Can I dye my hair during pregnancy?Will it affect fetal health?

Hair dyeing is an usual thing for everyone! In order to have a beautiful hair beam to dye the hair into your favorite color.If you are pregnant, can you dye your hair when you are pregnant? What are the various chemicals in the hair dye harm to the human body?

Can hair dye during pregnancy?

Hair dyeing in a normal step requires contact with the scalp, and the hair dye of different colors is more or less mixed with chemicals. At this time, if it is a female hair dye during pregnancy, these chemistry will make these chemistry.The material has adversely affected the health of the fetus through the scalp.

However, in a number of studies, it was found that the chemical components called permanent and semi -permanent hair dyed hair dye did not contain high toxic. The scalp would absorb some chemicals but also a small amount.On the surface, even pregnant women can dye hair during pregnancy.

The impact of different types of hair dyeing

Such as curling: It can also be said to be permanent waves, one is to allow your hair to reach the required firming to make the hair curl; the other is the role of hair dye to neutralize and prevent the hair from changing the hair.

Another example is bleaching hair, that is to say, pulling the curl of the hair straight, which is to combine sodium hydroxide with hair dye, or it can be combined with alkaline solution or alkaline liquid (potassium, lithium, and hydroxide) solution.The tightness of the head slowly relaxes, and then the curly hair becomes straight.

In fact, when the hair is doing these changes, the various chemicals used will be used to enter human blood and affect fetal health.So if you want to get your hair during pregnancy, you must consult the doctor first.

During pregnancy, the hair itself may have some subtle changes. Some women will say that her hair grows faster, her hair is better, thicker and brighter.In fact, it was because they took extra folic acid.However, some women will say that her hair is more dry and easy to break during pregnancy, because the lack of vitamins and minerals before childbirth.

Therefore, when the hair is unhealthy, the hair dye will be counterproductive, which not only hurts the hair, but also brings adverse effects to the baby in the stomach.

Methods to reduce hair dyeing chemicals during pregnancy

Whether it is pregnancy or usual hair dyeing, we must pay attention to giving the hair color in a good ventilation environment, try to avoid inhalation of chemical smoke, and pay attention to the time when chemicals stay on the hair.Be sure to rinse the stains left on the scalp with water.

In order to not hurt the baby as much as possible, do a test before dyeing. Whether it is the brand you used before, you have not used it.It is possible that changes in hormones during pregnancy will make these chemicals more sensitive.At this time, be sure to conduct the doctor’s advice.

In addition to the dyeing of hair, some people may also change eyebrows or elsewhere. In fact, the risk of drifting of eyebrows is very high, and many professional lighters may not be able to complete well.With a low degree of completion, it may cause redness and swelling of the eyes, and in severe cases, it can also cause blindness.

In addition to some hair dye containing chemicals, there is also a natural dye, such as nail flower, which can be another choice other than hair dye. If you want to dye red hair, then this nail flower is of course the most suitable one is the most suitable one.Because the dark brown brown of the nail flower is very attractive.

But when you choose nail flower, you must instructions to prevent other chemicals from mixed with other chemicals. Pure nail flower is the best.However, for the sake of safety, before putting the nail flower on the hair, you can do a test on the skin. If there are black stains, it means that other chemicals are mixed with this product.

Can you dye your hair during breastfeeding?

Usually breastfeeding mothers have to feed their children. At this time, doctors will also instruct pregnant mothers not to consume spicy food and drink during this period, and chemicals in hair dyeing agents during hair dyeing will be involved with blood, but these are being affected by blood, but these will beThe chemicals that absorb the blood are relatively rare, so it will not affect the problem of breastfeeding in children.

Hair dyeing during pregnancy is not necessarily bad, but it is particularly important that no matter if you color your hair, you must make a clear order, see the manual, or implement it under the permission of the doctor.

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