Can I get a certificate without a marriage check?After reading this, you will understand

Many new people who face marriage are curious about a question. Can you get a certificate without a marriage check?In fact, in the past, men and women in our country wanted to get married, and they really needed a pre -marital examination.However, this policy has now been canceled, and the state has not forced you to do a marriage check. Marriage inspection has become a voluntary project for everyone. That is to say, you are willing to do it, and you can’t force it.However, Xiaobian still wants to tell you the importance of the marriage check ~

1. What is a marriage check?

The marriage examination is a pre -marriage examination, which refers to a regular physical examination and genital examination of both men and women before marriage to find diseases and ensure the happiness of marriage after marriage.Before marriage, it is of great significance to both men and women.The content of pre -marital examination includes two parts: medical history and physical examination.Pre -marital examination content includes: pre -marital medical examination, pre -marital hygiene guidance, pre -marital sanitation consultation.

2. What is the significance of a marriage check?

Because it is not forced to be for marriage, many young people are now neglecting the marriage inspection project when they get married, especially many young women who are unwilling to have a pre -marital examination.Although it has been canceled the requirements for marriage inspections now, Xiaobian suggested that you have a marriage inspection before receiving your certificate, which is a responsible approach to yourself and the other party.

First, it is conducive to the health of both sides and the next generation.Through a comprehensive medical examination before marriage, some abnormal conditions and diseases can be found to achieve the purpose of early diagnosis and active correction.Both sides and the next generation of health are favorable decisions and arrangements.

Second, it is conducive to eugenics and improve national quality.Through the inquiries of family history, the investigation of the family department, the analysis of the family genealogy, and the obtained by the medical examination, the doctor can make a clear diagnosis of certain genetic defects, and according to its laws, the risk of "affecting the next generation of eugenics" is calculatedThe two sides formulate a wedding decision to reduce or avoid the birth of inappropriate marriage and the birth of genetic diseases.

Third, it is conducive to actively and effectively grasping the timing and contraceptive methods of conception.Based on the health, physiological conditions and fertility plans of both sides, doctors choose the best time or contraception method for them, and instruct them to implement effective measures to master scientific skills.For the required fertility, it can help them increase the success rate of conception.For those who are preparing for contraception, you can reduce the planning of external pregnancy and abortion, and provide a guarantee for protecting women and children’s health.

Fourth, marriage checks are not just a health check, but more importantly, to spread knowledge about marriage and childbirth, and conduct healthy marriage guidance.For example, medical care institutions will broadcast publicity videos of medical and health knowledge before marriage, post -marriage family planning and other promotional videos, issue promotional materials, and conduct relevant consulting and guidance.

Xiaobian has something to say: Can you get a certificate without a marriage check?The answer is okay, but Xiaobian still recommends that you go for a pre -marital examination, because the marriage check may not 100%to help people avoid all infectious diseases, birth defects or genetic diseases, but keeping this line of defense allows each family to stay away from the disease far away from the disease.Some, make the suffering of life farther.Love yourself and love your family is the beginning of a wonderful marriage life!

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