short, according to the advice of the "Guidelines for Diagnostic Imaging of pregnancy and lactation" revised in 2017 in 2017, pregnant mothers and breastfeeding mothers do not need to avoid useful imaging examinations, or worry aboutThe radiation in the examination is interrupted or stopped breastfeeding.

However, after all, the physical condition of each mother is different. If you have more concerns or doubts, please communicate with your doctor to check accordingly.

I hope that every mother will get warm care and enjoy the health of mother!

Source: American Obstetrics and Gynecologist Society

Guide Full Text Link: Guidelines for Diagnostic Imaging During Pregnancy and Lactation

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