Can I eat lamb?In addition to paying attention to diet, these problems should not be ignored

During pregnancy, pregnant women will have a lot of taboos in their diet arrangements, which also makes it difficult for them to have a chance to rush when they are pregnant.

Especially at present, pregnant mothers pay more attention to pregnancy maintenance, so their attention in diet will be more.

At the same time, the old people also have a lot of experience in diet during pregnancy, such as not eating lamb during pregnancy.

So do pregnant mothers really really can’t eat lamb during pregnancy?Maybe the answer is a bit different from the old people’s experience.

Pregnant mothers want to eat lamb during pregnancy, but my mother -in -law tries to obstruct: "You eat lamb, children will get sheep epilepsy!"

After Xiaoling was pregnant, the mother -in -law in the country came to take care of. Although Xiaoling declined many times, her mother -in -law couldn’t rest assured."I have experience in pregnant women, and you take care of your sister -in -law when you are pregnant!"

Seeing that her mother -in -law was so enthusiastic, Xiaoling also felt very moved. After all, she had no experience in pregnancy, and her mother -in -law felt very secure when she took care of her by her body.

However, the mother -in -law and daughter -in -law are not without differences under the same roof. For example, on the issue of eating, there are many ingredients that Xiaoling loves to eat in the eyes of her mother -in -law.Xiaoling wanted to eat cumin lamb, so she called her husband to buy a piece of lamb.But what Xiaoling didn’t expect was that her mother -in -law actually hid the lamb and lied that her son did not buy it.

Mother -in -law’s move made Xiaoling a little unhappy.So she secretly opened the refrigerator while her mother -in -law didn’t pay attention, and Xiaoling had some grievances when she saw the lamb in the refrigerator.

Seeing this, her mother -in -law hurriedly explained, "I don’t want to give you to eat, but pregnant women can’t eat mutton!" The words of her mother -in -law made Xiaoling can’t touch it. "This mutton is fresh, why not eat it?"

The mother -in -law said, "In our hometown, we said that pregnant women have eaten mutton, but in the future, the child will get sheep epilepsy after the birth of the child! You should be all for your child, and there is nothing to eat without eating this lamb!"

After hearing her mother -in -law, Xiaoling was very speechless. "Lamb is very good. After eating it, I am good for the fetus! There is no scientific basis for the saying you heard!"

When my mother -in -law saw that she couldn’t get through the daughter -in -law, her complexion became unhappy. "Isn’t it a piece of lamb? Why do you have to take your child adventure? Can you eat pork?"

After noticing that her mother -in -law was unhappy, Xiaoling had no choice but to speak, and her cumin lamb that day did not eat.Thinking that she had several months of pregnancy, Xiaoling felt very collapsed.

In fact, mutton has a certain nourishing effect. During pregnancy, the appropriate amount of mothers to eat mutton still helps nutritional intake.

Especially in the cold winter winter, eating some mutton properly can promote digestion and improve the symptoms of qi deficiency in pregnant women.

However, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the cooking method of mutton.For example, carbon roasted mutton skewers and lamb in hot pot, although it tastes good, is not suitable for pregnant women, because if it is not fully cooked, it is likely to cause pregnant mothers to infect parasites.

For safety reasons, pregnant mothers must choose fresh ingredients when cooking lamb, and ensure that they are completely cooked so that they can be more assured to eat.

1. Keep your mood happy

Many pregnant mothers put all their attention on the fetus during pregnancy, but they neglected their emotional state.

In fact, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers are under great pressure, which makes them vulnerable to negative emotions in their emotional state.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to self -emotional mediation during pregnancy, maintain a happy physical and mental state, and avoid prenatal depression.

2. Avoid excessive physical fatigue

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers are still insisting on going to work. Although they are engaged in some light and physical work, pregnant mothers should still pay attention to rest to avoid excessive fatigue, especially don’t sit for a long time.

In addition, some pregnant mothers will have black and white upside -down sleep habits during pregnancy, but in fact, staying up late is very hurting, and physical fatigue caused by it is not possible to make up for it.

3. Do not believe in custom rumors

Because pregnant mothers have no experience in breeding, they are easy to take seriously about the experience of others or customs, but in fact, there are some pseudo -science sayings.If the pregnant mothers do not distinguish it, they are likely to be misleading.

All in all, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should learn more about some scientific care methods. Whether in terms of diet or daily habits, pregnant mothers should make corresponding adjustments in accordance with their own circumstances.The quality also helps the healthy development of the fetus.What are the experiences of the taboos of pregnant mothers during pregnancy?

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