Can I exercise or travel?What do you need to pay attention to?

About pregnant women’s movement

In the early pregnancy, most pregnant women will have a sense of dizziness. With the development of the fetus, the uterus gradually increases, and the pressure of the organs organs makes the pregnant woman feel difficult to breathe.During this period, pregnant women should choose exercise, exercise time and amount of exercise depending on the situation.

First, dancing, swimming, yoga, cycling or walking are better exercise.In the step -by -step movement, the first distance is 0.6 kilometers for walking, 3 times a week.Increase a few minutes per week in the future,

2. If you feel strenuous in exercise, it means that the exercise is too much, and this should be avoided.Do not do strenuous exercise such as sit -ups, jumping, long jumping, sudden turn, and motion that may hurt the abdomen, let alone try skiing, diving, horse riding and other exercises.

Third, the benefits of adhere to the appropriate amount of exercise:

It can relieve back pain, make muscles strong, and easily have a better body during pregnancy.Because exercise can increase intestinal peristalsis and reduce the incidence of constipation.Movement can also be activated by synovial fluid of the joints to prevent joint wear.

4. Precautions for exercise for pregnant women:

You should not lose weight by exercise.If you are sports enthusiasts before pregnancy, the amount of exercise during pregnancy should be better adjusted.If you never perform sports before pregnancy, you should gradually establish regular sports habits.Excessive body temperature is harmful to the fetus. Do not exercise too much when the weather is hot. Even if the weather is cool, you should not sweat yourself.

About pregnancy travel

First, pregnant women must pay attention to safety, pay attention to their feet, and avoid being tripped and slipped.Pregnant women must not fall. Protecting the safety of pregnant women’s travel is the most important task of accompanying family members.Go out to visit friends, it is best to take a car, do not ride a bicycle.There are many outsiders on holidays, and pregnant women are inconvenient to avoid peak travel.

2. Pregnant women cannot have a large physiological change and decreased environmental adaptability. For a long time, taking a car for a long time will bring physiological inconvenience to pregnant women.In addition, taking a car for a long time will cause the pregnant woman’s lower limbs to poorly flow back, which can easily cause lower limb edema.

Pregnant women are not suitable for long -distance cars. The car is bumpy and cannot keep moving steadily. There is a possibility of braking, sudden braking or turning sharply at any time. It may cause the pregnant woman’s body to shake violently. Therefore, choosing a train is relatively safer.

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